TLH: Dallas will get “Defensive” in this Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Apr 21st, 2012 at 11:00 am by Keith Peavy2012 NFL Draft
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    As the draft grows closer upon us on April 26th – 28th, The experts and gurus of the NFL are out in full force. The mock drafts and opinions are stacking and changing by the minute. And when the Dallas Cowboys finally hit the clock with the 14th overall pick that Thursday evening, Everyone that is a Cowboys fan will be waiting impatiently to see if that card is turned in, or if a trade made will be involved as the War Room just can’t find the value, and trades down with another team.

    I have been studying a few so called draft experts mock predictions. Some seem to make alot of since, some seem to be pretty far fetched. Now of course it is possible Jerry Jones & Company may select some quality player they see in the starting lineup in a year or two. But in my opinion, when you are selecting in the 1st round, you are searching for an immediate starter that will make a remarkable impact on your team on Day 1.

    I am still going to stick with my concept on this, The Detroit Lions has a proven player in Sammie Lee Hill, 25, who when given the opportunity, has provided pass rushing, and run stopping skills. At 6′-4″ 330 lbs., even though not in a 3-4 scheme, He shows more promise than an unproven Poe. And since the Lions only tendered Hill with a 4th round pick since he is a Restricted Free Agent, it is something to consider. Especially since the Boys have 2 4th round picks ( 113 & 135 overall) to play with.
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    So his great wisdom is take Cox at 14 and Barron in the 20's...okay, great plan...I'm on board.

    But I doubt the rest of the NFL is.
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    Worst thing I've read in a long time..

    #1 you can't trade comp picks

    #2 nobody Is giving a 1st for Rat - lmao

    #3 Cox is long gone by 14

    #14 Barron is gone by 20

    Oh my goodness that was a bad read
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    Wow, that was a waste of time. Trade Ratliff for a 1st-rounder? Right. And then Cox and Barron magically fall to our picks. I'll have some of what this guy is having, please.
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    Yup, a little far fetched and unrealistic.
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    Wow. That is bad.
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    Neither will be there at those picks. I'm on board to if I could get them.

    We would be eating a good signing bonus also to trade Ratliff for a 1st that no team will give us for him.

    Not realistic at all.

    More of a reality getting Coples or Ingram at #14 and then going 4-3 with Ratliff, Hatcher and Lissemore as the inside DT rotation.

    Ware and Coples/Ingram and/or Spencer at DE.

    Lee and Carter playing OLB in the 4-3 where they are just as ideal and looking for a middle linebacker. Possibly move up into the 1st and get Hightower. Connor remains in the rotation.

    Heck, maybe we get Kuechly and Ware and Spencer go to DE?

    More realistic than what this guy wrote in his article.
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    The execution may be wanting, but I thought it was very creative and the author had a plan to implement his strategy. I especially support the signing of Sammie Lee Hill and sacrificing the Cowboys' 4th rounder (not the comp pick). Hill is not only a proven commodity (Detroit loves him) but his size (330) and athleticism (4.9 40 like Poe) make him a great value in the 4th.

    Trading Rat for a first may not be doable (right before the draft) but trading down for another 2nd and then using Rat and the lower first to move up is not out of the realm of possibility. This all hinges on a capturing a pass rushing DE with that first pick however. Otherwise trading Rat would not be advantageous.

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