Time for the Dallas Cowboys to dump DeMarco Murray

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Nov 25, 2012.

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    by ***** Flores

    With DeMarco Murray on pace to miss his sixth-straight game on Thursday, I think it’s time the Dallas Cowboys begin to look at running back prospects.

    Last season the Cowboys drafted Murray in the third round and for a little while it looked as though Murray was the steal of the draft. He burst onto the scene and set the Cowboys single-game rushing record with 253 rushing yards against the St. Louis Rams.

    There’s a reason, however, that Murray dropped to the third round; he’s fragile. He was hurt in college, got hurt during his rookie year, and is hurt this year. Worst part of the injury is that it involves his feet. What good is a running back that can’t use his feet?

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  2. VThokie7

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    Dump him? No he is still a valuable asset. But we better make sure we have a RB capable of starting behind him next season. To be prepared for when Murray gets hurt.
  3. rocyaice

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    He isn't the running back the Cowboys drafted him to be? He was a 3rd round running back. He's more than what they expected. Its far too early to give up on him. FAR too early.
  4. CATCH17

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    I wouldn't dump him.

    Just play him until his contract is up and bring in the next guy.
  5. Idgit

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    Lol. Where'd I put that baby again? It was right there, in the bathwater, last time I looked for it.
  6. Novacek84

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    Can't dump him but a dependable backup must be found. Now is when they should be starting and looking at Dunbar/Tanner. That's why this delusion of actual playoff contention is damaging.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    Yeah, let's dump him and replace him with that calliber of player we can draft in the first round - like a Felix Jones, because that worked out so well for us. :rolleyes:
  8. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    lol silly writers... It doesn't matter what RB is back there with the run blocking this o-line gives you
  9. pancakeman

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  10. Eskimo

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    It'd be foolish to dump/trade Murray right now while his value is at its lowest. I'm suspicious about his durability but his first injury last year was one that would have injured anybody - a 280 pound many jumped and landed directly on his ankle as he was trying to escape.

    I do think a vet RB should be brought on to back him up. Alternatively a 4th or 5th round draft pick could be spent here.

    Heck, if the terms are good I'd think seriously about bringing Felix back. I still think he has an amazing burst and just needs to be utilized better as a change of pace, 3rd down RB, 7-10 touches per game.
  11. Zimmy Lives

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    What is sad is that the Redskins drafted some spare in the 6th round this April who is not only going to gain 1,000 yards this season but he put up an easy 100 against the Cowboys. Meanwhile, the Cowboys 3rd round pick from last year is sitting in the tub sipping on a mojito. Oye!
  12. links18

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    It really didn't take long for the "dump Murray" chants to begin. I predicted this last year sometime when people were still crying about getting rid of Felix. There are a long lines of Dallas Cowboys running backs who can relate to Murray's predicament. J. Jones, M. Barber, Felix Jones all one time saviors of the franchise only to fall to deadbeat bum status in short order. Its absolutely hilarious....:lmao: :lmao2: :lmao:
  13. rocyaice

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    Demarco>>>>>Alfred Morris.
  14. Hailmary

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    Dumping him would be foolish. Not drafting an insurance policy in the upcoming draft would be equally foolish.
  15. dart

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    he has always found scubs RB's

    and turned them into great RB's

  16. CowboyStar88

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    Draft the kid from Florida!!!! Mike gilislee the kid is a stud!!
  17. Section444

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    I don't know about dumping him, but looking for a more reliable option? Hell yeah. The guy is an awesome talent, and a lot of fun to watch, but he just cannot be relied on.
  18. rocyaice

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    How many guys have you seen he's drafted or signed that have gone on to have success without him lol?
  19. Section444

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    Clinton Portis did pretty good for himself.
  20. Blackspider214

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    We can't draft a solid RB to save our lives. Felix, Tashard and now Murray. All useless.

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