Tony Dungy: Problem not Jerry Jones being GM, it's picking a course, staying with it

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Feb 27, 2014.

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    Has Tony Dungy ever said a bad thing about anyone ever?
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    I'm on a fairly lonely island of people who don't regard Dungy's opinions very highly, but I think he's exactly right here. The window with the QB is small. We've dithered back and forth on defense under Garrett and should not have. We've got the system and the coaches to make it work now, but we need to bring in exactly the right players. It can be done, but not with the miscues we've had here in recent seasons, and Jerry needs to sit tight, continue to come out and get some attention periodically, but just let his coaches coach and his scouts scout and keep that checkbook handy.

    I'd rather see us demonstrate consistency at 8-8 than more turmoil trying to get to 12-4, honestly. Bad organizations are always in turmoil. Good ones get a plan that works and stick with it. The jury's out on our plan, but this is about as much consistency as you're going to see under Jerry Jones. We've got a young coach who people who know regard highly. And upside down cap we're trying to get right, and our scouting and drafting process appears to have improved. Just stay the course until and unless we're backsliding in the process. Slow and steady is major improvement when you've got a temperamental egomaniac with an urge to 'fix' things every offseason roaming your sideline looking for attention.
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    I agree that we are in search of an identity. I think we're a good draft away from a shot at establishing one.
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    He's not a fan of Romo, fwtw.
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    The #1 job of every GM is deciding on a course.

    So the premise is flawed from the very beginning.
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    I think it is hard to say we have not tried to stay on course. Heck Dallas went to the 3-4 in 2004 and only changed to the 4-3 last year. He has stuck with Garrett despite the outcry. When Dallas was running the 4-3 in 2003 people wanted the 3-4 and now 9 years later that Dallas has tried to go back to the 4-3 we have some now hollering we need to stay with the 3-4. If anything many of our fans have complained because they have stayed the course.
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    Yeah... Every now and then, he'll throw him a bone, but he's consistently pretty critical of Romo even when it's not warranted.
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    This is all true. I think we've seen by now that fans complain about anything and everything when a team is not winning enough, and they don't discriminate or pay all that much attention to the things that are really causing a team to get beat.

    I do wish we'd been more consistent re: what we were going to do defensively under Garrett. We false-started with Rob Ryan for whatever reason, and last season was a disaster. But I do agree that staying the course now that we've set it makes the most sense.
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    Uh, Tony...the GM sets the course.

    Having said that, when your GM offers nothing in the way of personnel expertise and a vision for a winning football team, you have yourself a problem.

    Add in undermining his coaches and your team is fatally flawed. They can not win that way. So you get what you've got in Dallas the last two decades.
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    I said when we changed from the 4-3 to the 3-4 and now back to the 4-3, I don't care what you run you have to go out and execute it. I don't think rolling 20 guys in and out through out the season on the DL was a big help but it is the boat we found ourself in. When the season started they fully expected a lineup of Ware, Hatcher, Ratliff and Spencer. What we got was Ware coming out like gangbuster but getting hurt and not playing good ball. Hatcher who seems to fair well in this defense and Spencer, Ratliff who were out. After that it was guys who had washed out, sitting at home or on a PS. You just not going to win many games when the guys up front can't get pressure and can't stop the run. Only good thing that came out of this was finding Selvie whom I think will be a big help in setting a rotation
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    To say nothing of vanilla.

    It reminds me of the Parcells style of 3-4 defense, fundamentally sound, but creatively stagnant.

    Opponents know where our chess pieces will be before we move them.
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    This goes hand in hand. We don't have any direction and can't stay on course because of our GM. That's like saying it's not the GM's fault, it's just we have bad drafts and poor free agent signings. Well guess who is in charge of that?

    This will be our 3rd defensive coordinator in 3 years and our 3rd OC in 3 years (if you want to believe Bill called plays last year). That's just throwing darts at the wall and hoping something sticks and works out one year.
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    If you have read The Power of Habits by Charles Duhill, this is so much like Tony Dungy. That book is how 40-70% of what we do daily is on auto-pilot - habit. Habits are done quicker and without your head exploding - remember when you first drove a car? It went into how Dungy changed bad habits into good ones and had a smaller play book that were simply executed quicker than opponents. So his theme of pick something, stay with it and doing it well is very much like him.
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    I was going to post the same thing. The General Manager is the one who sets the tone for the franchise.
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    Captain Jerry Jones: Mr. Data, set a course for Earth! 2-2-7 Mark 3-5-9 and engage at warp 7!
    Mr. Data: But Captain, those coordinates will take us to the Romulan Neutral Zone, not Earth...
    Captain Jerry Jones: ENGAGE!
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    So let me see if I have this right.

    Nothing wrong with Jerry the GM.

    Problem is the GM/President cannot pick a course and stay on it.

    Does that cover it?

    So let's dissect this.

    Tony Dungy:

    1. "I see a team kind of in, I don't want to say turmoil, but they're trying to find their identity." So, we are beginning the eighth year of Romo, and we have no identity. Whose job is it to find and develop that identity?

    2. "Unfortunately, that shouldn't happen this far along in the regime." I think this is my point here about finding the identity. This team is long in the tooth for searching for an identity since this is all predicated on Romo.

    3. "They've changed from Rob Ryan and a 3-4 blitzing team, man-to-man coverage to now a 4-3 zone defensive team with totally different principles. You need totally different types of players to play that way. They're gonna be fine on defense. Rod Marinelli, Monte Kiffin ... they coached with me. They're great coaches, they'll get it going, but it's going to take a while." Again, bouncing all over the planet trying to find the right road to a play-off win. This is not any coach recommending this. This is a GM/President that doesn't understand the fundamentals of building a franchise to win. No philosophy, so anything he hears sounds logical, and changing horses in the middle of the stream equates to him not allowing the philosophy to develop. The one thing about Jimmy is certain. Regardless of the cap or Plan B free agency or whatever, he had a tried and true philosophy he stuck with because Jimmy understood the meaning and importance of consistency.

    4. "You've got Tony Romo, you're building the team around him, a 30-plus year old quarterback. You've gotta make it happen pretty quick. They've got some really talented young offensive players. The window there for them to operate with Romo is small. They've gotta make this transition on defense very fast. It can be done, but it's going to take some time." So, to reiterate, regardless of what Jerry Jones seems to think about he alone having the license on the window being open or closed, here is an experienced coach stating the obvious. Romo is the eye of the storm. The team goes where Romo takes them. The window is small and closing. And the people running the team need to understand they do not have the time to keep changing defensive philosophies, or offensive philosophies at a whim. This goes back to having a central plan and executing it. No plan, or a fan's view of the plan that means changing at the first sight of conflict, and you have added time to prepare and get up to speed to a window that is rapidly closing. Preparation prevent piss poor performance. Consistency is the hallmark of being prepared.

    5. "This draft and signing the players and figuring out who to keep in free agency ... do you keep DeMarcus Ware, do you keep Hatcher? Do you get some of these other players who are available on the market? Those are decisions that are going to impact them. And, frankly, they've got some work to do to catch San Francisco and Seattle. Those are the two dominant teams in the NFC. Dallas is not on that level yet. They can be, but it's going to take a little bit." So the real issue is improving the talent, staying consistent with a philosophy, and waiting until you harvest the success patience and a concordant plan inspires.

    Now having said all that, does anyone really believe any coach, scout, or anyone working for this franchise has the gravitas and responsibility to make the changes we see and address and influence the inconsistency Dungy speaks about?

    Or does that responsibility lie with the one person who is the arbiter of all disputes and the final word on all decisions about this franchise? The one person who claims he is the one who decides all things.

    Dungy always impressed me as a gentleman. So I don't believe he would ever be harsh.

    I think he is wrong if he thinks Jones is not the sole individual who flits from one thing to the next by what he sees other teams do, and the people who whisper in his ear. The reason the team is where it is is Jerry Jones.

    But then you knew that, right? Regardless of the continued posts trying to assuage the piss poor performance, lack of consistency, and general rudderless direction this franchise has been in during the eighteen year free fall, you see and understand where the responsibility lies.


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