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    One might make the claim that Payton as the head coach has the same reasons that Romo resigning have to not be in Dallas.

    Payton has to give up a better quarterback, but will take less money staying there.

    Romo will stay in an organization that is dysfunctional and may have to take less money to do so.

    A team on the verge that sees the mechanics of Romo are solid, and his play making ability is still sharp could take a flyer on him to win it all if he were a free agent.

    The decision process for both of those men would be similar.

    Go with Dallas and deal with Jones.

    Go with someone else and have a shot.

    In Payton's case it's New Orleans In Romo's case it could be someone else.

    I'd be reluctant to suggest Romo will be here definitely.

    Then the real meltdown would commence when people find out the only reason this team is competitive now is because of Romo.
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    The reason they made the substitution is Smith was reluctant to throw down field and this limited the offense.

    It's about winning. Even though you wouldn't know that around Valley Ranch.
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    There is very little loyalty and honor in Football..Moslty Sacrifice!.

    The only thing that matters in this league is winning. And if Harbaugh believes Kaepernich gives his team a better chance to win that is what hes going to do. It has nothing to very little to do with being bias. Truth is people lose their jobs if their replacement does a better job than them.
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    Bingo! Well, except in Dallas.
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    Not sure I agree. I think Payton would come here in a heartbeat, he knows what Jerry is and being on Jerry's good side by winning would bring untold fortunes to Payton. Jerry is not cheap as long as he gets what he wants + working with the Jones boys is probably a pretty fun time...definitely not a stuck up holier than thou working enviornment.
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    id take romo everyday and twice on sunday over a guy whos not that good and somebody not even close to being proven
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    I understand how someone could be teed off about Smith losing his job. He was driving the bus there very well...very efficiently. Actually, he had grown beyond just a bus driver and into a solid QB.

    I just thought the racial stuff was funny that's all. It's so far off base, I truly thought you were joking.
    No need to blow a gasket with the giant caps...I understand your gripe.
    But I very seriously doubt Harbaugh would be putting Kaepernick ahead of Rodgers or Brady, in other words.

    And as far as loyalty goes. I can't think of a team that has been more patient and loyal to a player in recent years than SF has been with Smith.
    He was not good before Harbaugh got there. In part due to not having the restocked line they have now nor the better weapons.
    Up until recently, he had been considered a giant 1st round bust. So using his draft pedigree almost backfires in this case. Face it, they chose him over Aaron Rodgers. wow.

    Also, they thought he was not spreading the field enough. Kaepernick has far greater arm strength and it is showing up in a big way so far. That does not mean he's the better QB though.

    In the end, Smith may very well be the QB in SF come playoff time.
    Let's see how Kaepernick does down the stretch.
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    Well said!

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