News: Tony Romo at Valley Ranch this AM on who'll step up in the vacated role of WR

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Tony Romo at Valley Ranch this AM on who'll step up in the vacated role of last season's favorite red zone target, Laurent Robinson. "Laurent had a great season last year. He did a lot of good stuff. He had a knack for continuing to move as the play broke down. He understood the timing that I wanted to see and he was able to do that really well. We're going to have a battle for that position obviously and the guys have already started competing at this point and are trying to get better and are trying to be that guy. I'm anxious to see. We've got a couple of guys who I think are going to have a chance to step up and do similar type things and I'm excited for that opportunity. I think the potential is there for a couple of guys to go in and grab that spot. It's just a matter of who is going to work their butt off and put themselves in that position. I think some guys have started that."
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    Love seeing the positive outlook and faith in his teammates
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    Romo was high on Austin a year before Austin got his big chance to start. I'm hoping he's seeing 1-2 young WRs who showing same kind of Austin talent. Heck the Saints a few years ago drafted a WR from a very small college in the 7th round; that player was Colston who went on in his rookie season to show just how really good he could be.
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    Love it!
    Let the battle begin.

    I look forward to a healthy Austin and Bryant as well.
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    I love the talk I'm hearing on Holmes and Radway. And there's always the chance someone will come out of the blue.

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