Tony Dorsett: Ring of Honor

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    :star: 33 - Tony Dorsett :star:
    1977 - 1987
    RB, Pittsburgh


    4 time Pro Bowl...1978, 81 - 83
    1 time All Pro...1981

    Inducted in Cowboys Ring of Honor 10/9/94
    Inducted in Pro Football Hall of Fame 7/30/94

    Link to Tony Dorsett's Ring of Honor page.

    Tony Dorsett arrived in Dallas in 1977 via a draft-day deal the Cowboys swung with the Seattle Seahawks for the sole intention of selecting the Heisman Trophy winner from the University of Pittsburgh. Then Cowboys president and General Manager Tex Schramm paid what seemed like a bundle for the right to draft Dorsett: One first-round, and three second-round choices.

    As his 11-career turned out in Dallas, a steal of a deal for an eventual Pro Football Hall of Fame player.

    The Dorsett deal paid dividends in his very first year with the Cowboys, the four-time All-American picking up where he left off in college, rushing for 1,007 yards to earn NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year honors and set the rushing bar for rookie running backs in Dallas.

    "A lot of the people said I wouldn't last in this league," Dorsett said in 1987. "I was the skinny little kid from Aliquippa, Pa., who wasn't supposed to make it."

    Dorsett did make it, in fact he became one of the greatest running backs in NFL history. On Sept. 26, 1988 while playing his final NFL season with the Denver Broncos, Dorsett moved into second place on the NFL all-time rushing list with 12,306 rushing yards, and eventually finished his career with 12,739 yards. At the time, Dorsett trailed only Walter Payton when he retired after suffering a knee injury the following summer, but now ranks fifth behind Payton, Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders and Eric Dickerson.

    By the time Dorsett completed his 12-year career, he had collected a victory in Super Bowl XII, four Pro Bowl selections, one All-Pro honor and three All-NFC selections.

    One of the most notable moments of Dorsett's career came on Jan. 2, 1983, before a Monday Night Football television audience playing against the Minnesota Vikings. Dorsett received a handoff from quarterback Danny White and proceeded to run 99-yards for a touchdown, thus recording an unbreakable NFL record. Dorsett's greatest season came in 1981 when he rushed for 1,646 yards, a franchise record at the time, a total that now ranks third to only Emmitt Smith's two, 1700-yard seasons.

    "When he came to us, we hadn't had a strong running attack for about three years," Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach once said. "Tony Dorsett is one of the greatest backs in NFL history."

    Dorsett was the Heisman Trophy winner in 1976 and was the first Pitt football player to have his jersey retired. Dorsett left Pitt as a four-time All-American and four-time 1,000-yard rusher. His final collegiate highlight was a 27-3 victory over Georgia in the Sugar Bowl to claim the national title.

    In 1994 Dorsett became the ninth Cowboys player inducted into the Ring of Honor, and that same year he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    Born April 7, 1954, in Rochester, Pa.

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    Great great great RB...

    Had acceleration that was beyond description.

    Landry always spoke of how he was a much better north/south RB than east/west...which is pretty amazing when you consider he weighed about 190.

    He had a very unique style...kinda hunch shouldered...

    But the thing I remember most was how smooth he was...
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    Geat move by the Cowboys moving up to grab a RB of TD caliber. It cost us but was well worth it.
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    but now ranks fifth behind Payton, Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders and Eric Dickerson.

    Shouldn't that be behind Smith, Payton, sanders and Dickerson?
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    Also one year I went to a preseason game against the steelers. First game live in Texas stadium in like 86 I think. The boys were at the 20 (our 20) and right infront of me. Dorsett got the hand off, ran into a pile, everyone in the stands stood up, Dorsett disappeared. The crowd sat down, Dorsett popped out of the pack and blew down the field. Dont remember if he ran all the way or was caught, but that play I remember vividly cause as I was about to sit down also, he pops out and everyone just jumped up and cheered. It was awesome.
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    That toss sweep was a thing of beauty.
  7. Ashwynn

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    He had a way about him, few pple ever got a clean hit off on him. He could twist and deflect the majority of the blow if not make you miss altogether. He was a special back for sure. :bow:
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    He and Randy White were my first favorite players. I didn't catch this because it was a bit before my time, but when you hear about his college career I got a kick out of Notre Dame trying to grow the grass to US Open rough levels in order to slow Tony down and he had like 175 yards in the first 3 quarters. Then there was the record he broke against Navy and Navy saluted him for his great achievement.

    When we played football growing up as kids, all of us wanted to be Tony Dorsett with the ball.

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    Enough say :bow:

    The best thing I remember of him was watching live the TD run against The Vikings, what a run.
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    Hotel bathroom....Detroit, Michigan.

    I walked up to a urinal and halfway through my business noticed the guy next to me was Tony.

    "Hey, you're Tony Dorsett" ..........extending my hand for a handshake.:banghead:

    "Uh Huh," he dead panned as he turned and walked away.:eek::
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    toss sweeps and screen plays ran the way they should be run.
    also and ive said it before...TD ran a LOT harder than he was
    ever given credit for, and his accelaration was beautiful to see.
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    my favorite cowboy, remember watching the 99 yard run against the vikings at my moms house and trying not to scream and wake her up. Used to love that screen pass with him,like a long toss play, just get it to him and get outta the way!

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