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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xvendettax914, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. xvendettax914

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    So, this is just a wild thought i had while listening to Talkin Cowboys today.. The group brought up a topic about Tony Romo re-signing in Dallas, the question was if he sees whats going on here, as far as the O-line and the frustrations, and questions concerning that, would he think, maybe i should look elsewhere and see if something opens up. My wild thought was, we see whats happening in San Fran with the 2 qb situation, and its certainly food for thought that Colin Kaepernick has taken Alex Smiths job, all this hypothetical of course, but, if Smith were to bolt from San Fran look for a job elsewhere, which frankly, he just might after the way hes been handled, and Kaepernick happens to struggle and not turn out to be what hes thought to be, do you believe that San Fran could scoop tony up? I hear often about that West coast offense, and a coach that could really put reigns on players, and a defense that can take over even if a qb were to struggle, i just kinda wondered what you all thought of this wild (unlikely) idea? sometimes its fun to ponder hypothetical wild things!
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    no. Kaepernick is the Niners QB.
  3. xvendettax914

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    Hes started 2 games.. guess thats enough huh..
  4. FiveRings

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    He's their first rounder, they're not gonna be so quick to dump him, after all they gave Alex Smith just about ten years
  5. xvendettax914

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    They are also so close to crossing the plane to championship, sometimes that can put a different urgency in a club, coach, owner and GM
  6. Howardlittleton64

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    Second round pick, Smith was a first round pick and he has only been in the league as long as Rodgers.
  7. rags747

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    Tony is not going anywhere, will sign a long term deal and close out his years with the Boys. He sticks around and he will be in the ROH and if he can get a ring he will own Dallas.
  8. TheFinisher

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    The #1 thing Harbaugh demands from his QB is to protect the football and manage the game well, I'm not so sure he would want an old gunslinger like Romo. That high risk/high reward style of play is not for every coach.
  9. xvendettax914

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    I agree with the gunslinger thing, but hes also starting his hybrid qb over his game manager. So im not sure hes set in that seat quite yet.
  10. IAmLegend

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    Kaepernick is the the 49ers starting QB and will be next year. And Tony Romo will re-sign with Dallas, you can book it.
  11. KB1122

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    What kind of dumb team would want to sign a 34-year-old quarterback to a five-year deal when he just led the league in interceptions?

    Oh, that's right.
  12. xvendettax914

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    Im pretty confident philip rivers will reclaim his throne by seasons end..
  13. Venger

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    1) Don't be so sure, I see alot of anywherebuthere in Tony's eyes on gameday.

    2) If things end as they are now, Tony is absolutely not in the Ring of Honor

    3) If he can get a ring? This team can't scrape up a regular post season appearance, much less a ring. Playoffs?
  14. Gameover

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    The Cowboys are stuck with this bum...
  15. Dallas

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    Omg only here.

    Screenshotted this thread to show my office tomorrow. Thanks
  16. big dog cowboy

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  17. xvendettax914

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    Was meant as a fun hypothetical discussion on a forum loaded with tons of such threads.. But no, thank YOU for sharing with your friends. And yeah, only here..
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    I agree that we need to start looking for the quarterback of the future but Tony isn't the problem. Shore up the OL and he makes less mistakes.

    I mean the guys under pressure on almost every freakin' snap, he's gonna make mistakes being pressured like that. I'm not saying Tony is perfect just that a lot of his ints are not his fault or he was just trying to make a good play out of a bad one.

    There's other reasoning behind some of those ints, like receivers running the wrong routes for example.
  19. ufcrules1

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    I keep hearing "Tony isn't the problem". He isn't "the" problem but he plays a roll in the problems on offense. The dude leads the league in interceptions and I have seen him fumble the ball like 4 times in our own redzone. He isn't even smart enough to take a sack in our redzone and protect the ball so we get guaranteed points. He is also not a leader on the team. He is always sulking on the sidelines and doesn't look like he even wants to be out there. It's time to look for our future QB. If we resign Romo to a multi-year deal, prepare to have continued failures from the offense and no playoffs/superbowl.

    Oh, and SF wants NOTHING to do with turnover prone Tony Romo. They have a guy who can pass and run and is electrifying right now. Someone with confidence in himself. KC, Buffalo, Jac, and Arizona are the only teams I can see that would have interest in Romo.
  20. LittleD

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    Hurry... Let's get Tony on the market and get a bidding war started. Would love a #1 for him but probably could only get a #2. Ware might fetch a #1 so we should be able to parlay that into a nice QB for the future...

    OK, I lost my head for a second. Jerry is only interested in free agents for QB just like linemen and safeties... Of course, he could see himself investing a 2nd or 3rd for another QC.

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