Time to go out on a limb

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Anjinsan, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Anjinsan

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    Supposedly there's members who have inside knowledge about the Cowboys and whom their leaning towards. Some of them have made their predictions but have pretty much mentioned that anyone's a possibility. Nice job. Time to go out on a limb and tell us whom your sources say will be the pick if they're there at #9.
  2. ShiningStar

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    a young male. There, you twisted my arm pilot. Come on, no one knows how the draft is shaping up, the one thing, and thats all the draft is speculation, but no one knows who will slide and someone always slides. So unless anyone can determine that, a big factor on how the teams react. No one has any certanity until the first pick is made.
  3. WoodysGirl

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  4. dallasfaniac

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    Coin=Heads. We won't be staying at #9.
  5. TX_Yid

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    If we stick at #9 the pick is Tyron Smith
  6. The Quest for Six

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    I think the cowboys like five guys,

    Peterson, Darius, Green, Smith and Watts, in that order

    No chance at Peterson, Darius or Green unless they move up which I don't see happening....too bad Dallas didn't play alot of their second and third tier players at the end of last year to get a look at and evaluate them instead of trying to win meaningless games with starters that won't be here in a week, otherwise this point could of been moot, they could of stayed put and gotten Peterson, because they would of been in the top five, so.......

    I think dallas hopes there's a run on Quarterbacks early to push guys down where they can think of moving down gettting a third round and or second round pick and then select Costonzo, second choice to Smith.

    If they stay put, I think they'd be happy with Smith at 9
  7. HoleInTheRoof

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    Sdogo PM'd me twice.

    The first was him soliciting nudes.

    The second was him telling me his sources indicated we're trading up to #2, to select JJ Watt.
  8. Anjinsan

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    Yea, this QB thing is really going to be the key. I hope the run them turns into reality tonight.
  9. Dodger

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    That's what I'm thinking too.
  10. ShiningStar

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    to me, i cant see how its possible taking a defensive player for dallas. You have to be reminded of last year, a defensive player is not going to help keep Romo alive.

    The league is dead set against defensive players stopping offensive players, and lets face it one hard sack and sacks will be illegal. Get the offensive line guy and keep our QB upright.
  11. JohnsKey19

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    Assuming they stay put at #9, Tyron Smith. It makes the most sense on paper. If Smith is gone, then they'll pick Cam Jordan.
  12. burmafrd

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    If Jerruh does the sensible thing he stays at #9 and picks Smith. I think the real wild card in all this is Red Ball. Jerruh has got to take him into account after all the verbiage about him running things. A former QB has got to think O line a lot; and Jason dearly remembers what a great line does for a QB. Ryan is the other factor but the bottom line is that what we need on D really is not there in the first rd.
  13. DBOY3141

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    We are trading down and will take Castonzo.

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