TNF: Jaguars vs Colts

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Great news that the Colts coach is doing well. It's very cool how the team has rallied around him. The pre game story had some of the panel in tears.
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    Ok I was wrong about the touchdowns I just missed it happens. Anyways this is a passing league nowadays. Teams throw it like never before so leading the league in passing yards isn't that big of a deal anymore. His completion percentage is horrible. I don't care how many times he has to throw 57.5 percent is flat out unacceptable. He's only got one more touchdown than a pick and considering the lack of competition he's played against outside of Chicago and Green Bay that's pretty pathetic as well. Point is Luck hasn't been nearly as impressive as some people have said he's been.
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    RG3's completion % is higher cuz they throw a lot more screens and swing passes. Luck runs a more conventional, down field passing offense. RG3's yards per pass is where it is cuz of his WR's yac and since they've ran so many screens it's opened up the deep ball on occasion and he's hit a few big plays.

    But if you were to compare how many targets Luck has thrown 15+ yards down the field compared to RG3, I'd be my Lamborghini that I don't own that Luck has far more attempts in that category.

    RG3 is a freakin' man beast, no doubt. But Luck is the better QB.
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    Luck averages 12.6 yards per completion while RGIII averages 11.6 yards per completion. That says a lot about how far down field each guy is throwing the ball. Both guys are doing well and will do so for years.
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    He's had a completion percentage close to 70% in two of the last three games and over the last month during their 4-game winning streak he's been at like 64%.

    You haven't watched him play. Not to an extent that you can say how he's played so for you to say anything regarding how impressive he has looked is just a complete joke.

    You're simply basing your opinion on stats, some of which you weren't even diligent enough to look up because you just assumed that Luck wasn't scoring with his feet.

    You haven't watched him so you don't know how he's actually looked. Simple as that.
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    The splits have not been updated since last week, but going into this past Sunday's games, here were their percentage of attempts for each distance split --

    Griffin: 23.3 percent of all attempts
    Luck: 12.5 percent of all attempts

    Griffin: 46.4 percent of all attempts
    Luck: 47.9 percent of all attempts

    Griffin: 22.0 percent of all attempts
    Luck: 27.1 percent of all attempts

    Griffin: 3.1 percent of all attempts
    Luck: 8.7 percent of all attempts

    Griffin: 1.8 percent of all attempts
    Luck: 2.1 percent of all attempts

    Griffin: 3.1 percent of all attempts
    Luck: 1.7 percent of all attempts

    There is no split for 15 or more, but here are the combined numbers for 10 yards or less and 11 yards or more --

    Griffin: 70.0 percent of all attempts
    Luck: 60.4 percent of all attempts

    Griffin: 30.0 percent of all attempts
    Luck: 39.6 percent of all attempts

    So, Griffin throws a far higher percentage of his passes behind the line of scrimmage and more deep bombs. Luck throws more of his passes everywhere in between -- from 1-40 yards downfield.
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    Whoa! Thanks, Adam. That's pretty much exactly what I suspected.
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    Hmmm I thought he was a senior. Thanks for the correction. :)
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    Colts are in their first year or rebuilding and still better than the cowboys. Cowboys = not top 25 team

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