Time is up BILL PARCELLS !!!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dannywhites, Sep 11, 2006.

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    Let me start by saying I do not post here often ,however i read this site all day long,every day all year long.
    Sometime after last season ,before Bill Parcells finally at his leisure let everyone know he was coming back,i went back and forth with a couple of posters on here in which i said Parcells is not a great coach.
    My point then ,as it is now, is that Parcells has NEVER won anything without Bill Bellicheck as his assistant.
    Do not believe me,go back and check his career,and it is a fact!
    It was the same with the Giants,New England (check the Patriot records with Parcells before and after Bellicheck arrived as his assistant) and the Jets.
    I do not have the energy to check all the records again ,but it is a fact.
    And that bring us to now.

    And frankly i'm getting tired of it.
    Yesterday was a carbon copy of last year--bad kicking,killer interceptions from the QB,and lack of a killer instinct at the end fron the defense.
    Bill Parcells FAVORITE saying is
    "you are what your record says you are"
    Well Bill ,YOU are what your record say's YOU are,a .500 coach without Bill Bellicheck,and thats not me saying that,thems the facts,and you can look it up,or does that only apply to your players and not you.
    Play ROMO NOW !
    Is he better than Bledsoe,i don't know as ROMO has not proved anything.
    However Bledsoe HAS proved that he is no more than a tease,who will play very well and than throw the killer INT or take a bad sack at the most inopportune time,a stop-gap QB AT BEST,there is a reason DALLAS is his 3rd stop you know.
    You know,Parcells likes to say if a player has'nt shown "IT" in 3 years,than its time to move on,well look at Bledsoe's last 3 years.
    Well thanks for letting me vent,but i for one will take ROMO and hope for lightning in a bottle ,rather than take Bledsoe who has shown that he is at best a 10-6 QB,GIVE ME A chance at GREAT,instead of borderline average.
  2. chinch

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    maybe jerruh can coach the team... i hear henson is available... QC can back him up.
  3. noshame

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    I feel your pain.

    At this point I think Bill is a wee bit over-rated. Please spare us the "who would you rather have Campo? Jones? Bla bla... No I'd rather have a good, young coach with the time to rebuild the offense, starting at QB. Of coarse, Jerry needs to stay the heck out of the coaching end also.
  4. Lifetimeboyzfan

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    Darn, you guys have been right the whole time... Bledsoe is the worst quarterback ever (40k plus yards is weak!), Parcells is the worst coach ever, hell, I don't even know why we strap em on on Sundays anymore.

  5. royhitshard

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    Good idea! :D
  6. SuspectCorner

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    belichick is God. parcells is nothing without him.

    bledsoe sucks. romo is our only hope.

    thanks for the input.

    now back to reality.

    our HC is a lock HOFer and our starting QB just had, arguably, his worst game in a Cowboys uniform.

    OMG - the end is nigh!

    climb in off the ledge.
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    Man please, so what he never won without Bellichick, who has built that team from the ground up, have you forgot about Switzer, Gailey, and Campo, were they Hall of Famers, the guy knows talent, just remember your comment a couple of years from now when this defense is consistently ranked in the top 5
  8. cowboys19

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    Who was the coach during those years? it was Parcells not Belichick.

    Parcells had more to do with the sucess than Belichick
  9. Clove

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    Parcells is on the "hot seat" IMO. You have a point with Bledsoe. Bledsoe is living high off the hog from getting his past team to the super bowl.
  10. cowboys19

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    with this offense we dont need a great qb. Bledsoe had an off day, leave it as that and hope he rebounds.
  11. kdog

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    bravo!! well written! parcells is what he is a over-rated dinosaur. thats not to say he has no good qualities, he has great talent evaluating on defense,two superbowl rings. let me guess he should be given 4 more years to fix the offense? news flash we have T.O. glenn witten open up the play book you ego-maniacal dinosaur. his play calling is horrible, T.O. was open allday long throw the damn ball and open up the running game with a potent passing game.
  12. Chief

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    I'm a huge Trinity fan. Love the sig.

  13. cowboys19

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    you know nothing about how football is played, please stop posting for us all thank you
  14. Big Dakota

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    Let me start by saying I do not post here often

  15. Seven

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    My mouse clicked on this thread all by itself......Honest!
  16. BlueStar22

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    Great thing!
  17. ghst187

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    I lean towards agreeing with a lot of this. BP is definitely and by far the best coach we've had since Jimmy Johnson and along with Ireland have done WONDERS to our roster building it from almost nothing.
    HOWEVER, BP plays way to conservatively and IMO coaches a lot of instinct out of playmakers. Look at Roy his rookie year and then now. Sure he still makes plays but nothing like his rookie year.
    Look at the play calling. We are playing to our weaknesses because BP insists on a ballcontrol, running, pound the OL offense and bend but don't break defense. The problem is that he hasn't built an OL worth a crap and doesn't have the RBs to do it. Our personnel could air it out deep all day long and destroy people. Attacking with our D, with our defensive roster, would probably produce more big plays for our defense than it would give up to their offense.
    But BP insists on playing his old-style gameplan, which we don't have the personnel to win consistently. It's like trying to force a square peg in a round hole. I know it has won for him a lot in the past, but those Giants teams had HOF defenses and very few playmakers on offense. Our team is different but he's coaching it as if its the same.
    And when your gameplan is to keep games close regardless of how much better you are than another team,....it sets you up to lose a lot of close games...which is what we seem to do over and over.
    For this season to be any different than last year we're going to have to do one of two things or both
    1) Bench Bledsoe for Romo. Romo can move around just enough in the pocket to avoid the rush and he'll try to throw it deep, which is the strength of our WRs. If Romo moves around some, there is NO WAY teams can cover Witten, Glenn, and TO for 5-7 seconds. No way. Peyton Manning does it all the time. Moves just well enough to buy Harrison another 2-3 seconds and that's all it takes.
    Romo also gets the ball from center faster and gets set up faster. Its only a half second faster but that half-second is HUGE when the blitz is coming. Oftentimes the difference between a sack/INT and a big offensive play. Look how many times Ware is a half-second from nailing the QB...
    2) Open up the playbook, vary the sequence. Don't run on EVERY second down. Call more deep routes. Our playbook CANNOT be very thick. The only outside runs are ones that Barber bounces outside on. Try Playaction on 1st down.... Let's try to exploit matchups...Who can cover TO? hmm no one. Who can cover Glenn? Not very many. What LB or DB can cover Witten? hmm not many. Let's exploit those matchups until they stop them and then take what the defense has to give up in exchange.

    Don't get me wrong...I love what BP has done to our talent level here and like that he's brought back some respectability to the DC organization. But I just really don't think he can win a SB with his coaching style in the current game...not to mention his insistence upon sticking with a QB he likes that can't get it done and his horrid, predictable play-calling.
  18. CanadianCowboysFan

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    Belichick has never won anything without Crennel and Weis either.
  19. Clove

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    Well said..
  20. kdog

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    cowboys19, i did not post for everyone. parcells is what he is. and since your such a football guru explain how we dominate for the 1st quarter and then fall apart.we have the weapons to take over a game. playcalling hinders us from being explosive. i guess i'm wrong about that also football genius

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