News: TLH: Can The Cowboys Defense Really Improve?

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    Can The Cowboys Defense Really Improve?
    by Kim Dunning

    Can the Dallas Cowboys defense really improve? Head coach Jason Garrett is convinced they can. Even with letting star player DeMarcus Ware walk on the off-season, Garrett is convinced the Cowboys can do better than being ranked 32nd in the league. According to an article written by FOX Sports Southwest writer Jon Machota who broke down Garrett’s press conference points on defense to just 5 reasons why the Cowboys will be much improved. Those 5 points are: Youth, Valuable Free Agency Additions, Depth, Better Play From Defensive Backs and finally Better Coaching.

    While Garrett does have some valid points I want to play devil’s advocate in this. It isn’t too difficult to be better than last. Once you are there, there isn’t any place to go but up. So even if the Cowboys defense finishes 31st in the league they are “improved” right?

    While getting younger on defense is a definite step in the right direction, being young and inexperience will have a huge learning curve. The defense still has a lot of no named players and rookies. Mistakes will continue to happen, plays will get blown and tempers will flare both from fans and players alike. It’s still going to be a touch and go year on defense due to this fact alone.

    While Dallas didn’t make a huge splash in free agency, they did add onto their defense with former Chicago Bear Henry Melton. While Melton can potentially be a force to be reckon with on defense, there is that question about his health. Coming back from a torn ACL doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to come back and be the same caliber player he was. Jerry Jones was at least smart for making his contract incentive based. The other big pick up on defense was Rolando McClain. McClain is currently going to serve jail time for chargers he had in Alabama. While McClain shows signs of potential, he could also be a potential problem. Contrary to what Garrett would like fans to believe, “valuable free agency additions” might actually not turn out to be so valuable after all...
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    The only thing going for that defense is its young.
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    They left out the biggest difference this year (I hope) and that is health. If we can keep a decent number of starting quality players on the field then we stand a decent chance of improving enough to contend for a playoff spot. I think the offense will improve from 27 ppg to around 30-35 ppg. If the D can improve 3 and hopefully 6 ppg then we are contenders for sure assuming all the rest stays about equal.
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    So kim doesn't know about the legal process or didn't bother to check her facts.... Is she really a journalist or just another blogger hack?
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    If the defense just stops one scoring drive each game last year, we win 5 more games. Thats how good our offense played and our defense sucked.
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    Of course it CAN. Dumb question.

    Younger is not always that much of an edge if you do not have the talent.

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