Tony Casillas wants to be a broker/Funny Story

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by THEHEREAFTER, Aug 2, 2005.


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    No big deal but I got a kick out of this. I work for the NASD (National Assn. of Securities Dealers) in Rockville, MD and I get a call from a Broker Dealer checking on a registration status and I see the name---- Individual Name: CASILLAS, TONY S-- and I'm like can't be. I see the DOB and a TX address which all made sense. I'm barely paying attention to the guy talking and I say to him; I think I know this guy.. and he's like that's because he used to play for the Cowboys...." etc... then he goes on to explain how he's seen his rings etc. and we start talkin' about the Boys upcoming season. Just gave me a boost. I guess there's life after football for these guys.
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    Good old Tony Casillas. I can't get the one picture out of my mind. When Barry Sanders made him look like a statue during that whipping the Lions put on us.

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