Tiger Woods wins 4th title of year

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 12, 2013.

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    You're right there............both of them have nerves of steal and the hearts of champions. That's why it would be so much fun to watch. Jack had gamesmanship out the wazoo. He'd intentionally hit his drive shorter than his opponent sometimes, just so he could hit into the green first, stick it real close to the pin, just to intimidate his opponent and force them into an errant shot. Gotta love the head games.

    Speaking of fun, here's something for you as I sign off for the night

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    Actually I'm a big Phil Michelson fan, I like Tiger and respect his ability as a pro golfer and he has shown time and again why he is the best and likely will go down as the greatest ever that is not worship it is just the plan facts.

    Tiger missed the shot? He was trying to hit the ridge in the middle and let the ball filter down to the hole in doing that you give yourself a margin of error. Sergio gave himself a very small margin.

    It is not being on a high horse, I think stupid play beat you quicker than anything and what Garcia did was stupid and fact is I knew he was going to do it before he even hit the shot, why because I know Garcia and have watched this from him so many times before where he blows himself out of the tournament when there was no reason to do so.
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    I grew up watching Jack and was a big influence on me and who I looked up to when I got into the game at age 7. As for Tiger I think more than likely he will surpass Jack record and one day someone will surpass Tiger that is the way of sports. Does not mean Jack was any less of a champion and one of the all time greatest to play the game.
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    As Phil said the shot was not as hard as people made it out, he had the opening and while it was on pine straw it was sitting up. No doubt great shot by Phil. As for Bubba he is one of the only guys who can hit a short club and put that much movement on it, he was in the trees in a playoff and punching out in that situation would not have made since. He would have been hitting his 3rd shot and looking at possible bogie.

    There are times to take chances no one said there wasn't but in the case at the players there was no reason to take the chance on one of the most dangerous holes on the course. Had Tiger birdied in front of Sergio then sure you go for it but with 18 still there to win it was foolish to chance it all on one hole that can cost you if you screw up
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    2006 @ Winged Foot. Although it was into the trees L, not water, and only a 1 stroke lead. But don't let the facts get in the way. Dooms hates facts. ;)


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