TO and Bledsoe have something in common

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    Published: New York Times, November 25, 1998
    Broken Finger Slows Bledsoe
    After meeting today with a hand specialist, Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe learned that he would not need surgery on his right index finger, which he fractured in two places on Monday night. Bledsoe was injured when his hand hit a defensive player on a follow-through during the winning drive in New England's 26-23 victory over Miami.
    Coach Pete Carroll does not expect Bledsoe to participate fully in practice for Sunday's home game against Buffalo. Scott Zolak, who has thrown 181 passes in eight seasons with the Patriots, will probably get much of the work.
    Whether Bledsoe's 56-game playing streak, currently the longest among American Football Conference quarterbacks, will end will be determined later, the Patriots said. On Monday, he completed 28 of 54 passes for 2 touchdowns and 423 yards.

    (My own note: He actually played 3 weeks with a pin in the finger, and had to shut it down after the pins holding the finger together poked through the skin. TO, don't try this, and please heal quickly!!!)

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    Alot has changed since 1998... I have a hunch TO gets back in time to not miss a game..... mayb, just maybe he misses the Titans game...

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