Time to drink up some Giants and Eagles agony!

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Red Dragon, Oct 10, 2011.

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    Giants message board:

    "100 million dollar waste
    Eight years in the NFL and tagged " franchise player " with a 100 million dollar contract! Wow ! All the years in the league and this is the end result. Time to consider benching Eli for a couple games so he could get the message. He sure as hell doesn't get it the way he's playing now!!!! "

    "Im very pissed right now that the team I love so much plays like a bunch of women and the coaching is so horrible that I can see it yet the organization cant."
    "I find it hard to believe how awful the New York sports teams are. We used to have the Yankees at least. Now there is just nothing."

    "How many fumbles did [Eli] lose? How many interceptions did he throw yesterday? he's committing the same mistakes he's been doing for the past eight years, throwing into double coverage, not protecting the ball when he gets hit, forcing throws, etc. The only thing he learned to do correctly in all these years is to slide feet first, not head first."

    "our qb committed 5 turnovers. enough said"

    "I had my doubts about this team the last few weeks, but i gotta admit it now...were a very average football team. 8-8 beckons, i so hope im wrong"

    "8-8? You are being generous."

    "a lot of guys on this team are just plain dumb. wayyy too many missed assignments and untimely penalties this season. the oline, the secondary, the receivers, everybody. guys just arent playing smart and its killing us! "

    Can't fault the OC when you field the worst O-line in the league out there."
    "I just had to sit at a bar through this crap to watch it with a Giants shirt and hat on and a bunch of Cowboy fans. Excuse me if I am slightly angry...
    .....But im not a fan. Im a "hater". I enjoy these embarrassing, demoralizing losses.
    Get used to it kid. We got lucky vs the Rams, we got lucky knocking out Vick vs the Eagles, and we got a lucky fumble vs the Cards. We had a bunch of lucky plays this game and still couldnt win vs Charlie Whitehurst. How blind are you?"

    "Fewell is clueless and to everyone defending him. WHY? He clearly doesnt have what it takes to motivate, to come up with blitzing schemes, and he loves to sit in weak zones and get picked apart by CHARLIE WHITEHURST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .....Fewell is clueless.........He is not a smart DC and we will never win a playoff game with him as DC. Bash me all you want any true Giants fan could tell that this guy is a joke."

    IgglePhans (informal Eagles message board):

    "This has to be the most Disappointing Eagles team that i can ever remember. I mean we've been through some bad years, but no team i can remember had such high expectations has looked so bad. Pretty much every game this year I honestly can not believe what im seeing. I honestly feel sick right now. I hate this ______ team right now."

    "1-7 In Their Last 8 Games and a miracle from being 1-8 in last 9 games. Time is over for Reid."

    "Really ____ing bothers me That I'm doomed to be such a die hard sports fan, and I take my teams losses SO _____ HARD. Would do anything to not care half as much as I do, but there's honestly no changing that. So now I'm ____ up at 1:30am with a horrible taste in my mouth. Still ____pissed and just in disbelief of the ENTIRE team. Biggest problem is, I'm a much bigger NBA fan than NFL fan. So what the ____ do I have to look forward to? These _______ defining the definition of greedy? Not even the Eagles fault actually. It's all because I'm being punished right now. Sticking to that."

    "Lets not look at the rest of the schedule and say we can do this or do that to win the division because right now the Eagles are worse than any team remaining on the schedule...in fact those remaining teams are looking at the Eagles as a W as well as they should...for ____ sake we are worse than the Curtis Paintet led Colts."

    "If Reid had to choose between......A bag of Baconators or full control of the football team I'm guessing he goes Baconators...but its a hard call like throwing it out of the endzone with no time left at the half. "

    "I'm sorry
    but I just watched the video of Juqua jumping offsides. Are you ________ , ________, ______ kidding me ??? That ______moron was the only person in all of New York state that didn't know the Bills weren't going to snap the ball. Actually, that piece of ____DID know that they weren't going to snap the ball, and he _______ jumped ANYWAY. _____ it!"

    "How's it feel to know
    That we're gonna get beat by Rex _______ Grossman this Sunday ?"

    I think we are gonna have a top 5 pick next April."

    Yes, a top five pick, with Arizona next. Reid will trade away the first round pick and blow the back-to-back second round picks."

    "1-5 going into the bye washington getting fresh as they relax and have a good laugh at the Iggs' expense today."

    "What really pisses me off Is when phony ____ commentators give the eagles a cheap shot by saying," Dream team is 1-4." _____ pisses me off, because no one said this was a dream team except for ______ fraudy _____ Vince Young. The dude didnt even pass his freaking football IQ test for crying out loud..."


    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Eli has won them a SuperBowl. (albeit a ball caught on a helmet, but he still scrambled to make it happen)
    Eli had that INT tipped and bounced off a foot?


    They hitched their wagon to Michael Vick.
    A great freakish athlete but not a QB that can lead a team to winners circle.

    How is Andy Reid STILL in Philly?
  3. dadymat

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    ive heard worse than that here ...after a win
  4. ajk23az

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    Substitute Cowboys in for Giants/Eagles, Garrett for Reid/Coughlin, Romo for Vick/Eli and you get the CowboysZone after any loss.

    Pretty simple...
  5. punchnjudy

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    Giants fans were saying "Suck for Luck" after the first week, lol.
  6. gambit187

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    First of all How many years have Reid and Coughlin had as head coaches.
    Second where did Vick/Eli go to college and where were they drafted compared to Romo

    Our coach and QB are not perfect, but I would say they are doing great job compared to what else is in the NFC East, I wouldnt trade them for any Head coach or QB in our Division
  7. chip_gilkey

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    What really puts a smile on my face is that the Eagles fans are already looking forward to next years draft pick and have completely given up on anything happening this season. They laughed at our misfortune last season and they're getting it this season. I love it! :starspin
  8. Red Dragon

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    Yes. They seem to be off to a start just like ours. A trendy Super Bowl pick 1-4, hopefully they'll be 1-7.
  9. 67CowboysFan

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    Somebody even tossed a "I hope I'm wrong" in their too. :D
  10. Red Dragon

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    Only thing we're missing: "I've been a Cowboys/Giants/Eagles fan for 40 years, and this is the worst team I've ever seen......"
  11. AKATheRake

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  12. casmith07

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    "Dream Team, yuk yuk yuk!"
  13. dougonthebench

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    I thought the same thing while reading this..
  14. Richmond Cowboy

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    :laugh2: :laugh1: :lmao2:
  15. peplaw06

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    I guess it never stops surprising me how many emotionally unstable people are out there.
  16. Red Dragon

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    Nightmares are dreams also!
  17. jobberone

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    Shamelessly stolen from Wikipedia:

    Paul Dickson, in his Dickson Baseball Dictionary, cites William Henry Nugent's work that claims it comes from fancy, a 19th century term from England that referred mainly to followers of boxing. According to that unsupported explanation, it was originally shortened to fance then just to the homonym fans. However, Merriam-Webster, the Oxford dictionary and other recognized sources define it as a shortened version of the word fanatic, and the word did first become popular in reference to an enthusiastic follower of a baseball team. (Fanatic itself, introduced into English around 1550, means "marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion". It comes from the Modern Latin fanaticus, meaning "insanely but divinely inspired". The word originally pertained to a temple or sacred place [Latin fanum, poetic English fane]. The modern sense of "extremely zealous" dates from around 1647; the use of fanatic as a noun dates from 1650.) However, the term "fancy" for an intense liking of something, while being of a different etymology, coincidentally carries a less intense but somewhat similar connotation to "fanatic". The word emerged as an Americanism around 1889.

  18. Hook'em#11

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    Remember, lol, NO DEFENSE can stop M.VICK. lol:lmao2:
  19. Future

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    The thing that's funny about the comments in the OP is that they are all things that people should have known before this season started.

    Eli sucks

    Vick is a 30+ scrambler whose lost a step with a history of injuries and can't throw consistently.

    Why anybody thought that these teams would be great is beyond me...though I'll admit I didn't think the Eagles would flat-out stink.
  20. DandyDon1722

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    That stuff was great. Nothing makes me feel better than reading their boards after a loss. It's hilarious (not so funny when reading our boards after a loss though).

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