TLC: Should Jerry Jones & Garrett be interested in Rose Bowl MVP Tank Carder?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Should the Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett be Interested in Rose Bowl Defensive MVP Tank Carder?
    Feb 10th by ErasmusCowboys


    As Dallas Cowboys Owner and GM Jerry Jones, Head Coach Jason Garrett, and the rest of the Cowboy’s draft personnel begin preparing their ‘Draft Board’ for the 2012 NFL Draft, many of our readers are curious about specific college prospects. One of this week’s emails was about Texas Christian University’s Rose Bowl Defensive MVP Tank Carder.

    In an era when so many of the elite college athletes are less than ‘high-character’ guys and we hear about fisticuffs with rappers or bodyguards, exorbitant and unpaid jewelry bills, marijuana arrests, accusations of sexual impropriety, selling memorabilia for services, shenanigans at strip clubs, etc., it was refreshing to research a prospect that appears to be an old-fashioned good American kid.

    If you do not know anything about Tank Carder’s story, then I highly recommend that you read this story at ESPN.
    (How many of you knew that Tank was a competitive BMXer when he was a kid?). The story is from 2009, but it tells about how Carder almost died in a car accident, and how they thought he might be confined to a wheelchair. It also explains his slow return to the football field: forbidden from playing all contact-sports by his Doctor, Tank agreed to play kicker until he was cleared for physical contact.
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    I like this guy alot. One of my pet cats.
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    Great story. Sign me up.
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    I would love to snag him in the 4th round, if he is still around.
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    No cant cover.
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    Same here, depending on how high he's drafted. But I doubt it's very high. For a later-round pick, he'd be sort of a poor man's Sean Lee (very intense) and if nothing else would probably be great on special teams.
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    Bill Bates

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