TLH: Cowboys Coach Garrett Stays.. Because?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cml750, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. cml750

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    Great opinion piece from The Landry Hat
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  2. Chocolate Lab

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    Exactly right.

    Plus, remember he was 7-4 his first year before collapsing to 8-8. So he's three games under .500 his last 2.25+ years.
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  3. fifaguy

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    Is there any reason to think that the trend of close wins against crappy teams and almost invariable losses against winning teams will change next year?
  4. cml750

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    Our coach is receiving on the job training by Jerry Jones himself. What do you think???
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  5. hutch1254

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    Pretty good read. The areas of regression are pretty telling. The writeup also stirs my thinking. How much of the regression is due to Garrett's actual coaching ability and how much of the regression is due to the entity known as the owner/GM not providing the tools to the coach to let him do his job? Almost a chicken or the egg came first type question here.

    Now that we know Garrett is here for another year I think Jerry will have backed himself into a corner if he changes coordinators on both sides of the ball this year and further regression or the same result as the last three years occurs. He'll have no choice but to let his hand picked hire go. Ultimately though he needs to take a truth serum that wakes him up and removes himself from the picture. Not sure if there is one on earth strong enough.
  6. Chappy

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    It's all apart of the process i tells ya.................
  7. ChldsPlay

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    I ignore the stat that worries about what a team was at the time of the game as opposed to what they finish. So the Raiders beat the Jags in week one and are 1-0 above .500 and they are defeated in week 2, and according to the stat is more impressive than beating the 49erd in week 2 after they had lost to Seattle in week one and were thus under .500.

    Now, I don't imagine the record for how a team finishes would change the stat too much for Garrett's record, and regression is what I see out of him as well, but I don't like stats like this, and think the value is limited.
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  8. Redball Express

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    I'm agreeing with the record thing against better teams.

    The last 3 years would certainly validate that.

    But to me its about the talent level on the team declining sharply over this same time period.

    When I look back now..I'm going to not point the finger so much as at Garrett but at Phillips.

    When Phillips was here and winning a division title with Parcells leftovers..

    ..none of us noticed that we weren't developing our drafts..

    ..that under Phillips..we started the regression.

    Sure Jerrah is calling most of the shots as we know..

    ..but as the HC he's responsible to have the assistants get the new players ready.

    As far as I can tell..those guys are Nada..

    Spencer.. gone.


    Free has been MIA until this season..

    Felix Jones..gone.

    Marion Barber..gone.

    Hurd, Clayton..gone.


    Ware..a shadow of his former self.

    Let's not talk about the OL guys such as Bigg and Guerode.. gone..

    And that talent drain has not been replenished.

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