News: Tony Dungy says 'Boys are two drafts from having right personnel for Kiffin's system

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 11, 2013.

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    Th team can not pay Spencer to be a 4-3 SDE. It would be a huge luxury they can't afford.

    As to the rest....

    Dan Connor is gone. They can't pay him his 3m base in 2013. He isn;t a godo enough player and they don't have the money.

    The current lineup is probably:

    SDE: Crawford, Butler(Nickle Pass Rusher)//Lissemore could play out here in a pinch or on the goal line.
    1TechDT: Ratliff, Spears
    3TechDT: Hatcher, Lissemore
    WDE: Ware, Butler

    Sam: Albright, Wilber
    Mike: Lee/Carter
    Will: Carter/Lee

    We'd like t keep Sims here as a back up to those 2 but he is an expensive piece. We really do not have the current LBs to keep around.

    CB1: Carr
    CB2: Mo
    FS: None
    SS: Church

    Maybe Matt Johnson can help but he is a mod-round pick with zero NFL experience who hasn't done a thing yet so basically he is like a 5th round pick next year.... a long shot.

    The issue for Dallas will be depth and paying to keep the pieces above.

    They'd probably be better off trading Ware and keeping as the new WDE Spencer though the cap really won't allow it.
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    That's complete garbage.

    Mike Singletary played a huge role in turning that franchise around. He got the boot because teams grows impatient but Harbaugh stepped into a lot of NFL talent on that team. Half the guys everyone fawns over were drafted before Harbaugh ever took the job. He simply continued the work Singletary started and added even more talent every off-season.

    He's done a good job to be sure. But he didn't take over a crap team.

    Dallas isn't a crap team but it needs a severe makeover and we have no cap room. It will be extremely tough to even reach 8 wins next year with this same group unless we get miraculous health and/or have a draft for the ages.
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    Your nuts, JG is here for a long time
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    bull , harbaugh just brought together what was already there
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    He was misinformed, imo.
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    Kiffin is a smart guy and at his age I am pretty sure he is not looking 2 years down the road. No way he takes this job on if he doesnt see most the talent already in place with the rest easily filled in this off season.

    I do not care what Dungy says. He is not a football coach these days. last I checked he is a TV personality earning his money entertainging people however he can.

    Football coaches entertain by winning football games
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    Dungy doesn't come across as a guy that knows the personnel on the Cowboys.
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    LOL. You guys crack me up.

    Tony Dungy was a defensive player, then coach, then system architect.
    He knows our personnel a heck of a lot more than Monte Kiffin does. Kiffin has been recruiting and coaching collegiate players for 4 years. We hired him a couple weeks after the final Bowl game he coached in.

    Kiffin is a good defensive mind. Certainly one of the best of the past 25 years. The problem is he is 5 years removed from any NFL coaching and wasn't really that sharp at USC.

    Kiffin took this job because he wanted to get hired and quickly. Was a 72 year old really going to sit around for 2 years waiting on a perfect opportunity? Of course he took the gig.

    We "may" be better on defense next year. With the injuries we piled up it's not hard to imagine being stronger. But it is also fairly silly to presume we'll be running anywhere near Kiffin's best defenses until he has a couple drafts to land players he considers important.

    If Kiffin can turn this defense around over the next 3 seasons and we win a Super Bowl it may well turn out to be as good of a hire as Lacewell stated it was. But there is tremendous risk that next year goes sour and we are looking at an entirely new coaching staff.

    It is very reasonable to expect we'll find a few guys who actually play better for us in the 4-3. But it is just as reasonable to expect we'll find a few who are not as good as they have been in the 3-4... especially since we have drafted for the 3-4 the past decade.
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    a few things where I strongly disagree.
    Kiffin without doubt know Dallas personel better than Dungy.
    If you think Kiffin did not do all his homework than I have to LOL. Kiffin at his age did not have to work again. He could have retired.
    Dungy has 31 teams to look at Kiffin had one.
    I do not pretend that I think Dungy is an idiot. I am just saying Dungy no way on earth can take the time to study the film or talk with as many as kiffin could have to find all the available information. as a matter of fact its deep into the playoffs so if Dungy is doing his job he isnt studying the Cowboys he has been studying the playoff teams.

    I am not sure who built the Tampa Defense . Who gets the credit. I do know in philly Andy Reid wasnt the same when Jim johnson left.

    Also I am not a fan of the Tampa 2 . I just know that Kiffin know what he is doing he ran that defense effectivly long enough. dont you think
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    We did play 3 games this season on NBC, so Dungy should have done at least some filmwork with us on 3 separate occasions this season. I agree that's probably not the same as what Kiffin has done in preparation for this job, but I would be surprised if a guy like Dungy didn't do his homework before those games too.

    There are few people as qualified as Kiffin to comment on the Cover 2, but considering that Dungy not only coached the Cover 2 he actually played the original in Pittsburgh, he is probably one of them.

    I think he probably missed Lee due to injury and Carter was only on the field for a limited time, but most of the rest of our defense are pretty veteran guys who have been around long enough for Dungy to have a good idea what they are and how they fit.

    Finally, Kiffin has a motive to say he thinks he can turn it around right away - he wants a job. If he says Dallas is 2 or 3 drafts away maybe Jerry says too long and no thanks to the whole switch. Dungy is just doing his job, commenting on what he thinks.
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