News: Tony Dungy talks Cowboys transition to Kiffin's scheme and Marinelli hiring

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    Dungy: Cowboys will need time to adjust to Kiffin's defensive scheme but "it'll be good" when they do

    _ Jimmy Burch

    Former NFL coach Tony Dungy said new Cowboys’ defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin with “bring some energy and enthusiasm and accountability” to the team. But he cautioned Cowboys’ fans not to expect an immediate defensive turnaround under Kiffin.

    “It’ll take a while for those guys to really understand what he’s saying. But when they do, it’ll be good,”

    Dungy reflected on his early struggles in Tampa Bay, with Kiffin on his staff, as that team sought to implement the “Tampa 2” scheme.

    “We didn’t come into the Cowboys’ (personnel) situation. They’ve got a little bit more cohesiveness and talent (in Dallas) than we had our first year there,” Dungy said of his first season in Tampa. “It took us about nine weeks before we even got the hang of it in Tampa. We were 1-8 and not hitting on all cylinders. But the guys stuck with it and grew into it. And that became a very, very good defensive team.”

    Dungy: Kiffin wants to add Marinelli to Cowboys' staff and move would help team but is not done yet

    _ Jimmy Burch

    Dungy said a Marinelli addition would be a boon to the Cowboys in helping players grasp the “Tampa 2” scheme Kiffin is expected to implement.

    “The big part of playing the defense this way is getting people who really, really believe in it. Because you have to sell it. You have to sell it to your group. And when you have other people that believe, that makes it easier,” Dungy said, citing Marinelli as a big believe in the Kiffin’s scheme. “That’s critical. I think if Monte could get Rod, it would be a big step toward that. Toward getting another guy who really believes in that way of doing it and selling it to the players.”

    In today’s talk with Kiffin, Dungy said the two discussed “things we talked about 15 years ago” when they were getting started together in Tampa.

    “He was at work and talking about … doing things the right way, hustling, being perfect as much as you can be,” Dungy said. “And I think that’s what he’ll bring, more than anything. Everyone’s talking about ‘Tampa 2.’ It’s not what you do. It’s how you do it and I think that’s where he’s going to help.”

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    Hopefully, we get some of the defensive guys in early and they start to learn the scheme before mandatory gatherings hear Lee is anxious to get started so I hope he and Carter decide to get started early. Then, perhaps Marinelli can get some of the DL to come in early...I know the coaches can't actually WORK them in designed practices, but the more eyes see the plan early, the better off the defense is going to be.
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    A bit of revisionism by Tony Dungy, the team struggled early because they had one of the worst offenses in the league... The defense was 8th in points in the first year in the system.
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    Yeah, Dungy was always Parcells without the ingenuity on offense. He kept that awful Shula guy as OC for years, then had serial OCs. Going to the Colts, he lucked in to a situation where he had a franchise QB in place, and an OC that he trusted, so he let them go to it.

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