Tony Romo Speaks Out About Jessica's Dad

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by tmckee, Jun 13, 2008.

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    Speaking for the first time about reports that Joe Simpson was interfering with his relationship with Jessica Simpson and his business affairs – and that his parents did not approve of or get along with the Simpson family – Tony Romo released a statement to PEOPLE saying, "It's all laughable.”

    Romo, 28, and Simpson, 27, – who spent the past couple of days in Dallas (where they recently had a romantic dinner date), and boarded a plane for a weekend on the West Coast – have been dogged by rumors that her father has been meddling in their nearly seven-month-old courtship.

    In his statement, Romo insisted that characterization is "so far from the truth."

    A source also confirmed that Romo's father, Ramiro, went to the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Ga., with Joe Simpson earlier this year and "had a great time."
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    I love Romo, but I wish he would dish that tramp! He needs to find someone that is not so "in the spotlight"...someone that does not have the baggage that that skank has...

    Come on, Romo!

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    Are you getting Simpson mixed up with Brittany Spears? I've only heard good things about JS when it comes to what type of person she is. Word's like tramp and skank are out of line. I'm not talking about IQ or anything, just heart...most say she is actually a good person.

    I do agree, It'd be nice if Romo dated a non-celeb.
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    Yeah, maybe I'm too harsh on JS. But, she does not inspire me in any sort of way...not even in her looks or her songs. (however, Romo sees something in her)...

    Aikman did not marry someone like her, same for Staubach.

    Find a girl that you can trust, love, someone that does not already have all that baggage from being "a Star". Her spotlight will/could eventually bring Tony's already happining, otherwise you, I, and the other million people would not be talking about it.


    Besides, she really phugly...take off all that cement from her face and she's YUCK!

    Oh well, not my problem, I just want my QB focused! You do know that she made the Cowboys lose a game or two, right?


    Anyway, I hope it works out...I just don't like her! Something "fishy" going on...
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    Dude. She's hot. :)
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    Quotes like that one right there put the lie to the statement, "she is a good person".

    You only get the "hot " word when your morals allow you to take your clothes off and flaunt your body. That is what brings Tony's IQ rating down to zero!!!! Why would he want to share a woman with half the men of the world who has oggled her.
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    That's what I'm talking about!! If Romo was not the QB of the Cowboys and was delivering pizza?

    The girl would not even look his way...

    Beauty is skin deep...but, ugly is too the bone!


    She has baggage...she made the Cowboys lose two games!
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    She inspires certain parts of me. :eek:
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    Before heading to Nashville for the CMA Music Festival, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo had a romantic lunch at SushiSamba in Dallas. The couple – who feasted on edamame, salmon ceviche, sushi rolls, Chilean sea bass (for him) and chicken teriyaki (for her) – held hands and snuggled in a banquette. At one point, the singer even rested her head affectionately on her football-player beau's lap.

    Check please! Oooooh pleeeeeease!
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    She wouldn't look at him even tho he tried, before he signed his contract.
    Everyone knows this.
    Does she think we are all as dumb as she is?
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    True they were introduced in Louisiana about a year ago. Witten was there and said Jessica didn't pay him any attention. Of course, this was before he signed his contract.
    I agree that she's bringing his image down. Most talk is about his being a celebrity, not a quarterback. But he's a big boy and this must be what he wants. IMO, he could do better. Right now, I'm think she could too. lol.
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    Lets see how many other women do we have out there in playboy etc that have pretty much done the same thing that have succesfull marriages relationships etc. A whole lot of them too many to mention & be truthful here about the money. Jessica has her fair share also. Why can Tony protect his but Jess not hers & be skeptical of who she dates. Whats good for one has to be good for the other right??

    Shame we have the same diehards that want to keep the pressure on for Tony to ditch the girl because it is what they want & what they think is best for Tony. Far be it Tony can't make his own decisions. It must please him to stop in for a lurk & see all this crap still going on & frustrate the hell out of him. It's not Jessica doing that but it is some here. That is where his pressure is & it is comments like these that take his focus away from what we all want & expect from Tony. Leave his personal life alone. He/they will figure it out. You should know by now push Tony one way he goes the other. A happy man at home is 95% happy at work. Quit dogging the girl. He obviously see's something in her that he needs in his life & no crack comments please. As far as bashing Jess I agree with the person that said Jess has a great heart & is a wonderful person. Many are very surprised once they actually meet her. She has been sterotyped from a reality show that in parts was scripted. She was in an unfulfilled marriage that was going nowhere. She wanted out. Big deal. It's not the first & won't be the last when these things happen. Many still want her in that marriage. That is insane. Many feel in that marriage she was controlled & put down far too often. If this is what Tony wants then support Tony & leave the door open to get to know the real
    Any sane person knows Jess had nothing to do with the loss of any games period. It's getting old very old. Lets all start a new with a new season. That would be much more positive don't you think?

    On another note it was awesome to see Tony respond for Joe. Joe has taken a huge beating the last few months. Jess went to bat for him the other day & Tony today. I call that an awesome fathers day gift. The words were not many but Tony pretty much told you he is where he wants to be & no one will dictate to him his relationships with anyone.

    I don't ever remember Whitten ever making a comment unless it is an inside source again thing because nothing has ever been written about it. These source to source things are a bunch of BS too. Go back to in the huddle week 13 & talk of Jessica. Jason had not met her but the phone conversations were taking place.

    Depends on the tabloid & the person involved as to what you want to believe in them right. The lap thing I'm not buying but it makes great copy. NO pics didn't happen.

    If they did meet in Louisana then neither Tonys story or Jess's is adding up either & sets up a whole different senario & Tony won't be looking good in that one for sure & means that Jason was fibbing on IN THE HUDDLE too. Big can of worms folks so lets leave it!
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    I couldn't agree more.

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    Tony and Jessica make the cutest couple. I dont want to jump the gun but they are going to have cutie patootie babies and hopefully one of them is a Tony Romo Jr.
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    My buddy, who is a huge Boys fan, told me he heard some guys on sirius radio today say they broke up. :laugh2: It's never gonna end while they are together and i could care less. I'm behind Tony 100% in all areas:D
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    Real funny we all know they are happy together...LOL
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    And if she was a salesperson at the local Mall makeup counter, Tony would not give her the time of day. Stardom attracts stardom....and all the problems that go with it.....
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    she doesn't take her clothes off. I can't ever remember seeing her nude. Does she wear clothes that flatter her and show off her assets, yes, but so do most women.

    "why would he want to share a woman with half the men of the world who have oggled her" simple, because he can.
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    yea me too.

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