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    Petitti is the same still day to day.

    Fortunate on injuries except for Ryan so far.
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    rofl at the scrimmage comment!

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    Please recap, can't listen, I'm at work...
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    -Barnes okay?
    He's one of the ones limping a bit, kind of an ankle.

    -How do you determine if their hurt or injured?
    Experience. Consult with players and doctors.
    It's in their best interest to show the coaching staff what you can do.

    -Did you come up with Wet ball to get experience?
    Wet ball drill is not something new. 60-70 years old. Always did it in NY, knew we would get rain games. Gives players a chance to acclimate to a different situation.
    Coach Bryant in Alabma did it every week.

    -Concerned with practicing in this weather wont have team ready in Az or Tx?
    I think it will be a little of an adjustment in AZ, yes. 30-40 degree difference. But I would prefer it right now, to weather in Dallas, or some of the other locations. Allows you to get a lot of work done without some of the things that happen, hamstrings, dehydration, IVs. Some of the southeast teams have those problems on a daily basis. When we return to dallas they have enough time to acclimate.

    -Do you want the team here at TC as long as you're coach?
    Not in my jurisdiction, but I do like it. Always prefer home site, but we dont have enough facilities to do it.

    -How do you like the new 2-1-2-1 schedule?
    I like it. Seems to give players little morejuice between practices. I know from meeting and cerebral aspect its better. More time in meetings than normal. Like today, players will be in meetings at least 4 hours. Morning 2 hours, tonite another meeting that doesnt get out till 9:40. OVerall going okay.

    -Bradie James didn't answer the call last season, how is he doing this season, in 3-4?
    Looks more comfortable, different. Good ST last season. Seems to fit in, more professional, seems to get it now. Hopefully it will turn into more production during the seaosn.

    -Mental things?
    Yeah. So many of these players have a highly inflated opinion of what they can do, they dont really know how to do it, the whole thing. From mental, to physical, to prep, to nutrition, as a result you see these things.

    -He let you down last season?
    No. He's made progress. More ready to go now than in the past.

    -Time schedule for backup QB to work itself out?
    No time schedule. Constantly , had 2-3 discussions about it already. Next couple weeks here, not 4-5, 2-3 weeks, things will kind of sort themselves out.

    -Do you want to get set on the #2 guy?

    -What do you say about Kincade?
    Europe helped him. Lot of competition. Tough kid. I like him. Improved. Alternating there. Did good things had good games. Pass protection improved but he has strong competition. Still eligible for practice squad. Won't be easy.

    -How has Ware done?
    Same thing as Spears and Burnett, it's new to them about how to do this. Sure it's a surprise to them. That's just the way it is. Playing ST. Doing things in the nickel. He's got a lot on his plate.

    -Has he done things that have caughtyour eye?
    Yes. If he can just get going. You don't know how these kids will do, you think you know, but you really don't know. KNow there will be rough spots, but a lot of them have a chance to work out well. Will put the Cowboys in a good situation for a while, provided we can get some of the things at other spots. Good looking rookies.

    -WR question?
    You're looking at who can develop. I like big guys with speed on the practice squad. You always want to have the kid that just needs more time. I prefer those kinds. Good character, hard working. Have to have a certain mentality to be on the PS in the NFL. COme to work, no games.

    -Progress from Crowder?
    Yes, don't know if thats enough. Going to have to see the games, he needs to do something in games. He needs to do something on special teams, that was his forte in college, haven't seen it so far.

    -Key is old and Glenn is 33 did you consider going after a WR?
    You better check Terry's age. You always want stuff, but can only get what opportunities present itself and how you prioritze them. Wanted CB, wanted to get bigger, wanted to improve OL. Thats the way we went. At WR, the options are always greater than there are for big players. Options for WR to become an outstanding player, the opportunity presents itself more frequently than getting a really good gaurd. On the draft report, WR has twice as many players to look at than other positions. Kids from small schools, Rector, Crayton.

    -How is the RB rotation going to work?
    Ideally, lead runner. change of pass guy, versitility in passing game and ST. 3rd guy, when i took him to the game could play 20-22 ST players, carry or two as short yardage. that's my ideal.

    -Running it 30 times? Julius is the lead guy.
    10-12 to the other guy. We were running 35+times a game, 20-22, 10 and 3. Thats when you know you're in business.

    -In pads to develop run mentality?
    Trying to do whole thing. Pump up team, more mental toughness. Situationally competitive. I dont know if its going to work or not, i dont know how else to do it.

    -When last year did mental toughness become an issue?
    Missed first part. There are a couple teams in the league that do it the right way. They dont have the best players. There are things in sports, atheletes that you cant see.

    -Who's the most mentally tough payer you had?
    That's hard. I've had groups that were tough. Entire lines. DBs. Had them in every position in football. Got a couple of them here right now, I can see it. The more you put together, you get a little confidence. Start to make plays, start to have fun.

    -Who are the guys with mental toughness?
    I dont want to start with that yet. Camp jsut started.

    -Important to spread it out through the team? like 1 on the olline..
    I think you need 5 on the Oline, I mean that. Need 5 on the line and a tough TE. I know I have 1 TE, i know that.

    -So Witten doesnt count?
    I didnt say that. You knew w/o me telling.

    -Is Dan doing anything he shouldnt be doing, like Woodson last year?
    He's not going anything he shouldnt be doing. Not rushing him. He's in there squatting, lifting, getting ready to play pro-football. Begging me to get in the scrimmage Sat.

    -There's a scrimmage Sat?
    I dont know (laughter)

    -Rookie class?
    Dont let me go too far. Not trying to annoint them. It looks like potentially we have players that could wind up being good. They more than have a chance. Doesnt look like we drafted anyone tht doesnt have a chance to play. Thats a big statement. Maybe some cant hold up physically, mentally. Maybe some wont work hard enough. I didnt let them go till july 14th, kept them there form may-july, so...

    -Will it be immediate?
    Dont know. Hopefully there will be significant contributions

    -Julius ran good out of 1 back sets, do you have a preference?
    No. Just comes down to utilization of FB and TEs. Not sure how that is going to go.
    4-5 players intertwined, where the strength is, we'll go to. Dont even know if we'll even have a FB on the team. Gotta see.

    -DO you find TEs more versatile than FBs?
    In some areas yes. In space now. FB better in space on ST. Some TEs are finesse guys, receiver guys. We got 5 good size TEs.

    -If there was a scrimmage sat, how would you break it down?
    We'll talk about it in 15 mins. General outline with what I want to coaches about but havent done it yet.

    -Will you be filming?
    Yeah, i might let you. I dont mind that if you need something. I mean you only got a 2 min show, how much film can you use? You got baseball, boxing, hockey, only leaves 20 seconds for football. Hell, how much you gonna film?
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    lol, parcells is a character
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    who was the "two minute show" directed at........... :lmao2:
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    Thanks for the recap!!
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    He said that he found out they were not mentally tough during the Saints game.
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    Thanks Hustler
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    thanks for the recap great job
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    How do you determine hurting vs. injury?

    You can know that from experience. Consult through trainers and doctors.

    Do you encourage them to try to go?

    Its in their best interest to do it if they can, especially if they are young. Its unfortunate, but you have to base your evaluations on something, and its hard to do when you can’t see anything.

    Wetting the footballs?

    We do the wet ball drill, not something new. 60 or 70 years old. I know we were doing it back in the 60’s. Always did it in NY. Just gives the players a chance to acclimate to a new situation and make them concentrate. Coach Bryant at Alabama did it every week. We do it a couple of times.

    Concerned that this weather won’t have the team ready to go in Az or TX Stadium?

    In Arizona? Yes. It will be 40 degrees different. I would prefer this right now to the weather in Dallas because it allows you to get a lot of work done without hamstrings, dehydration, IV’s problems coming up every day. When we get back to Dallas, we have ample time to the first game to acclimate to the weather, an I’d rather have the work done and then get used to the conditions.

    Would you like the team to stay here for all future TC’s while you’re coach?

    Not in my jurisdiction, but I do like it here. I prefer it at the home site, but we don’t have enough facilities to do it.

    How do training camp schedule of 2-1-2-1?

    I like it. Gives the players a little more juice in the practices. Cerebrally its better for the players . We spent more time in meetings than we usually would. Today, they’ll be in meetings for at least 4 hours. I think overall, its going okay.

    Bradie James ?

    I think he’s a little more comfortable. He’s matured as a person, and as a player. I don’t know what’s what, as to why he seems to be somewhat of a better player. Now, he was a good special teams player last year for us. But he seems to be fitting in better on defense. Just seems to be more professional. Seems to get it now. Hopefully, it will turn into production. Its the whole routine. You get a situation these days where players now have such a highly inflated opinion of what they can do, but they don’t know the whole thing. The mental to physical to preparation to nutrition to taking care of the whole thing. They think they know, but they think they know.

    Did he let you down last year?

    No, he’s made pretty steady progress. I think he’s more ready to go now.

    You said the backup Qb should work itself out? Time set?

    We’re constantly discussing it. 2 or 3 discussions already. The next couple of weeks here, the next 2 weeks really through the 2nd preseason game, things will be work itself out. Still the plan to go with one full time #2 QB here in camp if I can do it.


    Sent the Europe. He’s got a lot of competition. I like the kid. Tough kid. Europe was good for him. He’s still eligible for the practice squad. We’ll see. It won’t be easy.

    How has Ware done?

    You know, its the same thing with Spears and Burnett. Its all new to them as to how to do this. I’m sure it’s a surprise to them. He’s having to play special teams now. Doing two different things on the nickel. He’s got a lot on his plate.

    Has he caught your eye?

    Oh, yeah. Its there, if we can get it going in the right direction. You never know how these kids will perform under pressure or what kind of heart they have. I just hope that this class, all of them, have a chance. If it works out well for them, it will put the Cowboys in a good situation for a while. I think we have a pretty good looking group of rookies this year.

    Farmer you brought in?

    He’s back where he came from right now. He wasn’t in very good condition. Now, just because we do something like that, doesn’t mean we’re disassitified with the group we have. We’re just looking down the road at the practice squad. And maybe who can develop. I like big guys with speed on the practice squad because its better for the defense to work against. I like having players on the practice squad who maybe .. just maybe … he could play in this league if given some extra coaching. Not just bodies to practice against. You have to have a certain mentality to be on the practice squad. You’re not getting paid much, and you don’t have games to look forward to, but you still have to come to work everyday.


    Seen progress, but I want to see it in games. You can’t orchestrate the games the way you would like to. He needs to do something in special teams. That was supposed to be his forte in college, but I didn’t see it last year.

    Keyshawn and Tery older. Did you consider going for WR in the offseason?

    You always like to have everything, but its bout how you prioritize things and what’s available. I talked it over with Jerry, and we wanted to get a CB, that was glaring. We wanted to get bigger. We wanted to improve the OL. That’s the way we went. And at that position, the WR, the options are always greater for finding players … even really good players …. than there is for the bigger positions. Those opportunities come a lot more frequently than getting a real good guard. I know it sounds strange, but there are just more guys there. When we do draft reports, WR’s have twice as many players as other positions. We look at 20-25 offensive linemen, we might have twice as many WR’s to look at.

    So WR was a “want to” but not a “must have”?

    We know we’ll have to address it at some point. No doubt. We’ve talked about it. We’ll see what presents itself.

    How would your rotation at RB work ideally?

    Ideally, you have a lead runner. A change of pace guy who can play in the passing game and special teams. Then a 3rd guy who could play 22 plays on special teams and got a carry or two that you could use him in a special situation. That’s my ideal. When I had teams that were really running the ball a lot we were carrying it 35 times a game. One guy would get 22 to 24, the other guy gets 10, the other gets 3 or 4. You’re in business then.

    Is that why you’re in pads more this year, to establish that run mentality?

    I’m trying to do the whole thing here, toughen up all around. Not just running team. I’m trying to just get this team tougher. I don’t know if it will work or not, but I don’t know how else to do it.

    You’ve mentioned before that this team wasn’t mentally tough last year. When did that become apparent to you?

    The New Orleans game. We just didn’t have any resolve. I mean, you gotta learn to play this game the right way. So much hoopla about this game now, so many commentators, and so called evaluators ….but there is a right way to play this game. A couple of teams in this league do it. And it shows. Not necessarily the most talented, and other teams maybe have equal talent. But there are things in sports and athletes that aren’t apparent to the eye. These guys bring other things that you can’t see. They have other resources and they use them. That’s what I want. I’ve had it before, and I know what it is. I get a sense of it. But its been hard to get that here. Its been a fight. I’m trying to get that the best way I know how. And it may be archaic. It may be. Its always a process to get there. Hopefully, if you get enough good character kids who are motivated, you have a chance. I hope we’re starting to.

    Who’s the most mentally tough player you’e had?

    That would be hard. I had groups of 7 or 8 guys on one defense that were all that way. I’ve had entire OL’s that way. QB’s that way. PR that way. DB’s who just wouldn’t give into WR’s. You know what that is when you have it. I have a couple of them here right now. You know it when you see it. You get those guys, and the team gets confidence being around them and then they start to have fun. And that’s another thing you’ve gotta do, you have to have fun in this game.

    Who are the guys on this team?

    I don’t want to start enumerating people here yet. We’re 1 week into camp. Let me get into final cutdown and I’ll give you a few.

    Is it important to have them spread out on the team?

    Its important to have 5 on the offensive line. I mean that. You better have 5 tough up front. And 1 tough TE. We have that.


    I did’t say that. I didn’t say his name. But, he can play on my team anytime.

    Is Dan doing same thing Woody was doing last year with rushing his injury?

    He’s not rushing, now. I’m not rushing this. You know, they do these appendixes and it’s a 5 day thing. They cartharize it. You can’t do anything else to it. What can you do to it? You can’t pull it. Its gone. You just have to worry about the stitches and stuff getting infected. He’s just got to get a little comfortable with it. You know …. he’s in there squatting, lifting and doing situps. He’s begging me to get him in the scrimmage on Saturday.

    There’s a scrimmage Saturday?

    I don’t know that (laughing)

    Talk more about the rookie class?

    Don’t let me go to far on this group. I don’t want to anoint them. It just looks like eventually some of these guys could be good players. Nobody here looks like they don’t have a chance to play. That’s a big statement. Maybe it will take 6 months to a year. And mabye some throw in the towel mentally or won’t work hard enough. I don’t know that. I didn’t let them go home until July 14th, so they’ve already been through some.

    Do you see any that will have an immediate impact?

    I don’t know that. We haven’t even played a game yet. We’ll need some of them to make contributions.

    JJ ran out of 1 back set well last year. Do you prefer a 1 back vs. 2 back set?

    No preference. Good question, cuz we been talking about it. Comes down to FB vs. TE. We’re not sure how that will go . There are 4 to 5 players all intertwined. Wherever the better performance is we’ll go in that direction. We’ll have to look at special team packages and everything else. I’m not sure we’ll even have a FB on the team.

    Do you find TE’s to be more versatile than FB’s?

    Yes, in some areas I do. In space FB’s are better. If you’re asking a player to block in space on special teams, FB’s are usually better than TE’s. But now you got these new TE’s who are finesse guys. But our group of TE’s have pretty good size. All of them.
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    you know i listen to these every day....but i still need to see it, read it,
    let it get into my thick skull so i really appreciate you guys recapping them on here. thanks a bunch
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    Great recap. Thanks much.
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    Great job as usual Hustler/IR
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    Simply outstanding job.

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    Wonderful job Hustler / IR. Much appreciated.
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    Yeah, the recaps are really appeciated! Thanks for taking the time Hustler/IR!

    Oh, and good to see you back BS.
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    Yep thanks, good job!
    Look for Bradie James to have a MONSTER year!
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    I'm partial to InmanRoshi's reports. I appreciate everyone else's attempts to recap, but I'm left with a wrong impression when I read anyone other than InmanRoshi's recap.

    And I guess Big Bill answer the question about whether we'd have taken Mike Williams if available or whether we'd reach to take a receiver with so many other needs.


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