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    LT has just had a great season. One of my favorite players of all time. I think he will end up being very high on the career totals, but he probably won't catch Emmitt for yards.

    After 6 seasons:
    26 years old
    2007 carries
    8956 yards
    4.46 yards per carry
    96 rushing TDs
    4 rushing titles
    1 MVP
    1 SB MVP
    3 Superbowl rings

    27 years old
    2051 carries
    9176 yards
    4.47 yards per carry
    100 rushing TDs
    1 rushing title
    1 probable MVP

    So LT has 220 yards after his first 6 seasons, but I think that the fact that he is one year older is what will keep LT from catching Emmitt. When Emmitt was 27, he had one played one more season and got his totals up to 10,160. That 7th season was a poor one by Emmitt's standars when he only had 1204 yards and average 3.68 yards per carry. Still it shows how a back can just slow down. I think LT has a few more really good seasons in him, but you just don't know how a back is going to last when they get near and over 30. Especially the way LT plays. He is very physical. I will be rooting for him to do well and I think he will make a good run at it. He is a TD machine and his 111 combined rushing/receiving TDs is more than Emmitt's 100 after 6 years.
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    Emitt had a line to run, LT never had the dominant line. Maybe this season, but he has a total of 1probowler so far. This year's C Hardwick (backup probowler), and its Hardwick's first time.

    Emitt is not that good, everyone knows except cowboy's fans
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    stupid post of the century

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    you are right....emmitt blows.....he should forget the HOF....hand over the rushing title to that quitter Barry Sanders.....all those TDs he scored should be given to someone else....Emmitt is the biggest joke to every play in the NFL....we Cowboy fans need to get our heads out of our butts and get with the program...we need to finally come to grips with the truth about Emmitt.....

    hey ble21.....why dont you lay down the bong and stop drinking the booze....cause it is jacking up ur brain.

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    It's not about age, it's mileage. How many seasons or carries has a back had, and his style of play. Take Barry for instance, he had 10 quality seasons and showed no signs of slowing down because he never took that many hard hits. His running style didn't really permit it.

    I agree that LT has a little more mileage on him at this point in their careers, but it's not because he's was a year older. It's because he's had 44 more carries, and although that doesn't seem like much, you never know which hits start to affect you permanently or not.
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    I think it is a little of both. Having more carries will probably wear a back down more than actual age, but there is some amount of influence time on any person.

    After 6 seasons, Emmitt had much more NFL mileage than LT. At this point, LT has 44 more regular season carries than Emmitt had. LT has only played in 1 playoff game and had 26 carries. He will get more this season. Emmitt played in 13 playoff games after his first 6 seasons and carried the ball 257 times.

    LT did play 4 years of college ball. That extra year of college ball does take a small toll on a back. Those are carries that Emmitt did not have since he left college early.
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    You're right, I forgot all about the playoffs. Good point.
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    Emmitt's record will be broken someday... most records are, after all... and when it is, I hope it is a player as classy and hard-working as Tomlinson.

    If he stays healthy he should have a good shot at it.
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    I think it's kind cool how Emmitt Smith was LT's idol growing up and how their careers are mirroring each other--especially when you look at total yards, TD's, and YPC after 6 seasons--and now the MVP award for LT.

    Hopefully LT will start to catch up on the Superbowl honors. ;)

    One thing I think LT has in his favor in his pursuit of some of Emmitt's career numbers is that Emmitt and the Cowboys peaked in his sixth season. The Chargers appear to be just now arriving and should be very solid for at least the next 3-4 years. So while Emmitt never put up more than 1400 yards after his best season LT appears to have at least a couple huge years left. Obviously he'll need good health and some good luck to get there though. He's still a long way away from Emmitt.
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    That's one of those records that requires such a commitment to the game it would have to be someone like LT. None of the me first punks would put up with that type of punishment.

    Let's not forget, teh record stood for over 20 years. LT's numbers look about the same as Emmitt's, and he's half way there. My train of thought has me believeing the first half would be the easier one.

    My hat is off to LT. What he did this year was simply amazing.

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