Tony Romo's Successor

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DallasEast, Jan 25, 2014.

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    Something tells me the Cowboys are going to take a serious look at Brett Smith in the middle rounds. Just a hunch. He's bound to be one of the best interviewees at the QB position and I think Garrett will really like him. Plus he's a great athlete.
  2. Cowboy Brian

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    His name is Aaron Murray.

  3. Beast_from_East

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    9,296 Likes Received don't bring in competition for a guy you just gave $100 million dollars, $54 million guaranteed.

    What are you going to do, make him the backup?................cant trade or release him with that $54 million you are going to have a $100 million dollar backup?

    LOL.................that's not how the NFL works. Guys that get those type of contracts are "off limits" when it comes to competition. That is why Jerry has said that he will not use a high draft pick on a QB as long as Romo is still here.
  4. IAmLegend

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    If Murray is there in the 5th I'd love to take a flyer on him. Even though he's only 6'0 he's got a lot of QB qualities you gotta like. I think he's gone in the 4th though. Brett Smith or David Fales in the 5th-6th round is more realistic I think.
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    I'm not comparing the football iq with Romo to the young qb's it's the physical stuff that I'm concerned about. I don't think Tony can run or throw the ball with the zip that he used to anymore. He falls down and gives up on plays now whenever he feels like he's about to get hit.
    Bledsoe was a lot more experienced than Romo in 06 but he was way past his prime years while Tony was young and was able to provide a spark to the offense.
    I could see Tony going out the same way he came in. The difference is Parcells had enough pull to make the change while Garrett doesn't.
  6. cej757

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    I know Jerry will never allow a competition to happen I mean he never has up to this point with Romo anyway, but Maybe that's why you have a team like Seattle in the Super Bowl with Russell Wilson when they could've just been content with Matt Flynn who they just signed to be the starter. Jerry would've never even allowed himself to draft a qb in the 3rd rd after signing Flynn. I don't care if Romo makes 100 million, if the backup had a opportunity to play and he showed he could make plays and win games you go with him.
    Tom Brady did the same thing to Drew Bledsoe and he won a Super Bowl.
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    Romo was not a rookie when he came in, he was in his 4th year... and the difference is Bledsoe stunk when he was replaced; Romo had 31 TDs and 10 INTs in only 15 games last season. Yes, I noticed his reluctance to run as well, but let's not pretend that QB is anywhere near a problem right now. Again, there is no QB in the draft that can compete in any way with Romo having 0 games of NFL experience.
  8. cej757

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    I sure would like to see who would win a open competition between Romo and Manziel. Jerry would own all of television if that would go down in the Summer.
  9. Hardline

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    This draft has to be about the trenches on both sides of the ball.Any QB pick is a waisted pick. QB can be put off for one more year.
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    Well, to be fair...if Tony Romo had Tom Brady's resume as well as talent, I'm pretty sure that no one here would be quick to run him out of town.
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    I think that's what most people have a problem with. Romo is paid like an elite quarterback, but he isn't an elite quarterback. He's like Jay Cutler in that sense where alone they can't get their teams into the playoffs. Romo has missed the playoffs more than he's made them, and has made some brutal mistakes in those games. Guys like Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Rivers, they all will their teams into the playoffs and win in the playoffs more often than not.

    Nothing has made Romo untouchable, except the contract Jerry gave him.
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    I'm a Romo fan but this point is damn accurate. It is a team game but the mistakes in the crucial win or go home games has hurt his perception when compared to the above QBs mentioned. I still feel he would breeze into the playoffs with better coaching/direction by understanding when runs are necessary, minimal audibles when it can be detrimental depending on the game situation and young players he's directing, etc .
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    You can only spend so much money on a position...most team's likely spend the most on their QB (avg per player) but in the case of this team, they not only have Romo's contract but a not cheap one for a back-up...part of the reason teams like Seattle and SF are doing so well is because they have that cheap alternative at QB right now, so their resources are going elsewhere...but, that is going to impact them soon as their QB's are going to get prime-time money in the next year or two...we can't have t hat mindset right now

    I believe that Tony has a few years left, and the team has to be ready for when he is nearing his football end, but I would want my rookie QB on the rookie contract as long as possible. I wouldn't want to waste his first 2, 3 or 4 years riding the pine and then jump in when it is time for his salary to escalate...I would want the rookie contract to start when Tony has potentially 1 or 2 years left....I don't think that time is here yet....thus, I would prefer drafting our next QB in the 2015 draft, if not later depending on Tony's back....of course, if his back issue does not progress well in the next few months (pre-draft), we will know because they will spend a higher pick on the position
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    Yep. Kap makes $1.25 mil a year ... cheaper than his backup. Wilson makes $800K. Think of all those extra positions that money saved brought for them.

    This is also why the Packers are on the way down. Matthews and Rodgers make up 25% of the team's cap. That's bad news.

    It's also why we're stuck in the wasteland also.
  15. Dodger12

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    I wonder how many of these folks opposed to drafting a QB and put blinders on when it comes to Romo's current age and health issues had a problem when we drafted McGee in 2009 when Romo was arguably in his prime and we had no 1st and 3rd round pick that year because of the RW trade.
  16. jobberone

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    Just Say No to Johhny!

    I think if you draft a guy you either go 1-3 preferably 1 or 2; or you go late or UDFA.

    I'd look for a guy with the mental makeup first. Then he has to have a NFL arm; doesn't have to be a gun just accurate with touch.

    There are several ingredients which makes a great QB in no particular order.

    1. Coachable
    2. Mental makeup; takes pressure, smart, knows the Xs and Os, football smart; takes care of the ball; a field general if at all possible-reads defenses and makes use of it
    3. Competitive
    4. Intangibles; a good teammate; can be a leader; a winner; very functional person; good background or overcame it
    5. Arm; accurate, good mechanics, healthy arm, makes all the throws
    6. Athleticism; I like runners who throw but can run-think Roger or Steve Young; I like some of the new QBs but need to see more; pocket passers are fine though
    7. Pocket presence
  17. AbeBeta

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    Me too. But this is about who succeeds Orton. The days of someone riding the pine for 3-4 then taking over are done because if the 4 year rookie deals
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    Ride him till the wheels fall off and then draft a 1st or 2nd Rd. QB. We suck anyways what is there to lose?
  19. Super_Kazuya

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    None of those guys "alone" can will their teams in to the playoffs, what a joke. Get out of here with that weak stuff... you watch too much ESPN.
  20. Super_Kazuya

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    Manziel would win the foot race and lose at every one of the other 49 NFL quarterbacking categories.

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