News: Todd Archer: Time for Allen to get tough

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Cowgal, May 20, 2004.

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    Todd Archer: Time for Allen to get tough
    03:53 PM CDT on Thursday, May 20, 2004

    IRVING - Larry Allen is back working out with his teammates.

    That's a good thing and a smart thing on Allen's behalf, especially now that it appears the offensive lineman will be with the Cowboys this season.

    The Cowboys asked Allen to stay away from the off-season conditioning program. They attempted to work out a trade for the seven-time Pro Bowler, but when Allen nixed a deal to Detroit there were no more options.

    Then came the meetings with owner and general manager Jerry Jones and coach Bill Parcells. Allen's agent, Marvin Demoff, has insisted that Allen has no qualms with Jones, and why should he considering how well Jones has compensated Allen?

    Left unsaid is how Allen feels about Parcells. When Parcells said there were other things Allen needed to take care of besides his conditioning, Allen said he had no idea what Parcells was talking about.

    Allen did not like the way Parcells chided him last year. Well, tough. Parcells chides everybody - Lawrence Taylor, Phil Simms, Drew Bledsoe ... and Allen. He was asked to change some of his workout habits and didn't or wouldn't. For the first time he had a coach stand up to him. Allen didn't like it.

    Some people believe you can't do that with a Hall of Fame player. You can't? Boston Celtics coach Red Auerbach once told Bill Russell, one of the most prolific champions in professional sports, that he would ride him harder than any other player because that's how his message would best be heard.

    Auerbach rode Russell and the Celtics won championships.

    That brings us back to the present. The Cowboys need Allen to be successful in 2004. He reportedly is in great shape, but how great of shape can he be in if he wasn't with his teammates earlier in the off-season? Players have a tendency to do more when they are around other players.

    Now that Allen is back, he will likely be pushed by peer pressure. He needs to be in much better shape to stay on the field in 2004. Last year, the Cowboys had no alternatives.

    But the team has re-signed Gennaro DiNapoli, who is mostly a center but can play guard if needed. DiNapoli will also benefit from a full training camp, something he didn't have last year. The team has also signed CFL refugee Tango McCauley to a five-year contract in hopes he can become a contributing player.

    They also drafted Stephen Peterman in the third round.

    Parcells has options to replace Allen, something he didn't have a year ago.

    Allen, even with his credentials and salary, needs to be in better condition. Or else he will hear it again from Parcells, whether he likes it or not.
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    Does anyone remember us signing Tango McCauley? I've never heard of him and we gave him a five year contract!
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    Yeah, I think he was signed like back in December or January. I think he's from Texas A&M.
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    That's one of the great benefits of having Parcells here as the head man. There is no Dave Campo or Chan Gailey to ramble on and on about how great a player is - even if said player isn't performing up to snuff. Just because he was once great...

    Big Bill lays it down for all to see. For the first time since his rookie year, Larry Allen was pushed last year. Pushed this time by a demanding head man who doesn't believe in blowing smoke in order to satisfy fragile egos.

    As good as Larry Allen might have been, reputation alone will not get it done here anymore. He's got to perform. No more Tour de Larry on the stationary bike at training camp while everyone else is working their ***** off. The man must be in shape, whether that means resorting to the clean and jerk, bench press, jump rope, Twister, Sit 'n Spin...whatever.

    Having said that, it's good to see him back in the fold at the Ranch working out with the team. I do believe he has something left and I believe that if Larry is in decent shape and in the right frame of mind, he could certainly be a important part of the offense this coming season.

    That is my hope anyway.
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    Thanks! I sure hope he lives up to his signing bonus.
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    lets hope allen steps it up.
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    One of the things that has not really been said about LA is that if he buys into the offseason programme, works his *** off - literally - in the gym and on the field, and shows an overall strong work ethic, it'll be of TREMENDOUS benefit to young linemen like Johnson, Gurode, Peterman, Lehr and Rogers. DiNapoli, Tango and Flo will also follow LA's lead, even if they are vets, especially DiNap and Tango, since they are not as familiar with the way we do things at Valley Ranch. It'll mean so much more than if the line coach, or even Parcells, brings down the hammer.
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    this is an excellent point. we almost need him to be the "woodson" of the offense. even though allen is not your typical outspoken leader he can still lead by example by working his tail end off and showing up for training camp in killer shape and ready to dominate.


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