TLH: Tracking 3 Dallas Cowboys as The Climb The Record Books

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hostile, Jun 30, 2013.

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    I love seeing Dallas Cowboys players have success. One of my favorite things to do each week is to see where successful players rank against the History of the game, and the History of the team. For example, last year Tony Romo passed for the most yards in Cowboys History. He came within 94 yards of eclipsing 5000 yards on the season. That feat has only been accomplished 6 times in NFL History, and 3 of those times have been by Drew Brees. Tony Romo’s 4906 yards rank 9th on the all time single season passing yards list.

    Tony also moved past Troy Aikman for the most passing TDs in team History. It is the only career record he holds for the Cowboys. He is chasing Troy Aikman for yards, attempts, and completions. Tony is also 52nd in NFL History with 177 career TD passes. Let’s say for the sake of building a scenario that in 2013 he were to equal 2012 and throw 28 touchdown passes. In that case he would move his total to 205 and he would pass at least 18 retired players on the all time list, including Hall of Famers Bob Griese, Bobby Layne, and Sammy Baugh. This would move him near the top 30 TD passers of all time.

    To me, stuff like that is fun to know. Each week I keep track of our players who are doing well. It began with tracking Emmitt Smith’s rise up the rushing ranks. I knew exactly when he was passing Tony Dorsett for most rushing yards in team History. I knew exactly when he was passing Marcus Allen for most rushing TDs in NFL History. I knew how close LaDanian Tomlinson was getting. I also knew LT was going to fall short of the great Emmitt Smith. We all knew when he was surpassing Walter Payton for the most rushing yards in NFL History. That record was like the Holy Grail of NFL Records because it was a record held by such greats as Jim Brown and Payton.

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    Hostile,Hostile..........That name sounds familiar????
    Lurk on, my friend. Glad to know that although you're in "the shadows", you're never far away.
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    Stats were always fun to follow. As a kid, I loved the old Sporting News that had box scores of each game and cumulative stats for the season updated each week.
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    nice article Hos
    i have always read your posts with interest
    thanx for your contributions

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