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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dmq, Jul 26, 2005.

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    He is on Espn 103.3 right now. Just got over. Anyway, talkin a little boys. Really only thing he said that is new to me is that from people who know Bledsoe well and have seen him lately. These people are saying Bledsoe is in the best shape that they have seen him in a long time. Todd then mentioned how Bledsoe always seemed to many to be a person that gave just enough effort to win, but no more. However, for Parcells, he seems to be willing to do anything for him and give it his all....
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    Thanks for the heads up. :)
  3. TheHustler

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    good info. hope its true.
  4. Nors

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    Bledsoe had a Monster season in 2002.

    Drew has a chip on his shoulder and a common goal with Parcells a ring. Bledsoe wins a Super Bowl with Cowboys he gets into the Hall of Fame. Will have likely 50,000 career yards and close to 300 TD's. You can count on one hand QB's that have done that.
  5. Charles

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    The biggest change my source ;) noticed in Drew Bledsoe's physique is his legs. He's bulked up.

    He's going to have a stronger base, which will improve his accuracy, strenght and mobility.

    Most be will surprised,but the biggest chip on Bledsoe's shoulder is going to trying to dispell the myth (in his mind) that he's a statue. Don't be surprised in you see Bledsoe roll out and pass or take off early and often in games if the pocket breaks down.
  6. Doomsday101

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    He will never be noted as a runner but yes I think Dallas will run some roll outs just as they did with Vinny last year. Vinny also not noted for his running ability
  7. Hollywood Henderson

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    He will be fine, he has good quality players around him and won't have to try & make up for a D that easily gives up points this year.
  8. MichaelWinicki

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    No Nors.

    He had a monster half-season in 2002.

    That was until defenses started taking the deep pass away from him.

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    Morning Michael. How are you today?
  10. Charles

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    Very true

    Another blurb I got was about Bradie James. It appears he's got a Texas size chip on his shoulders. He's had even a better off-season than last year when Parcells heaped praise on him, but his improvement has been in the film room.........learning the scheme (or his role). Hopefully it can transfer onto the field.

    He was very celebral player at LSU, a team captain and almost a player/coach type player. Guys like Marcus Spears looked up to James at LSU Last years mental miscues were very embarassing.

    He's a guy I think is going to take that next step. He's going into year 3 in Parcells Hierachy
  11. TheSkaven

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    But in all fairness, when was the last time he had weapons like he will have this season? Julius Jones, Keyshawn Johnson, Terry Glenn, Jason Witten. A quarterback like Bledsoe isn't going to improvise like a McNabb or Culpepper. He needs ammunition for his gun, and IMHO he hasn't had it since 2002.

    And he really didn't tail off too much in 2002. The defense failed them on a few occasions and (if I remember correctly) he had one really bad game against New England.
  12. dargonking999

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    Wasnt Bledsoe the guy that carved up the NE secondary for like 30 something points, in the first game that 2002 season?
  13. Doomsday101

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    Thanfully the season is approching and Bledsoe play can speak for itself. If bad I have no doubt he will hear it just like any other QB to play in Dallas I just hope if he proves his critics wrong they will be willing to give him his just dues.
  14. austintodallas

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    I for one am glad Bedsoe is here. He is hungry to prove naysayers wrong. He is playing for a coach that believes in him. He will be an improvement over Testaverde.

    The offensive line will also be improved as will be our running back corps. We will have two healthy tight-ends and solid if not spectacular receivers.

    I will be shocked if our offense is not significantly more potent from the get go this year.
  15. kartr

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    Yeah, just about every year he starts off hot, then tails off in the second half, except last year, he started off slow and then picked up steam against the cream puffs. This year, our last 5 or 6 opponents are tuff against the pass, so that sounds like he'll tail off at the end of the season.
  16. dargonking999

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    no it sounds like will be running the ball all season, unlike Vinny we're not gonna be pass happy early on and tire out Bledsoe's arm.
  17. Doomsday101

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    A lot of that may depend on the defense. If we are struggling and falling behind in the game that will dictate more passing. I don't think Parcells envisioned having to pass as much as we did last year but had little choice in large part because our D could not keep teams out of the end zone
  18. Jarv

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    Don't worry, Henson will be the QB by then :)
  19. 2much2soon

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    Some of these comments sound eerily like the ones made about Vinny last year; best shape of his career, powerful lower body, wants to prove he can still play. Lets pray the similarities end there.
  20. dargonking999

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    Vinny played good early but them the defense made us pass happy, adn with JJ gone we really didnt wanna run anyways, and he got wore out by the end of the season, you could really tell when he threw a ball it just always floated to the target,

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