News: Tim Brown said Bill Callahan sabotaged the Raiders in the Super Bowl

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BEMYDADJERRY, Jan 22, 2013.


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    I think it's hogwash.

    No person in their right mind is going to be sabotage their chances at winning a Super Bowl in the Super Bowl. And they had a fiasco with their starting center right before the Super Bowl as well.

    People forget how great the 2002 Bucs defense was. Their QB rating allowed on defense?


    I think Callahan probably just out-smarted himself and it probably didn't make much of a difference anyway.

  3. Sam I Am

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    I think Tim Brown is a little pissed that he wasn't good enough to win a Super Bowl when he had the chance.
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    Tim Brown is always spewing this kind of stuff. He really needs to just go away and stop acting so bitter.
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    That's ridiculous. I know he's hated Callahan for a long time, but "sabotage" is absurd. No coach is going to intentionally lose a Superbowl because he's friends with the guy on the other team. Come on, Tim.
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    Brown trashed Tressman too since he's bitter about losing the #1 WR gig to Jerry Rice. Made him miss out on a 1000 yd season. He said "I'm not a selfish player, but come on, if I put the work in, make this happen for me." If you have to say you are not something you usually are.
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    Wasn't it their center that wigged out night before the game and didn't play.

    I kind of remember something about the center, and how much he hurt the team.
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    Yep, Barrett Robbins.
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    Brown was a disgruntled player so what. Pete Gent who wrote North Dallas 40 and trashed Landry did not think much of Coach Landry so does that make everything he said about Landry the truth? Or just his own perspective
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    I agree and I think the NFL coaching fraternity agrees too or Callahan would be black balled out of the league for pulling a stunt like that.
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    exactly. Tim Brown seems like a complete tool.
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    I'm sick of Tim Brown. The guy comes off as a whining crybaby on just about every interview I hear him on. No wonder he hasn't made the HOF yet or for that matter never played on a Super Bowl winning team. He points the finger at everyone else at every chance he gets.
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    Chris Mortensen ‏@mortreport
    Former Raiders FB Jon Ritchie texts: "I've said it for years. What we practiced heavily during the week is not what we ran in (SB XXXVII)"

    Ritchie (con'd): "Could have been due to Barrett (Robbins) absence. It was never explained to me." Jon mentioned he's said it several times.
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    Chris Mortensen ‏@mortreport

    Anonymous Raiders' starter says there was always dysfunction but didn't support Brown's version. "Bill wanted to kick (Gruden's) ."
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    Just heard Gannon refute this claim on the radio.....
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    brown is a CLOWN......another mentally deranged domer....must be in the water at ND....Theismann is a pip too:laugh2:
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    So Ritchie agrees with him and others say its not true. HMMMM
  18. newlander

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    ...he's a drama queen figures these two dolts would say this. I'm sure Barrett Robbins will concur at some point: if they can reach him in Prison.:rolleyes:
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    lol, Jerry was paranoid enough already.
  20. Risen Star

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    I think he did too. I just think Callahan got grossly out coached.

    I'm not too big on that guy's potential as anything but an OL coach. I didn't like the OC title he got here and certainly don't want him calling plays.

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