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    Nobody in the NFL is always right. Even the great Bill Belicheck in New England is wrong on at least one player evaluation a year. But one of the most important aspects in the NFL is knowing when to admit you are wrong. I was wrong about DeMarco Murray in 2013. Last summer, I wrote a piece on The Landry Hat about how I didn’t believe Murray was the type of back that the Cowboys needed for this team. You can view that article here. But before I get into the film on WHY Murray became a better runner, let’s look at how he ran in previous years compared to this season:


    As you can see, Murray had a phenomenal year, achieving career highs in games played, attempts, yards, yards after contact and touchdowns. After 2012, everyone knew Murray had talent (even though I questioned how much talent), but he needed to stay healthy. And for the most part, Murray did that in 2013. And the two games that he missed, he lobbied to play in, although he was over-ruled by the team. DeMarco’s rushing stats weren’t the only thing to improve in 2013 either. Take a look at how he did out of the backfield this year:


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