Time Warner finally comes to terms w/ NFL Network late Friday

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by DallasCowpoke, Sep 24, 2012.

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    But unless you happened to see a news-blurb about it, you wouldn't know it.

    I've been a TW customer since before they were Comcast, and it dumbfounds me that they have yet to in anyway, alert their customer-base this has happened. :confused:

    It did make for a good practical joke opportunity for me though.

    A neighbor of mine and fellow TW customer was over this morn and I switched over to NFLN. He watched, silent for a moment and then inquired how I'd manged to get NFLN?

    I told him I'd learned the "dirty little secret" TW was keeping. They've had NFLN all along, but only if you'd made enough noise and threatened repeatedly to drop them unless they offered the network, would they cave and give you their "super-double-secret sports package" at no cost.

    I had to leave the room when he whipped out his bat-phone and started in on his demands w/ TW customer service.

    The last thing I heard him say was, "Oh, okay. Wait, what!?" :D
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    You ******!!!

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