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    Would-be draftee Tony Washington's NFL future is being derailed by his sad past

    ESPN The Magazine
    [​IMG]Sarah A. Friedman for ESPN The MagazineTony Washington continues to work out and wait for a call that will likely never come.

    LOCATED IN A WAREHOUSE outside Dallas, the windowless Metroflex Gym is not air-conditioned, an aesthetic choice that edits the clientele to a select group of cops, bikers, bodybuilders and other masochists who thrive on the deprivation that exercising in unfiltered 110-degree heat produces. Inside on this blazing midsummer day, patrons are greeted by a 10-foot wooden cross and the rib-rattling sounds of speed metal or hardcore rap. The walls are plastered with bodybuilding glossies, pictures of champions past and present, including local hero and former Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman. Above the photos, artwork depicts the end times -- which, in the given environment, are easy to imagine.

    Below the cross, NFL hopeful Tony Washington is pumping out a set of curls. At 6-foot-7 and 310 pounds, the 24-year-old offensive lineman is easily the biggest man in a room filled with big men. His shoulders are the size of canned hams; his thighs cement-solid. As he pauses to swig water laced with protein powder, a 4-year-old girl toddles over and stops at his feet.

    "My mama is over there," she shouts, pointing a chocolate-covered finger toward the rear of the gym.

    Washington smiles, gives her a gentle high-five. "You gonna work out too?" he asks, crouching to meet the girl eye-to-eye. She shakes her head.

    "Is that chocolate bar for me?" he teases.


    Washington laughs, then nods to the mother, who gives him a thumbs-up. "Looking good, Tony!" she yells over the music.

    Allison Glock is a contributing writer for ESPN The Magazine.
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    How can a sex offender be around children still?
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    Very well-written story. Excellent.
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    This is such a waste. At first, my thoughts were that he is getting what he deserves. He seems to be a good person that had a little to no parenting. now it`s hard for me to judge him. I wish the guy the best and maybe he will get a shot in the NFL.
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    It seems a bit harsh that we lump this kid in with pedophiles and rapists. He was 16 at the time. Stories like this fortify my plan to work in the criminal justice system in the near future.
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    I read his story a couple days ago, and wish him the best. I hope he gets a shot. It looks like there is a prosecutor that is willing to help him now, so lets see.
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    NFL can be harsh with its hypocracy at times. Tony Washington can't get a shot despite an act he committed when he was 16 (and something that is more culturally wrong than absolutely morally incorrect). However, Jerramy Stevens continues to draw a paycheck despite repeated criminal infractions (assault, rape, drugs, DUIs).

    Honestly, I consider a DUI far more harmful than what Tony Washington did.
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    I think this is more of an ick factor then anything else. If he was more gifted and seemed to be a better prospect then a club might be willing to take the PR hit from taking him. Because lets face it you would have PR problems.
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    I just think it's silly that we give players repeated chances after DUIs, drug use, and even man-slaughter but *this* is too much. It's partly our fault, as fans, because we don't make teams pay for signing true malcontents.

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