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    I think the only Cowboy game on CBS is the San Diego game. The other AFC opponents all come here. Nope, the Chargers game is on Fox. And the Broncos and Raiders' games are on CBS.
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    I've been w/ TWC forever and was ready to switch. After all, I couldn't of cared less who was right or wrong, I just wanted the channels I was paying the PROVIDER ie TWC, for. Until I read a few articles from the AP and WSJ that changed my mind.

    The issue as I see it now is, if TWC knuckles under and gives CBS what they want, then that just opens the floodgates for CBS, and every other "broadcast" network for that matter, to roll on down the line to the next carrier when their contracts expire and do the same thing.

    Stand your ground TWC! CBS is the ultimate loser in this.
  3. Jammer

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    Dish kicked off CBS from their feed here in Charleston, SC (not sure if it's nationwide), but CBS is still on Time Warner here. Go figure.
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    As long as CBS continues to be a local channel in my area I'm good. If I lose the ability to watch football games because of this BS I'll be pissed off.

    Of course I'll just cancel Cable One and go to Dish if that happens and I'll have my CBS right back.
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    CBS may be the "ultimate loser" but I sure won't feel like a winner when I am unable to watch the Rangers tomorrow night, the PGA final round on Sunday, and the Cowboys exhibition game. It's bad timing that their first 2 games are on the road, otherwise I'd be at the stadium.
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    Supposedly, this will last well into the fall. If that is the case, TWC will lose a lot more than CBS, people will switch to satellite when the season starts, me included. I appreciate TWC standing up for their customers but it should have never come down to this. If progress isn't made soon, other big markets are slated to drop CBS as soon as their current contracts are up.

    Have heard rumors that Dish Network and Directv have blocked CBS but in small areas, can't confirm if true or not.
  7. DallasCowpoke

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    The next 2 Ranger games are on FSSW. The next 2 Cowboys'...NFL Network. You don't get those w/ your TWC carrier?

    Now, the PGA Championship...yea, THAT I'm pissed about. But in all likelihood, I'll be at the lake sat and sun skiing, so I'd watching it on bunny-ears on my buddies houseboat regardless.
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    Tonight's game is not on FSSW. Like every Friday night, the Rangers are on Channel 21, which is part of the CBS package which TWC has dropped. So I will be missing every Friday Rangers game. The Cowboys-Raiders game is being broadcast on CBS, and NFLN says they will join in progress, but they often interrupt the game with other goings-on throughout the league, so it isn't exactly an ideal viewing experience.
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    ..aaaaaaaaand as I was afraid, they are blacking out the Cowboys on NFLN since the local CBS affiliate has exclusive rights for the exhibition games. So TWC people are out of luck.
  10. dexternjack

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    Happened to me too but luckily, I recorded the game on the local LA/Raider station. I almost recorded the NFLN's program and would have been really angry!
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    I've been happy with UVerse.
    So for now, no worries.

    Time Warner as a whole has other agendas anyway...though I'm not sure any of this CBS stuff is related to it. I would prefer that a huge conglomerate with so much power would not hitch it's wagon to one side or the other, but TW clearly has done so.
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    at least i have charter as my cable provider. TWC sounds to me like nothing but trouble.

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