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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zaxor, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Zaxor

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    this has been as enjoyable of a week of fan talk that I can remember in quite awhile. The you suck..they suck thing gets real old real fast... I hope you all stick around for awhile...maybe we can convert some of you all...if not... you are still a class group and I have enjoyed reading your posts and hope you all stick around anyway...

    from a press clipping

    Cowboys to honor Hunt

    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will honor Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt during Sunday's game at Texas Stadium.

    Hunt will be part of a special coin flip ceremony, and the Cowboys will honor him with a video tribute between the first and second quarters.

    Hunt, who lives in Dallas, helped organize the American Football League and started the Dallas Texans before moving the team to Kansas City.

    well deserved

  2. Kaika

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    I have to agree. A pleasant change of pace.:)
  3. Cbz40

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    Lamar Hunt is a class act.......He was one of the founders of the AFL and a very important figure in the development of the NFL as we know it today.
  4. baj1dallas

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    Yea the KC fans seem to actually watch games and stuff.
  5. Archie F. Swin

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    I'll admit this is the tightest fan sight I've ever seen. With the high traffic and large membership this board has, I'm blown away by how little trash talk is seen here. Of course I haven't gone to every "zone" on site, but the wealth of positivity around here is rare and refreshing. The membership at my home site are too busy *****ing at one another to even have the time for visitors. I can't wait to see what this place is like after a Cowboys win ...err...yes I can! Thumbs up to you guys...class act.

    Civil football talk....who would have thunk it?
  6. Hostile

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    I agree too. My respect level for Chiefs fans raised because of the folks who registered here and have kept it about football. It's been great and I hope many of them stick around.
  7. gbrittain

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    In addition to the great posters KC provides, I have always said that if I could go watch an NFL game anywhere but Texas stadium to see my Cowboys play, I would go to Arrowhead stadium. That must be an awesome experience.
  8. kingwhicker

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    Three cheers to the KC fans- a class organization with really classy fans.
  9. jobberone

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    I haven't been on the forum as much of late but the Chiefs fan's are really great people to have around. Good sportsmanship and good information on our opponent. What is unusual besides that is their knowledge of our team and their opponent. I wish I could stay up with teams outside the NFC East as well as most of the KC posters do our team which is outside their conference!

    A well deserved round of applause to a knowledgeable, civil and courteous group of KC fans.

    May the best team tomorrow win, we both come out of the game with no injuries and both teams play well.

    Hope you guys stick around.
  10. ODawg

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    I agree they are great fans but alot of chief fans here in Wichita must have bi-polar because they are more about fantasy stats by the chiefs then wins and losses
  11. CliffnMesquite

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    I work for Lamar' sister Caroline and there's not a nicer bunch to be had.
  12. brokeback

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    I don't plan on converting, but I think that most/all of us will come back to either brag or take our lumps after the game. I know the posters on ChiefsPlanet are big on that. 2 rules of honorable trolling are
    1. If you don't put yourself on the line before the game, you can't troll after the win.
    2. If you do troll before the game and your team loses, you must take your lumps.

    Good luck. No injuries.
  13. Big Country

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    Lamar Hunt is a really great person as well as a great businessman... He is probably the biggest reason that Major League Soccer is what it is today, as far as fanfare and marketing strategy.

    One thing that really stands out about how classy KC Chief fans are, was the weekend after 9/11 when NYG played their next game... it was in Arrowhead Stadium and when the Giants took the field, they got that classic roaring KC standing ovation... What a great thing to do.

    As much of a diehard Cowboy fan as I am, I am rooted deep in the locale of Texas and I root primarily for my hometown teams and neighbors as far as sports goes, so if I was forced to root for someone other than my Dallas Cowboys, I'd have to say KC would be very high upon my list of teams...
  14. Big Country

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    I can see that. They can hang their hat on some serious rushing stats since they are a superior rushing offense year in and year out. I just hope the Dallas defense can put a chink in that chain come tomorrow. :eek:
  15. brokeback

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  16. caesarod

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    Right back atcha to Cowboy fans and this very impressive site. A wealth of football knowledge(much greater than my own), and just the right sprinkling of orneriness.

    Is orneriness a real word? How 'bout jackarses(meant in the most complimentary way. We appreciate good jackarsery.)
  17. baj1dallas

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    Yes well it's our specialty...names need not be mentioned.... ;)
  18. Big Country

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    ode to an opinion ...

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Yeah thats my take too. The KC fans that have posted in here seem like good people. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they started out the Dallas Texans. Good roots. LOL

    Now that doesnt mean we dont want to beat you down come gameday LOL
  20. Garland powerplay

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    Now all the pleasantries are out of the way its time to set the record straight! The Cowboys are gonna show no mercy when they pound them into Texas stadium turf.
    This isn't gonna be little bighorn.

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