News: TLH: The Data Says: Two Keys For A Dallas Cowboys Playoff Berth

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    The Data Says: Two Keys For A Dallas Cowboys Playoff Berth
    by John Bankston

    Jun 17, 2014; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett watches Cowboys number one draft pick Zack Martin (70) during minicamp at Cowboys headquarters at Valley Ranch. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

    With just nine players under contract remaining from the roster he took over midway through the 2010 season, the Dallas Cowboys reporting to training camp this week are truly all Jason Garrett’s.

    The Cowboys head coach landed in Oxnard, Calif. Thursday with largely his team and his staff of Right Kind of Guys. After inheriting a culture of entitlement and a 1-7 structure fire, Redball has executed a comprehensive organizational makeover, weathered staff hires that very likely were not his own, led a playoff run through the untimely death of a player, implemented scheme changes, and fielded December defenses the past two seasons comprised largely of street free agents and practice squad pickings. Here are the holdover RKGs from previous regimes:...
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    This year's schedule is more than likely to prove a daunting task for this team to qualify for the playoffs. Ordinarily, with a lesser schedule involved, it might be easier to think in terms of improving by a touchdown on both sides of the ball but this year, not so much. There'll be many youngsters attempting to develop their skills while on the job. Playoffs, really? It'll be easier said than done in 2014.
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    Playing the NFC West this year offsets the advantage of being in the NFC East.
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    Interesting the playoff teams averaged about 27ppg and gave up 20ppg. The SB teams averaged 27ppg and the loser gave up about 17ppg and winner 15ppg. Seems to indicate he best teams win in the playoffs (at least SB) with defense.

    We averaged 27 last year and we need to improve 6 ppg on D to be an 'average' playoff team. That's a pretty decent sized change to make.
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    it is no accident that the team the wins the SB is usually the one playing better D.
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    No it's not. But you have to have the offense to get you there as well. All three phases of the game need to go well.

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