Tony Sparano back to Dallas? Could happen...

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by TheSport78, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Gaede

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    I like Sparano alot. I don't care about what happened with the Jets. What are you going to do with Sanchez and Tebow, really? I love Sparano's attitude and we need more of that, desperately.

    But I just don't see how he'll fit into the staff. Frankenstaff definitely sounds right on.

    Still, I'd be kinda happy because it meant someone else was calling the plays.
  2. Galian Beast

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    I don't see any reason to go after Sparano. Similar to Garrett he simply was successful because of Romo.

    He was also the play caller for Drew Bledsoe. And we weren't doing so hot. He has bombed out every where he went. The one year he did well was because Tom Brady was injured, and the Dolphins had a legit shot in the AFC East. They split with New England that year, split with the jets, and took buffalo. They also had two of the weakest divisions in their schedule.

    Keep Sparano away from here, and get a legitimate coordinator.
  3. Gaede

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    As far as OC goes, yeah, I too would prefer someone better. And I'm not a fan of re-hiring guys who were once here (Huock, Wilson, Campo) And I just can't see Sparano wanting to come back to serve under Garrett. But beggars can't be choosers right?
  4. Nirvana

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    Sparano was a major factor in the year we went 13-3 and had one of the best offenses in the league. He left and things went downhill in a big way the following season. Bringing him back makes all the sense in the world. He and Garrett made a good team in running the offense before.
  5. KB1122

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    After watching the 49ers last night, what I'm thinking is that we need a return to Parcells-style slow-footed power football.
  6. TheSport78

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    We actually had a solid OL at the time...
  7. cml750

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    Sporano might be okay, but I would like to see Callahan become the REAL offensive coordinator and implement his offense. I think Romo would excel in a West Coast Offense. Callahan's offense with Garrett out of the picture as far as offense goes would be very interesting. Maybe Sporano could still fit in as o-line coach in a Callahan offense.
  8. respectdatstar

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    Why not reach out to Bruce Arians? He filled in admirably while Pagano was being treated for cancer.
  9. RS12

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    Bryan Broaddus ‏@BryanBroaddus
    “@south69_dallas: @BryanBroaddus do you believe the tony sparano to Dallas rumors?” Haven't heard those rumors but really good coach.
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  10. tomsanders921

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    Why would he leave indy to be a coordinator here?
  11. Bowdown27

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    Bruce arians will be a head coach somewhere. And I just don't want Jason calling plays anymore
  12. cboyd

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  13. WoodysGirl

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  14. Coy

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    Norv to Cleveland, Sparano probably to KC, who are we going to bring in? If any. :confused:
  15. Vertigo_17

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    My guess is that Norv and Tony are staying clear of Dallas and looking at other options first and realize bringing either back is going to only add to the circus atmosphere. Too bad, cause I'd really live to have Sparano back running the offense or even just the OL.

    The plan might just be to turn this over to Callahan and let him run his WCO
  16. demirji22

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    I dont know why, but it just makes sense to make Gruden the headcoach. Callahan was his offensive coordinator in oakland, and callahan is already in dallas, and Kiffin was his d-coordiantor in Tanpa, and he is in dallas to. It has all the writing on the wall. I think Jerry is talking to Gruden to gage his interest, just like he did with parcells. If Gruden says yes, he will fire garrett. I dont think Jerry wants to fire garrett and then not get gruden. Its setting up like how he hired parcells
  17. jazzcat22

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    Maybe he was really celebrating and was happy that a real defense was coming here to help the offense....and the reporter couldn't report something good, so spinned it the other way.....just offering an alternate version...
  18. Teague31

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    Could Callahan and Sprano coexist?
  19. Blast From The Past

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    Bills still come in and the bankers don't wait to be paid. Sparano seems like a good enough coach but is good enough, enough?
  20. FuzzyLumpkins

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    I have to say Garrett's vest in your av looks awful even when 3 pieces were en vogue.

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