TO: Understand the Boy Before You Judge the Man

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by zenzen, Mar 19, 2006.

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    For everyone who is so quick to judge TO, maybe this article (below) will give them pause to reconsider.

    He is a human being like you and I. He's doing the best he can to navigate through a difficult and complicated world, just like you and I. Some of us are lovingly given the emotional, educational and social tools early, and get off to a great headstart. Many others aren't given the same opportunities, and don't learn what we take for granted until later in their lives. And if you're a professional athlete, that learning process is on a national stage, in front of an unforgiving audience.

    Let's not give TO what he's always gotten.

    He has been treated as an object by a sports obsessed culture and media. As Cowboys fans, let's end that. Let's offer him something different. Let's embrace him as a human being, and bring him into our family.

    Everyone deserves that.

    Terrell Eldorado Owens deserves that.

    I offer him my whole-hearted support. Who's with me?

    TO, I'm on your side,


    For all his skills—and you would need a box of Sharpies to list them—Terrell Owens is better known for his antics outside the white lines than his accomplishments between them. Inappropriate touchdown celebrations (and even more inappropriate pre-game promotions), whining that he doesn’t see the ball enough, and forcing the hand of management with threats and demands, none of this has earned him the admiration of fans. But if they knew of his tortured past and hard road to the NFL, Terrell might just win their hearts and shed the label of football’s most misunderstood star. This is his story…


    Terrell Eldorado Owens was born December 7, 1973, in Alexander City, Alabama. Terrell was the first son to his mother, Marilyn Heard. Only 17 at the time, she was the product of a dysfunctional family herself. Most of Marilyn's childhood was spent in fear and silence. Marilyn's mother, Alice, was cruel to her children, raising them in a confined environment with little love or support. Marilyn wasn't allowed to play with other children, and had to come home directly after school. If she didn't, she would pay the price in welts and bruises.

    A man named L.C. Russell lived across the street with his wife and kids. Russell was 14 years older than Marilyn, but that didn't matter to either. She craved love and human contact, and he became the father of Terrell. Despite the awkward situation, Russell stayed in the neighborhood with his family.
    Marilyn tried to keep her pregnancy a secret from her mother and stepfather, but could only do so for only so long. One night Marilyn's younger sister ran away to live with an aunt. She remained at home with Terrell, who was just a baby.

    After Terrell, Marilyn had a girl named Latasha. She was married to the infant's father for a brief time. Then in the early 80's came two more babies—Sharmaine and Victor—fathered by another man.

    Terrell often stayed with his grandmother Alice. She was as hard on him as she was on Marilyn. Alice gave him a bike but he could only ride it in the yard. Terrell was permitted no spare time with his friends and couldn't watch TV. He was also whipped regularly. For all the abuse, however, Terrell loved Alice, viewing her as a second mother.

    When Terrell was young, Alice's marriage fell apart and she began drinking heavily. The youngster often had to take care of her until she sobered up. One time Alice was so intoxicated, she put her purse in the oven and burned up all her money. Ironically, Alice seemed to lighten up as her alcohol problem worsened. She even bought Terrell a go-cart, which they would drive on the highway.

    When Terrell turned 12, he befriended a girl across the street. Her father noticed and confronted him, warning Terrell that the girl was actually his half-sister. Thus the youngster learned who his father was.

    To escape his tortured home life, Terrell became immersed in sports. Basketball, baseball and swimming were his favorites. He also loved football, idolizing San Francisco star Jerry Rice. He played despite stark opposition from Alice. Marilyn, by contrast, supported her son completely, knowing sports made him happy.

    Marilyn bounced from job to job, and often found herself back in Alice’s house with Terrell. Her other children hated it there, however, so she eventually moved with them into a beat-up two-bedroom home. Terrell stayed with Alice because there simply wasn’t room for him in the cramped dwelling.
    Terrell’s athletic career began to blossom when he entered Benjamin Russell High School in the fall of 1988. During his career, he lettered four times in football and track. Plus he accumulated three letters in basketball and one in baseball. Terrell actually didn't start for the football team until his senior year. He even thought about quitting the sport, but his coaches talked him out of it. They saw great talent in him, even if he didn’t yet.

    (Visit link above for rest of (long) article.)
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    Screw TO:D
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    cry me a river, life is hard for everyone
    there is no one making excuses for me, are they for you?
    we are defined by our actions, and his speak for themselves

    on you!
    on me!
    on Emmitt!
    on the Cowboy Nation!
    when he pulled his stunts in texas stadium he p!ssed on all of us
    if you people want to lick it up now and thank him that is your business
    but as for me, i am disgusted as i can possibly be
    spin, spin and spin again, but it changes NOTHING
    you make the best of it, i am going to HATE IT & HIM
    and i won't be happy till his contract is over or he is put out of the game

    i would rather lose without him than win with him - PERIOD!!
    have you people ever heard of PRINCIPLE?!?!?!
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    One Word = REPARATIONS
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    Life is hard for everyone; that's where understanding comes in. I don't believe in excuses either, but I do believe in patience. The patience I extend to TO I extend to you and everyone everywhere.

    We are not defined by our actions; they merely reflect our beliefs about ourselves and the world, and those beliefs change as we learn and grow. We have all made many mistakes in our choices and actions throughout our lives. If our actions were unforgivable, you'd be unforgivable for even one mistake, but you are not.

    We are not defined by our actions, but by Truth.

    I unfailingly support my brother TO as he seeks to find this within himself. As I do you.
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    I have said in other posts that I didn't want TO to come here. I also said that since he is here now I will support the move. But another poster posted something that made me view this a little different. He said he was not willing to give TO a third chance to screw up another team.

    I saw that as a third chance to be the kind of man he can be. So not because of these things that are in this article, or because I think he is owed it, but because I have been given second, third and fourth chances to redeem myself many times. And who am I not to afford that to another man?

    My God has done it for me, I have to do that for TO.
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    I'm sure 100% of cowboys fans hated TO at one point. But it takes a man to open your mind and heart and accept one who is considered the 'enemy' as a friend.

    Alot of posters here in the zone could learn from you.

    Good man!

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    I agree, cajuncowboy. The things in the article only help us to relate to him as a person, given that life hasn't been easy for any of us, we've all made mistakes, and are a work in progress. Hopefully the awareness of this common bond of humanity helps us realize that we too would like to another chance, and another chance. By being merciful and extending that to another human being, we strengthen the belief that we too are worthy of grace... the grace of God. That's something we've all been given as a birthright, and sharing it with each other restores the Truth to our mind and helps heal us all.

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    This from someone who asks in his sig,"Is it 4:20 yet?". :bang2:
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    and? what are you trying to say?
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    :rolleyes: anyways. The guy had a crazy life which obviously has molded him into the man he is today. He's a loner who hasnt ever really had any friends and that's how he is as a man. I'm willing to move on from the star incident as long as he plays good for us. For now imgonna give him the benefit of the doubt.

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