TonyPauline: Hearing right now Poe/DT/Memphis is the favorite in the Cowboys war room

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Definitely not ignored. thanks man, good read, good ideas. i didn't consider that the coaching was horrid.
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    I'm sorry. "Reporting" that the Cowboys were interested in Brandon Carr before FA started is as much ground-breaking as reporting the sun coming up. So excuse me if I don't quite bite on this. Now, if SDogo or Hos come in saying the same thing, then I'll start to believe it. Until then, I won't lose a wink of sleep.
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    After his combine, Poe is the apple of a lot of team's eyes, and I doubt they pass if he's there.
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    Pretty certain he has only played football for about 5 years. He was recruited from his High School band by the Coach. He is green and still has to mature as a football player. That could explain a lack of intensity due to lack of experience and not so good coaching.

    Let our strength coach and position coaches get a hold of him. How often do guys with this kind of ability come around? How often do you actually have a shot at drafting them?

    If he is there, you should.
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    LOL I was about to put up that exact same jpg.
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    How often have we heard this before?
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    Man, i hope it doesn't happen... maybe he has some bad coaches in college, but that's not an excuse.. see the example of Bruce Irvin, despite the bad coaching, he did exactly the opposite and found a way to exploit his skills. (sorry for my bad english)
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    Really doubt Poe is their guy.

    Maybe they're looking into him all of a sudden just to see if they're right/wrong about him

    Garrett seems to me a pretty good scout of players. I don't think he would endorse a guy who looks bad on tape.
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    I think the Cowboys would take Michael Brockers over Poe, Cox, and Coples. Brockers is the purest 5 technique, and Poe and Cox are raw pass rushers just like Brockers, too. According to Charlie Casserly, Coples would not be a good fit as a 5 technique based on his tape at North Carolina. So, Coples would probably be a situational pass rusher in Dallas' scheme. I think Coples is a 43 player.

    I think Poe's best use may be as a 3 technique based on my research. Carolina will most likely draft Coples, Brockers, or Poe.
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    At NT never, the Cowboys have never been in position to take a slobber knocker like this at the position.
  12. SDogo

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    and whats wrong with being a low level regional scout Mr.!!!!!!!!!!:laugh2:
  13. Hoofbite

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    Oh please don't let this be true.

    He just has too much uncertainty about him.
  14. SDogo

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    By the way, you can all relax. 3 days ago it was Ingram, then the Barron article came out and now it's Poe. I promise you the Cowboys have not sold their soul to the devil for anyone yet. Yes, they probably have a top 5 or so they are focusing on at this point and Poe may be in the group but Pauline surely does not know and neither do I or Hos or anyone else besides the guys making the final decision. Pauline was just reporting what he heard and it's probably right, the Cowboys probably do like Poe as do several teams but there is a handful of other players they like as well and we are not even considering a player or two that might drop and possible trades which can blow it all to heck.

    I understand the concern with Poe, I have the same concerns but to put my 2 cents in, I would put more weight into the Ingram and Barron articles then this one. In the end, I think they will kick the tires but will have other options they prefer. I just have not heard anything that makes me believe this is the guy they must have.
  15. Risen Star

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    Completely disagree. You are essentially saying draft for need in round 1.

    Draft players for their projected careers. Any production you get year 1 is a bonus.
  16. Risen Star

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    Smart man. Listen to this guy.
  17. Risen Star

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    I hope this is wrong only because nobody outside of the organization should have this information.

    This is in house stuff that needs to be kept in house.
  18. ThreeandOut

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    Especially since Jerry singled out Poe the other day talking about how much they liked him. If this is their true target, then I'm going to dislike it just because they are telling everyone a month before the draft.
  19. Woods

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    I think Coples would play better as a 43 end as well.

    You are probably right that the Cowboys prefer Brockers over Poe, Cox, and Coples, but nevertheless, while Brockers is intruiging, I don't think he's going to bring much of a pass rush. Yes, I think he can help control the LOS, set the edge, hopefully push the pocket, but I don't see him as a dynamic player.

    Now, there's nothing wrong with the skill set I mentioned above. And to have a successful 34 defense, it is necessary.

    My issue is does that player have to be the 14th overall pick in the NFL Draft?

    Why not get a more dynamic player at 14? Or at least more of a sure thing. There are a lot of projections that Brockers will develop into more of a pass rusher, etc. Maybe he will, but it doesn't seem that is necessarily his best set of skills.
  20. Woods

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    That's why I think it's a smoke screen.

    Just giving too much info on him ....

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