To the gurus: Are we maximizing Lee and Carter

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by vlad, Oct 15, 2013.

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    After last year when Carter was playing out of his mind in place of Lee I was thinking these guys would be amazing attacking playmakers....questions to those that know:

    1. Was Ryan's scheme more aggressive with their use of these players vs Kiffin's scheme being more reactive? How do they play different in those two schemes?
    2. Are there other 4-3 schemes that have players you'd like to see these guys play more like? How do they play differently?

  2. Future

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    I dont think, after the last couple of weeks, you could get much more out of Sean Lee. Having said that, this defense is designed to be a bit more passive in terms of having the LBs go forward.

    However, when Ware went down, it looked like Carter was rushing the passer a lot more than in the past. I'd expect that trend to continue b/c there is no way even this coaching staff can have faith in this DLine to get consistent pressure with just 4.
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    If you could build prototype 4-3 MLB and WLB , those prototypes would look very similar to Lee and Carter respectively. Lee and been great and Carter is improving. Patience
  4. perrykemp

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    My $.02:
    The positives

    Lee has been an absolute madman against the run. My goodness it feels like he is making all the tackles for the team. His range is incredible. I honestly haven't seen ability to cover territory in the run a game like this from a LB since maybe Urlacher in his prime or Ray Lewis when he was younger.

    The negatives

    To me, Bruce Carter has just been average against the run. He hasn't stood out a bit and I couldn't tell him apart, at this stage of the season, than any number of run-of-the-mill 4-3 ILBs in the NFL.

    In terms of pass coverage, Lee has been terrible. PFF has his opposing QB rating as 131.6. Bruce Carter's is also terrible (but not shockingly bad like Lee's) at 109.6.

    PFF has Lee and Carter collectively responsible for allowing 562 yards of receiving when they have been targeted. 562 yards!!! That would be a terrible number for a year -- the fact that they've given up that many yard in 6 games is one of the main reasons why the defense was on track to give up the most TD passes in NFL history and over 5000 yards passing (maybe be lower after the Redskins game).


    Yes, the Cowboys could be getting much much more out of Sean Lee and Bruce Carter. Lee is more than holding up his end in the run game, however, collectively the two of them are the worst pair of 4-3 ILBs in the entire NFL against the pass. They must improve against the pass or the Cowboys dreams of advancing far in the playoffs are just that - dreams.
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    I think both are still transitioning to the scheme. I think they both had an impact Sunday night. I'm confident that they will be more effective vs the pass as they get settled.
  6. perrykemp

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    I agree that we can expect improvement against the pass with Lee and Carter because frankly it can't get much worse. Eventually they should get more comfortable with the deep-drops required in the Kiffin 4-3.
  7. Stryker44

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    Seriously its amazing about the heck does he cut that fast and take down RGIII mano e mano in the open field? What's going on...he shouldn't be able to do that?
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    You never know what it's going to be going into a season. Lee and Carter in coverage were probably the least of my worries with the scheme change. But the season is long. Last year, the last thing I'd have expected on offense was Jason Witten with a case of the dropsies. We all know how that turned out.
  9. texbumthelife

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    The only thing keeping us from using them most effectively, is the lack of talent on the defensive line now. Linemen are getting to the second level a little too quickly.

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