News: TLH: Cowboys Contracts: Terrance Williams’ Promise Could Impact Dez Bryant Extension

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Aug 15, 2014.

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    Cowboys Contracts: Terrance Williams’ Promise Could Impact Dez Bryant Extension
    by John Bankston 5h ago

    As the Dallas Cowboys have an impact Pro Bowl wideout in the final year of his rookie contract, I’ve devoted quite a bit of space this offseason to the issues surrounding a Dez Bryant extension. The budding promise of No. 2 receiver Terrance Williams was not a part of those considerations. Then head coach Jason Garrett said this of the second-year player during Wednesday’s press conference:

    “(Williams) is very serious-minded for a young guy, and he just wants to be good. And there are times where he’s come up to me and apologized: ‘Coach, that wasn’t good enough. I’m never going to let you down like that again.’ And that’s in a practice-type setting. So he takes it very seriously, he listens to coaching, and I think the more he plays every aspect of his game will get better and better.”

    That is very deep, very thoughtful praise, suggesting Williams has the mental makeup to become a No. 1 receiver in the NFL. His potential to develop into a legitimate No. 1 threat could certainly impact how the team chooses to negotiate with Bryant. The choices are to extend Bryant before the end of the season, extend him after the season, franchise him for 2015, or let him leave as a free agent for potential compensatory draft picks.

    Another home-grown No. 1 receiving option would give the organization some flexibility in considering a Dez Bryant extension. But is it plausible? In examining any obvious barriers to Williams becoming a top threat, let’s first look at how he compares physically to some of the established No. 1 receivers in the game today. All figures below courtesy Pro-Football Reference:...
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    Well who could ever doubt the immortal opinions of John Bankston who as everyone knows is virtually a god in journalism circles.
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    I know Dez Bryant.

    Dez Bryant is a friend of mine.

    T-Will is no Dez Bryant.
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    The Boys will lock up Dez. No doubt.

    Having Twill for Dez's peak years will make them both better and our offense explosive.

    It not an either-or.
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    What was only raised here was a consideration on possible effects in directions chosen. Not a selection itself.

    In discussion, one might also use this as a sounding board in discussion to see where and what direction T Wil is as well. This is his show it all season as well.
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    The emergence of Williams will only allow Dez to be more of a force. Think about it, teams won't be able to double Dez if Williams is always there to make the play.
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    I agree in that TWill might be a beneficiary of the Alvin Harper Syndrome. Coverage always rolls to Dez whether it's a true over under double team or not. It's at least leaning that way and TWill just has to beat one on one. That's not a knock on Terrence at all because he does, indeed, do that nearly every time. It just remains to be seen if he can be a true number 1 with all that entails. I'm pretty sure we'll get a chance to see this year because I don't believe Dez' back can hold out. THAT's the reason for the reluctance of mine, and I'm sure other people's, to sign him to the mega deal. That and I don't want the team to be financially crippled either. Gone are the days when you can pay Emmitt, Irvin, and Aikman, Norton, Haley, Sanders, Woodson, Maryland, etc, etc what they are worth. Since the advent of the Salary Cap most of the Superbowl winners only had 1 maybe 2 superstars and a roster of good players. I don't think we can afford to pay Romo, Tyron, Carr, Lee, AND Dez and still have good talent on the rest of the team. That's part of why they let Ware go. I just don't think you send that message and then jump right back into the crap hole you just dug yourself out of. Don't get me wrong. I think Dez is a once in a generation player. I just don't think we will be able to afford him and keep building towards a superbowl. Maybe I'm wrong but eh....
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    I don't know why some of you are bent about this. Its completely in Dallas interest for Williams to emerge as #1. I don't recall SF fans complaining when John Taylor emerged as 1a next to Jerry Rice.

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