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    Cowboys QB knows the score

    By Jennifer Floyd Engel

    Star-Telegram Staff Writer

    McKINNEY - The scoreboard for Monday's Byron Nelson Championship Open Qualifying Tournament was littered with names only a mother would recognize.

    They swore six of them belong to honest-to-goodness PGA Tour players but, aside from maybe Trip Kuehne, none really rung a bell.

    The only bell-ringing name was Tony Romo.

    Yes, that Tony Romo.

    His name recognition comes from being the third-string quarterback for the Cowboys last season, but he was among the 105 golfers at Dallas Stars Country Club on Monday simply trying to play their way into one of the two open spots for the Nelson.

    "I don't think I'll be at the Nelson," Romo deadpanned, after watching one of his tee shots sail into the rough en route to a humbling 9-over par 81.

    "Well, I think I shot an 81 or something like that," Romo said. "I do not think I will be competing in the Nelson."

    The key word, for Romo, is competition.

    Don't get him wrong. He likes golf. He's pretty good, too, a scratch golfer most days. What drags him to the links during the off-season, though, is he needs his fix of competition. He is one of those guys who loves to compete, which is good, because he is also one of those guys who can count. And one Drew Henson, plus one Chad Hutchinson, plus one Quincy Carter, plus probably one Vinny Testaverde equals too many quarterbacks. Not that Romo sounds like he is too worried.

    "The thing about that is you almost have to just put all of that on the backburner and say 'If I'm good enough, not only will I be here but, if I'm good enough, one day I'll play,' " said Romo, who has added five pounds and much-needed strength in the off-season conditioning program. "You are competing with everybody but, at the same point, you are competing with yourself trying to get good. If I am not good enough, I won't be around very long and, if I am good enough, then that will show."

    That is another reason Romo loves golf: It is exactly the same way. Either you are good enough or you aren't.

    You can blame your clubs and, as evidenced by the clubs that were seen flying Monday, some people did. Or you can blame it on the weather and, as evidenced by the caustic remarks about the Texas wind at the scoring tent, a few did. Or you can blame the day for just not being "your" day and, as evidenced by the plethora of WDs on the scoreboard, a lot of golfers had those days.

    Romo could have blamed all of those things. He chose to blame himself.

    "I'm not good enough to compete on a daily basis with these guys," Romo said. "That's why it's nice for a one-day competition to come out and see if you could do good."

    It was also a good reminder to keep his day job. If possible.

    On No. 1, which was really No. 10 for Romo since he played the back nine first, he watched his ball sail into knee-high, wheat-looking rough. Looking like Cowboys coach Bill Parcells after a play goes absurdly wrong, Romo had his hands on his hips as he stomped around after it. He did so alone at first, until slowly, the other seven people in their traveling party joined him and the ball was finally found.

    And what does Parcells think of his spending a day trying to qualify for the Nelson?

    "I didn't exactly get permission or anything," Romo said. "I did not ask him, but he knew and he didn't dissuade me in any way."

    Romo and Parcells, an avid golfer himself, have hit balls together at the driving range. They hit and talk and do what golfers usually do, which is wish they could play more. In fact, many of the players at the qualifying tournament were talking about going to hit balls after they had finished the 18 holes.

    Not Romo.

    "I," he said, "am going to lift."


    This is one of the reasons I think Tony Romo will never be put on PS. He will not be there for than day or will clear the waivers.

    He might be undrafted FA, but from all that I have read about him, seems like you cannot rule out the guy with a shot at starting job. If not this year but next year.

    Also seem like BP type of guy. I.e. doesn't care about competition but more about what he can do.
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    Thanks. I have never seen Romo play (I missed him when he played in preseason last year), and I haven't seen him interviewed in person. Although, I come away impressed everytime I read quotes from him. Put me down as a fan. I have no idea if he can play, but I have a feeling he will find his way on the roster this year....even if we pick up a veteran.
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    What? No update on the ladies like in his journal? I'm disappointed. :rolleyes:
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    I have a feeling we aren't keeping 4 quarterbacks on our roster :(

    Romo will be behind Quincy Carter, Testaveteran, and Drew Henson. Perhaps he'll stick around for our practice squad, but I think he'll be picked up. Maybe we'll won't get Testaveteran, but who really knows. Looks like we are, at the moment.

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