Tony Romo's Successor

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DallasEast, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I don't like this year's crop of QBs... I'd wait until 2015
  2. xwalker

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    1st round 28

    Other rounds 6 + 8 + 3 + 1 + 4 = 22

    Maybe they should just wait until Romo can't play, tank 1 season, get the top pick and draft a QB. They could also dump salary cap during the tank season.
  3. DandyDon1722

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    I agree but both those teams are in for a rude awakening when their rookie contracts are up along with the 49'ers linebacker corps and the Seattle secondary. Those guys are looking at big pay days and you just can't keep everybody.
  4. TwoDeep3

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    Brett Favre and Aaron Rogers.

    How can that not encourage a team to find a winner and sit him for a while?
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  5. Eddie

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    That is true. That's what I was going to say before I had to end the comment. But you are correct. Both those teams will feel is as soon as their QB's get signed to their next contract ... $$$.
  6. Eddie

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    That sort of reminds me of how things worked with Troy. Jerry ignored Troy's age and injuries, and refused to budge on a QB until it was too late ... we know the rest of the story.
  7. Animosity

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    Tom Brady has been to 5 super bowls for Gods sake.

    What has Romo done in this league besides win one playoff game in 8 years? Youw ant to tell me?
  8. Super_Kazuya

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    Because it was a totally different situation that made sense for the Packers at the time but makes no sense at all for this team. Favre had been talking about retirement for a year before they even drafted Rodgers so there was a real chance they were going to need him right away. Favre also was not about to start an extension that guaranteed him 55 million either. Also, Rodgers could have easily been the #1 pick in the draft so it was a good value pick and they said afterwards they never planned on taking a QB there, but couldn't pass.

    The Packers actually looked pretty dumb for a good while having a first round pick doing absolutely nothing for them for three years. When they lost in the NFC championship game in 2007 one sure had to wonder if a first rounder at another position (who would have been entering his prime in his 3rd season) could have pushed them over the top in a close game.
  9. Super_Kazuya

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    Hey, it's my favorite troll. You're back! It's so strange seeing you actually talk to people. I always thought you were just a Romo hating bot.

    You need to calm down and re-read the post. I am not saying anything bad about Brady. He deserves all the praise he gets.
  10. TwoDeep3

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    If you are trying to suggest a time line of this season or nothing, then I might agree.

    But I believe this team would be best served in bringing a player along, with the bonus of having Romo teach him the ropes.

    My belief, as much as it rankles some. Perhaps most. Is this franchise wasted the Romo years. While there is still time left, if he heals and can play up to his past level of excellence, that back issue scares the crapola out of me.

    So two scenarios come to mind.

    1. Romo returns to his glory days, healthy and hardy and ready to own the league. This notion makes me think we need to wait on his replacement.

    But one added point. Dallas looking dumb doesn't appear to be a problem for Jerry at all.

    2. Romo goes the way of Aikman and his skill set deteriorates at a visible rate. This makes me want to find the next great very soon.

    So if you can see into the future and accurately predict what Romo we will see, then I think I have outlined my feelings. Which means I agree with you if 1 is the answer.

    But if it turns out to be 2....well you know the answer Yakusa...
  11. DFWJC

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    I don't think you should ever rule out taking a QB if the right one falls to you.
  12. jnday

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    Considering the Romo contract extension, this is gonna be the plan and is the back injury is serious, the next couple of years will stink. I think it was a terrible contract tor the long term.bwe are stuck with Romo and the big cap hit.
  13. fifaguy

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    I think this season will be very telling for Romo and his future. I sure hope he bounces back from the back issues that plagued him all this year.

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