News: Tim Brown on FSN NFL Preview show

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by StarMan, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. StarMan

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    Did anyone catch this? They were previewing each of the Week 1 games and when it came to the Cowboys/Chargers game Tim Brown really gutted us.

    He said that he lived in Dallas and had seen quite a bit of the Cowboys this preseason. He kind of laughed and said "Quite frankly, I don't like what I have seen. I think San Diego wins this game easily." :eek:

    Don't know what Brown has seen that the rest of us haven't, but I don't think Dallas has played badly. Especially not enough to make a statement like this. Have we looked great? No. But certainly not bad.

    Maybe he holds a grudge because we wouldn't sign him.
  2. KingTuna

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    Tim Brown is just bitter that no one wants him on their team anymore.

    Cannot wait to see what he says when the Cowboys make the playoffs this year!
  3. lkelly

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    Maybe he's confused and he thinks Henson is going to start.
  4. big dog cowboy

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    He is mad because we didn't draft him. Also, we didn't look all that sharp in preseason. So going on the road against a playoff team from last year usually means bad things.
  5. da_boyz_mk

    da_boyz_mk How 'Bout Dem Cowboys

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    i saw that too....the thought that came to my mind was who the heck was he watching this pre-season. i thought they looked good this pre-season.
  6. EveryoneElse

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    I bet he picked the raiders to win this last thursday too. I couldn't care less what he thinks. It's his opinion. We all have our opinions too.
  7. Joshmvii

    Joshmvii Cowboys baby!

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    Brown is just pissed we wouldn't sign him last year.
  8. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

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    Or any other time he was a free agent and wanted a big pay day.
  9. tigertrac

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    I could care less what Tim Brown thinks. He has a right to his opinion. We ought to be used to the idea by now that not everyone likes the Cowboys.

    Lets just wait and see what happens in San Diego (personally I think we have decent shot to win this game if the OL blocks well for Drew and we limit turnovers).
  10. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and brew... Staff Member

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    I don't understand why so many people here can't believe we aren't being picked to win by some folks.

    We were 6-10 last year, we are on the road, we are playing a new defense, we are playing rookies and we are playing a playoff team.

    The oddsmakers have us as underdogs as well.

    I for one can understand why some are picking SD.

    Having said that, I hope we crush them, but I don't expect to.
  11. Martice

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    Makes sense to me. Then again, on this beautiful Football Day, I am not interested in anyone pissing on my Cowboy Party!


  12. Tuna Helper

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    I agree with what you're saying 100%, but I think that some of these mediots need to be lasso'd before making off the cuff comments. At least provide some reasoning for your pick based on analyses, like what you did above.

    Just saying, "I watched them all preseason" is not enough. My 12 year old nephew can provide a deeper analysis than that.

    This is the reason why I stopped watching any of these pregame shows. I am only interested in the game. Most of the mediots on these shows aren't worth my time. I would rather go swing the golf club while they blow hot air.
  13. garrett316

    garrett316 With the Lights Out, It's Less Dangerous

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    Tim Brown makes Brick Tamland from Anchorman look like an emmy winning journalist.
  14. Joshmvii

    Joshmvii Cowboys baby!

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    I'm not mad the Cowboys aren't being picked to win the game, i'm just mad that he's acting like there's no shot we can win and we're going to be crushed.

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