News: Tim Brown said Bill Callahan sabotaged the Raiders in the Super Bowl

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BEMYDADJERRY, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Ed Werder posted this quote by Bill Callahan on Twitter:

    @EdWerderESPN Bill Callahan statement: "I am shocked, saddened and outraged by Tim Brown’s allegations and Jerry Rice’s support of those allegations.."nfl
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    For whatever reason the Raiders seemed to quit on Callahan the next season. They went from the SB to 4-12 and went from 450 pts to 270 pts. I know they were an old team and Rick Mirer started 9 games, but that is a dramatic drop.
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    I was hoping this would wake some people up about the "Saint" Jerry Rice. This behavior is very common of Rice. Where you think T.O. got it from
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    I used to be a fan of Rice.... Then I heard him speak.
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    If anything Diva Jerry should be thankful for Callahan, it was his system that resurrected a decling career and made him All Pro worthy again.
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    I can't believe a football player would make up a girlfriend online and then kill her off.

    Wait, this is the wrong thread. :laugh2:
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    ....he's lucky he was such a great player or he'd be working at Mcdonald's..dude is NOT bright.:rolleyes:
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    :laugh2: It could hardly be more relevant than on the day he gets appointed playcaller by Jones, 3 former players say his mismanagement cost them a chance at a SB.

    No reach there in the slightest.

    But on the subject of the OP, I think Brown is wrong on part of what he said. I don't think there's anyway that Callahan purposely threw the game for Gruden's benefit. I'd wager that a certain overzealous owner got wind of the game plan, and gave Callahan a his own version.

    Sort of like a different owner pushed his way through the crowd to tell his HC who he was to remove from the game immediately a little over a year ago....
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    Looks like the 2002 Buccaneers was not happy hearing Tim Brown's comments.:laugh1:


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