Todd Archer joins Ben and Skin to grade the Cowboys' 2011 draft class.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, May 2, 2011.

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    U gonna recap that when u can Joe?
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    Todd: hard to say, when talked to jerry before draft, first 3 players that come in have to contribute. But then when the cowboys drafted, they took the first 3 players with injury issues like Tyron had knee injury and carter had injury to and murray, had injuries issues. I think Cowboys are looking at the future, and on offensive line before defensive line. Have to remember, choice will be a free agent next year and Bradie will be a free agent next year, so looks like to me, Cowboys are preparing for the future instead.

    Writer, hard to judge a draft till after awhile; question if jason garrett had his stamp on this draft more than jerry did.
    Todd: I think part of it jason garrett had input in this draft, since no trades, same thing happened with parcells first year, hardly any trades. So, they are putting this on way wade coached the defense, and rob ryan can be the savior, and in free agency to go out and sign some guys, especially if there is a cap, and cowboys have no room to sign players. But they are looking at rob ryan to help the defense and be the savior.
    My comments; if you remember, cowboys fell at the end of the year parcells last year, and wade came in, revitalized the defense and cowboys went 13-3. I think thats what the cowboys are thinking rob ryan can do on defense, and it what went wrong on defense especially is the way wade coached.
    Todd: he is not type of DE to fit here in 3-4, so he wasnt considered, with his knee, so 2nd straight year they take a linebacker with knee issue, with carter and sean lee first year here, till lee got going

    Todd: Spend question: Huff seems to be name everybody throws around, and i dont think he did pretty well under rob when rob ryan coached in oakland, and im hearing Nsandi likes rob ryan. Packers Jenkins is a possibility. Yeah, its a possibility with Nsandi CB from Oakland coming here, but im not saying its 50/50.

    Todd: Going to be like 10 million a year to get Nsandi, todd says dont getyour hopes up here.

    That it.
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    Did Tyron miss any games last year? Carter has been cleared to train. Murray missed 4 games his entire college career.

    How many times was Ponder hurt, yet he was drafted 12th. How many time was Ryan Williams hurt and he was taken 38th. Nick Fairly has 1 good year in college, as did Cam Newton.

    You can find something to complain about with every player drafted. If the media is so good, why are they not scouts or front office people??

    We drafted good football players. We will see that this year and for many years to come. It's a new era in Dallas. Enjoy the ride.

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