Time to look back at our 2003 draft class

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by joshjwp, Jan 15, 2006.

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    You are supposed to wait three years to evaluate a draft class. So what do you think of our 2003 draft now that the players have 3 years under their belts?

    T. Newman...round 1 pick 5...B+(If he played 04 like 03 & 05 I would give him a A)​

    A. Johnson...round 2 pick 38...C+(I thought he was going to be better, but he is one that might still turn the corner)

    J. Witten...round 3 pick 69...A+(He has got to be the steal of this draft)

    B. James...round 4 pick 103...A-(It took him all three years to really make an impact, but for a 4th round pick he is a great steal, I think he is our best run stopper and he turned out to be more than I expected)

    B.J. Tucker...round 6 pick 178...D-(I won't give us an F here just based on the fact that he is still in the NFL)

    Z. Smith...round 6 pick 186...C(He was a pretty good return man his rookie year but couldn't contribute to the passing game)

    J. Bates...round 7 pick 219...C-(What can you expect from a 7th rounder?)

    So in retrospect we got a solid possibly even shutdown corner. A starting center with some run blocking problems, but a smart assignment caller for the line and a decent pass blocker. An outstanding tight end in the third (for third money might I add), while all these teams are using first rounders on tight ends of lesser talent and spending more. One of our starting ILB's that is solid in run D and is the new leader and signal caller of our D. Plus a few late rounders that didn't add up to much except for Z. Smith's rookie year. I say Bill Parcells first draft was a definite success and an amazing improvment over the years before him. I give us a B+ overall, if Johnson was dominating or we could have gotten one of those late rounders to contribute like P. Crayton does from the 2004 class I would have given the 2003 class an A.

    So I give Bill a big :thumbup: for the job he did in this draft.
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    Giving Newman a B+ and James an A- for half a good season is ridiculous.
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    Newman a B+ I'm okay with, James an A- is RIDICULOUS.

    At BEST he's a B-, he should be an INC (incomplete).
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    In James case I am not saying he is a A- player I am saying he is a A- for a 4th round pick. He is finally coming in to his own and looks to be one of our starting ILB's for years to come.

    But in Newman's case that is a matter of opinion. I think the season he put together combined with his good rookies season makes a B+ well within reason, he had one bad year and that was probably not mostly his fault (he had no help). Also we were supposed to be eyeing Dewayne Robertson, frankly I am glad the Jets picked him and his no cartilege knees, so we didn't. Would you rather us have picked Marcus Trufant, he gambles to much IMO. I think Newman is a better pick than either of those would have been.
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    I am taking into account the fact that 4th rounders often don't even make teams or are special teamers. Finding a player that eventually becomes a starter, (not to mention your leading tackler) in the 4th round is a good find.
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    3 of those picks are quality starters, not too bad.
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    Especially when you look at our draft history for about 5 or 6 so years prior to this one. Almost every name from those drafts is out of the NFL completely.
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    ugh dont remind us!
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    I wrote this awhile back...

    "The Lost Generation" - 5/2/05

    This weekend the Dallas Cowboys worked out this years’ rookie crop for the first time, and in honor of that I thought I’d look back on the last few drafts the Cowboys have had and take a look at what’s happened since 1999. The numbers don’t lie, and the scouting department (Larry Lacewell in particular) should be ashamed of their selections during this time. As I dug up these names and numbers, the nostalgia came flooding in and I remembered plays, soundbites and jersey numbers. Names like Eric Bjornsen, Everett McIver and Richie Cunningham. These guys made up a sort of “lost generation” of Cowboys starters, going 23-41 from 1999-2002 after the monumental success of the 1990s. Their names and statistics are buried somewhere in between the Jimmy Johnson/Barry Switzer era before it and the following Bill Parcells era. The Cowboys would inherit two almost inept coaches during this time (Dave Campo and Chan Galey) and staggered into the off-season in 2003 when Bill Parcells was finally christened as the sixth head coach in Cowboys history. I have every draft selection the Cowboys made between 1999-2002 in bold below, and in parentheses are their statistics during their tenure with the Cowboys. These numbers may shock you, so make sure you have a hot towel and a puke bucket nearby.

    1999 NFL Draft - Cowboys’ Selections:
    1. #20 Ebenezer Ekuban - DE - (5 seasons - 85 tackles - 12.5 sacks)
    2. #55 Solomon Page - OT - (4 seasons - Statistically, started on one of the worst offensive lines in Cowboys history)
    3. #85 Dat Nguyen - ILB - (6 seasons – 372 tackles – 5 sacks, 6 INTs – one of the few successes from this “dead era”)
    4. #118 Wane Mcgarity - WR - (3 seasons – 38 catches, 365 yards, 1 TD)
    4. #132 Peppi Zellner - DE - (4 seasons - 94 tackles – 6 sacks)
    6. #193 Martay Jenkins - WR - (DNP)
    7. #229 Mike Lucky - TE - (3 seasons – 19 catches, 143 yards, 1 TD)
    7. #243 Kelvin Garmon - OG - (3 seasons – 1 tackle)
    2000 NFL Draft – Cowboys’ Selections:
    2. #49 Dwayne Goodrich - CB – (2 seasons - 8 tackles, 1 pass deflection)
    4. #109 Kareem Larrimore - CB - (2 seasons – No statistics available… and this guy was a fourth rounder?)
    5. #144 Michael Wiley - HB - (3 seasons – 80 rushing attempts, 503 yards – 1 TD)
    6. #180 Mario Edwards - CB - (4 seasons – 141 tackles – 4 INTs)
    7. #219 Orantes Grant - OLB - (2 seasons – 25 tackles)
    2001 NFL Draft – Cowboys’ Selections:
    2. #53 Quincy Carter - QB - (3 seasons – 507-902, 5832 yards – 29 TD, 36 INT)
    2. #56 Tony Dixon - S - (4 seasons – 90 tackles – 6 sacks, 1 INT… still with the team)
    3. #93 Willie Blade - DT - (1 season – 11 tackles, 1 sack)
    4. #122 Markus Steele - OLB - (3 seasons – 71 tackles, 0 sacks)
    5. #137 Matt Lehr - OG - (3 seasons, started 18 games and was apart of that infamous ‘Troy Hambrick’ line)
    6. #171 Daleroy Stewart - DT - (1 season, 11 tackles, 1.5 sacks)
    7. #207 Colston Weatherington - DE - (1 season - 1 tackle)
    7. #240 John Nix - DT - (2 seasons – 16 tackles)
    7. #242 Char-ron Dorsey - OT - (1 season – played in only 9 games as a Cowboy and started only 2)
    2002 NFL Draft – Cowboys’ Selections:
    1. #8 Roy Williams - S - (3 seasons – 216 tackles, 4 sacks, 9 INTs – 17 pass deflections – and current defensive leader)
    2. #37 Andre Gurode - OG - (3 seasons – Is one of the worst disciplined offensive linemen I’ve ever seen)
    2. #63 Antonio Bryant - WR - (2 seasons – 83 catches, 1283 yards – 8 TD – a good player but had personality problems)
    3. #75 Derek Ross - CB - (1 season – 54 tackles, 5 INT)
    4. #129 Jamar Martin - FB - (2 seasons – 4 rushing attempts, 7 yards – 0 TD)
    5. #168 Ralph (Pete) Hunter - CB - (3 seasons – 55 tackles, 3 INT – 9 pass deflections)
    6. #179 Tyson Walter - OT - (3 seasons – a platooner who sees little action, and will never become a regular on the line)
    6. #208 Deveren Johnson - WR - (No Stats Available)
    6. #211 Bob Slowikowski - TE - (No Stats Available)
    Of that group of 31 draftees, only 6 remain on the team and one of them is looking for a trade. There are so many busts on that list it blows my mind, but the real story is how Parcells has changed things, and how thankful every Cowboy fan should be. In addition, taking a look at this list helped me realize how valuable Dat Nguyen has been to this squad. The Cowboys made an early commitment to him and he has delivered, and I think Dat’s legacy in Dallas will be a solid one years after his retirement.
    This list should serve as a warning not only to the Cowboys but to every NFL team: bad scouting led to and perpetuated three straight 5-11 seasons in Dallas, and it can just as easily happen to you. Do not take your college scouts for granted, because they are the men that will build you a dynasty. The Cowboys knew this once upon a time, and luckily for us, it seems they’ve realized it once again. Something tells me it has a lot to do with one guy, and his last name starts with a P and ends in an ‘arcells.’
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    Seems like half the people in here want to run him out of town. I still don't get it.
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    Boy, 2000-2001 were Jerruh's biggest screw ups in Dallas Draft history. Mario Edwards, the only descent one in the lott, was allowed to leave as soon as he became a FA. At least only one is in jail.
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    :laugh2: :laugh1: :lmao:
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    yeah those 00-01 drafts are a big reason why we arent a serious playoff contender now
  14. Sarge

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    Take the + away from Al Johnson. He was NOT better than average.
  15. Zaxor

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    Like I said somewhere before...there was some players we drafted that I thought were gonna be good and at good value... like Garmon who broke his leg while at Baylor and we got him very late on day 2...I also thought Blade, Steele would pan out as well as Weatherington who I thought had a chance to do something... I did not like one selection in 2000 though...but also Parchy's commentary does not include any success with another team however little or great it was. but all in all it did lead to a roster void of talent...
  16. Zaxor

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    I am not sure about that Sarge...can you think of a other team he could start for...let alone 16 others (making him just average)...I think he is below average.
  17. Sarge

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    I was being nice. I personally think the guy is a waste of skin.
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    T. Newman...round 1 pick 5----A. 5th pick has been a day 1 starter and been a top 10 CB this year.

    A. Johnson...round 2 pick 38---D. High second rounder should be better than marginal starter by year 3.

    J. Witten...round 3 pick 69---A+. Doesnt get any better. Would get an A if he was taken where Newman was.

    B. James...round 4 pick 103---B-. Taken him a long time but he really came on in the 3-4.

    B.J. Tucker...round 6 pick 178---F. No team contrib.

    Z. Smith...round 6 pick 186---D. Some returns but ultimately a failure.

    J. Bates...round 7 pick 219---F. Wasn't worth plane fare to camp.

    All in all looks like a good draft. TNew and Witten are both pro bowlers. If James continues solid play could be a great draft class.
  19. ghst187

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    T. Newman...round 1 pick 5...A, would be a + if he had more INTs, but gives exactly what you expect of a top pick, shutdown CB

    A. Johnson...round 2 pick 38...D, he should be gone this offseason, a big reason our OL was awful, not strong enough, a few botched snaps...inexcusable for a 2nd round pick. We could've had Chris Simms, Nate Burleson, Musa Smith, Tyrone Calico, Ken Hamlin, or the guy I DESPERATELY Wanted us to draft....Anquan Boldin.

    J. Witten...round 3 pick 69...A+(He has got to be the steal of this draft)

    B. James...round 4 pick 103...A-, I agree, he's a good player now, a starter, and our best LB that we got in the 4th. Good pick.

    B.J. Tucker...round 6 pick 178...F-, ***?!?! I was baffled at this pick from the start. Arnaz Battle, Cato June (the guy I wanted), Kareem Kelly, K Josh Brown, still on the board at this time.

    Z. Smith...round 6 pick 186...D-(He was a pretty good return man his rookie year but couldn't contribute to the passing game) Contributed a little, but now he's gone. Since we had two 6ths, was a calculated gamble that failed.

    J. Bates...round 7 pick 219...F, I said at the time, on another board, that this guy would never make the team. Meanwhile, we could've had a solid kicker, the same kicker that beat us this year in Seattle,...Josh Brown. Ironic eh?

    Had I been running this draft, we would be a better team now. Overall, grad of D to BP.​
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    Actually two are. Derek Ross is in for selling weed.

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