To those who did not get the game on DTV

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by MrCharlie007, Sep 19, 2004.

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    I think the locals have to publish which game they will be broadcasting. DirecTV applies that to your dish subscription. It has to be a major hassle for them. They still can't get it right, ususally takes them a half to figure it out, then they cut it off.
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    If you're pissed, think about this scenario. Not only did I have Sunday Ticket last year at a lower price without missing any game due to blackout, I also had local channels through DirecTv. What that means is, if I wanted to watch the games locally I at least had that option.

    Now, DirecTv is telling me that my dish is out-dated and if I want to watch my local channels, I will have to upgrade to a new dish. I told them "Cool, as long as it's on your dime." They said, "Sure, Mr. Watson. We'll be out there in A MONTH to hook you up." Well that didn't fly so they pushed it up a couple of weeks and set me up for a service date.

    That was all good but they didn't show up. Not to mention that this all occured back in AUGUST. Now every time I call customer service, they tell me they are backed up and they will come to my house in A MONTH...

    So while some people have the inconvenience of having to watch the game on their locals and not get that HD quality that they get on the Ticket, I have the option of watching the game thru squiggly lines or not watching it at all in my house due to bad reception.

    Tell me, where is the fairness in that?
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    Let's go back to the beginning. Here's my family's quest to watch the beloved Cowboys:

    We've always lived in a place where the only option for ANY TV is a satellite dish. Where we live, it is physically impossible for an antenna to pick up a TV broadcast signal from ANYWHERE. (We are 250 miles from the nearest TV station, we are 600 miles from Dallas, and we are surrounded by mountains. We're not going to get a local channel any other way than via satellite.) Back when everyone had the big dinosaur satellite dishes, we could pick up football games just like folks who lived in town and had cable. We were thrilled when DirectTV came out with it's small dish and lots more programming options. We ordered NFL Sunday Ticket the first year they offered it and never missed a Cowboys game watching the Ticket. Life was good.

    A few years ago, we switched from DirectTV to Dish Network because they offered us Dallas local channels. We got to watch all the cowboy games, we didn't have to pay for the Sunday Ticket, and I had the added bonus of seeing the Babe Laufenberg show, Dale Hanson, and all the other Dallas news about Cowboys. Life was even better!

    Well, This summer Dish told us that "because of technological limitations" (whatever that means) they could no longer offer us the Dallas locals. We had no choice but to switch back to DirectTV and order the NFL Sunday Ticket so we could watch our Cowboy games. (Which we did.)

    So, now here's the scoop. We live in a place where it is physically impossible to pick up an antenna signal to get a local channel, but DirectTV is telling us that we live in an area where we can pick up the feed of a Dallas local network affiliate. They obviously don't own a map; the closest affiliate is 250 miles away, over the mountains and through the mesquite. The signal's not going to reach us. (They keep telling us to try a high powered antenna. Like I said, they don't own a map!) So, they black out the Cowboys games for us. This is AFTER they told us that because we were so far from the local Dallas area we would not ever have any Cowboys games blacked out AND BEFORE they took our money. (They wanted our business!)

    So here we sit. Too far from a signal to pick up a local feed and out $215 or so for NFL Sunday Ticket and with no way to get a Dallas local channel via satellite. They had the nerve to tell us that we could watch any number of other football games going on yesterday afternoon. WE DIDN'T BUY the Ticket to watch the Seahawks and the Bucs! WE PAID to watch the COWBOYS and we were told we WOULD be able to! I like the NFL and all the teams, but I've ALWAYS been a Cowboys fan. It's really the only team that matters!

    In other words, we just laid out about $300 to switch to DirectTV (and now have a system we don't like nearly as much as we liked Dish) and still can't watch the Cowboys on Sunday.

    Are the people at the NFL Networks football fans themselves? I can't believe they would do this to their fan base. Everyone doesn't live in a metro area. Doesn't mean we don't love our Cowboys as much as people who live in town.

    Any ideas?
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    Same here.

    This blacking out thing is new for me. I missed the first part of the game cause the 1:00 game ran over and it is a pain cause the game is not in the same channel section as the other games.

    I think if you pay the money, you should get all of the games.
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    The pressure comes from the local affiliates, who have to cater to local advertisers.

    I think the best way around it would be to tell DTV you've moved, provide a Dallas address (P.O. Box, perhaps?), and get the Dallas locals. You can pay your bill automatically with a credit card.

    It's unethical, and I wouldn't do it, but I'm not in a situation similar to yours.
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    So DTV does not offer local channels to everybody?
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    Yes and no. If you are in a metropolitan area that they offer them, you can get them. If you live in a smaller area, they are "working on it". You can apply for a waiver to get NY/LA, but your local has to sign off on it. Most are unwilling to do this since it will keep you from watching their channel.
  8. junk

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    kidcrook, terlingua. I feel for you. DirecTV customer service is awful.

    While I am inconvenienced (and I shouldn't be if I am paying that price for a service), at least I can see the games. Keep on them, threaten to leave and threaten the move to cable. That seems to get a rise out of them.
  9. Avery

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    Not that it matters, but ST blocked my games last year if they were local as well (Salt Lake City) area.

    My advice would be to call Directv and see if you can get a credit for the missing game. You might have to talk to a supervisor and may still get dogged, but it's about all you can do.
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    I live in a co-op, so I can't put a satellite on top of the building.

    But I'm moving to a real house in November. I know it's too late for the Ticket this year, but I want it for next year ... the fiance already has said NO, but that's gonna change.

    Can I ask you guys a question? How much can I expect to spend for DTV and the NFL package?? Money's tight and I'll have to budget ... may even have to sell my motorcycle to raise some funds.

    Does anyone from NYC have this package? Any problems?

    Thanx alot. :)
  11. junk

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    You should be able to get the equipment free or very cheap with rebates. Look at Best Buy.

    Sunday Ticket will cost $219 I believe. I think you have to have a package with it, so that is typically about $40/month. Gets you ESPN, Comedy Central, Discovery, etc. Like expanded basic on cable.

    In addition, new Sunday Ticket subscribers get everything (all channels) free for 4 months provided they keep the above package ^ for one year.
  12. Eddie

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    Junk ... thanks a heap. $40 a month isn't too bad. I spend more than $219 per season at the bar. Totally worth it.

    I'm looking forward to moving into a real house and no stupid rules ... with my own playroom/office, with wide screen HDTV, Xbox, PS2, GC, and NFL Sunday Ticket. Oh yeah!!! Ain't that the life???
  13. Jammer

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    I thought you said money was tight? :)
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    The jerks that are DTV have lost a customer in me.

    I have DTV for the sole reason of watching the Cowboys on the Ticket. They weren't on at all for the first time since I've had the Ticket.

    I called, somewhat irate, to ask why the game wasn't on. They gave me the "national coverage" deal and said, "just watch it on your local channel". I said "Oh, you're offering local channels in my area now?" "Well, umm...umm..., No, we don't offer them in your area, but you can watch them on the CBS NY/LA option." "Oh, the one that I can't get a waiver for, that one?"

    I went HD this season and can't even watch the Cowboys game. I'm stuck with the effing Sunday Ticket for the rest of the season because they will not cancel it and pro-rate a refund.

    I've defended DTV and the Sunday Ticket for the last several years on various boards, but never again. I now understand what others complained about last season.
  15. Jarv

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    I've *****ed about Direct TV in the past. But at least I can get the Dallas games on my local cable channel when they play a national or local team (Jets/Gints and Pats).

    What I'm pissed at is they GAVE ME the local channels last year for FREE ! This year they want to charge me. Plus their Customer service sucks.

    Next year everyone will have to buy a monthly package to be even elidgible for the NFL Ticket. I have cable and I only want Direct TV for the Sunday ticket...I guess they realize that and now want to only give it to regular subscribers.

    But, after all my *****ing I really feel for you folks who have the ticket and still can't get Dallas games...No that totally sucks.

    I'm sure we aren't the only fans having problems either. I would not be surprised to see a class action lawsuit outta this.
  16. DakotaFan

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    "I would not be surprised to see a class action lawsuit outta this."

    Maybe we should be the ones to start it!
  17. MrCharlie007

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    You must be did happen last year...your just confused.

  18. StanleySpadowski

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    I can't speak for him, but it did not happen to me last year and it is this year. Perhaps you're the one who is a little confused.

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