Timmy Jernigan - FSU DT

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    Would you guys take him in the 1st Rd?

    The 6’2”, 298-pounder is described as disruptive, violent and relentless by ESPN’s Scouts, Inc. He is also considered to be a first-round selection and is rated as the No. 7 overall player in the draft.

    But mainly, Jernigan is expected to provide a boost to whichever defense is lucky enough to land him. Backed by his play, the Seminoles defense thrived last season. The unit finished No. 1 in scoring defense (12.1 PPG), No. 3 in total defense (281.4 YPG), No. 1 against the pass (156.6 YPG) and No. 18 against the run (124.8 YPG).

    Jernigan is a near lock to be a star on Sundays.

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    That rip move against Clemson @1:20 is ridiculous!
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    Point being anyone can look good on a highlight film?
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    its a highlight film, they dont put bad plays on highlights.

    Jernigan is way over rated. He is slow off the line and stands up alot and gets no push. Of course he had a few good plays on highlight films but everyone does. Jernigan is not impressive to me. I wouldn't even take him in the 2nd.

    He flashes at times he looks good but then looks out of shape and takes plays off. No way would I spend a 1st round pick on guy like that. Also he has a loaded Dline at FSU. Look at what Donald did with less talent to help vs the same competition.

    Some how people want Jernigan in the 1st and then don't want Donald in the 2nd because he may be 2 inches shorter but has much better production.
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    I am really glad others are starting to see how over hyped Jernagin is. Hopefully our front office see's this too
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    Yeah if Jernigan was 6'5 with 34 inch arms I could see why he would be a high pick. But I see him struggling to shed the bigger stronger guards of the NFL. I would take him in the 2nd, but no where near 16.
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    This not only demonstrates that college players often look good in highlight films, but it's very specific because the 2 players are very similar. They both win with quickness more than brute strength and have similar builds. I really thought that Nevis would be successful for the Cowboys in the Kiffin/Marinelli scheme but they ended up cutting him.
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    Yeah, I think we could land him in the 2nd round, but hey, stranger things have happened.
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    He has also had 2 knee surgeries already
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    if this is true then he should be off our board,no more injury risk players.
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    Terrific point and spot on about Nevis.
    I had high hopes for Nevis, but knew he had already been cut by two teams and there had to be a reason for it.
    I would go for Jernigan past the 1st, but not before.

    But this is from a guy who does not do this for a living so take that for what it's worth.
    I refuse to do mock drafts because I believe they are pointless beyond learning about prospects.

    Very, very few mock drafts are even close (since Goose isn't doing them anymore) to be remotely accurate.
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    Oh Lordy- he's a lock in the third if he makes it then...
    Please no in the second...

    Will McClay! Deliver us from evil!

    Don't make me pray a little girl gets possessed and throws you out a window to tumble down a stairway!

    ***Linda Blair was so hot in the sequel...***

    That was unnecessary...

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