TonyPauline: Hearing right now Poe/DT/Memphis is the favorite in the Cowboys war room

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 2, 2012.

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    I don't think it has to be either.

    You can draft a contributor that is or is not a need.

    You could draft a non-contributor with a good projected career that is or is not need.
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    I actually think Coples will be an excellent 3-4 DE than 4-3 DE. He played DT in 2010 and was much more productive than the years he played DE (soph and senior). I think he can utilize his quickness better between G/T than straight up against T all the time.

    I hope he can be a Seymur type player. He certainly has the body type.
  3. cowboyjoe

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    WOW, no one has caught it yet?

    First player cowboys loved was cordy glenn. Who is reported to go 17th to 21st in 1st round.

    Cowboys possibly could trade down, pick up a 3rd or 2nd depending how far down trade down, get Cordy Glenn, remember Calahan went and checked out Zietler OG who can play C and the C from Wisconsin.

    But now we hear Cordy Glenn.

    Finally, one thing Jerry has repeatedly said was they must protect Romo.

    Put Glenn by Tyron Smith and you could have a huge pass blocking and run blocking on left side.

    Or you could team Glenn with Doug Free, and have 2 big linemen on right side.
  4. GloryDaysRBack

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    im calling smokescreen on this one

    i almost never use the smokescreen a matter of fact, this may be my first time..however, i do recall reading something earlier that said we didnt like poe and we were pleased he blew up the combine..couple this report with mosleys report and HOPEFULLY its our attempt to build up his stock to ensure he gets drafted before us
  5. Bizwah

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    Plus, Cordy Glenn can fill in at OT if needed.

    Versatility is a plus. He can play four OL positions.
  6. GloryDaysRBack

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    just about this entire board, myself included, would blow their load, if our 1st two picks were glenn via a trade down and konz via a trade up....not happening though
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    Another day, another sign that the shine of Dontari Poe’s impressive Scouting Combine performance is wearing off.

    Yesterday we passed along a report that quoted an NFL scout saying Poe “didn’t do anything” on tape and that the talk of Poe as a potential Top 5 pick was based solely on his Combine showing, when he ran a 4.87-second 40-yard dash and bench pressed 225 pounds 44 times. Today NFL Network’s Mike Mayock has altered his rankings of the Top 5 players at each position, and Poe falls further than anyone.

    Mayock listed Poe as the top defensive tackle in the draft after the Combine, but after spending more time watching tape, Mayock has dropped Poe down to the fourth-best defensive tackle, behind Mississippi State’s Fletcher Cox, Michigan State’s Jerel Worthy and LSU’s Michael Brockers.

    “Coming off the Combine I wanted to show people what a freak this kid Poe is — and he is a physical freak, no doubt,” Mayock said. “However, the tape is very average. So how do you match the two up? Potential versus his actual game footage. When I look at this kid I see a freaky athlete with a good motor. If you have those two things, over time I believe you can develop into a high-quality NFL player. But the key is time. How quickly can he step in and produce at a high level?”

    Mayock said he doesn’t think Poe is a player who’s going to be a good NFL starter as a rookie. He thinks Poe is going to need some time to develop.

    “He needs to get into a good locker room, with a mentor in that defensive line group who can show this kid how to play football,” Mayock said.

    So a team that wants to spend its first-round pick on a Week One starter would be wise to look at someone other than Poe.
  8. SilverStarCowboy

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    Screw Mayock, Poe starts for Dallas week 1, day 1 and play 1.
  9. 28 Joker

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    I hear you, and I see what you mean for sure. I have been against drafting any of these defensive linemen due to the risk in all of them and due to the significant risk of drafting the position in round 1, especially for a team like Dallas. Plus, there will be other cleaner players on the board who meet significant needs. If someone forced me to choose one, I'd choose Michael Brockers, though. I'd take the purest 34 5 technique who has the most upside and hope the coaches could turn him into a disruptive pass rusher.

    This is just my opinion, but I think Dallas' top 4 players at 14 will be:

    Mark Barron- S VS Brodney Poole (1 year deal) and Gerald Sensabaugh
    Michael Brockers- 5 technique VS Kenyon Coleman
    Dre Kirkpatrick- CB VS Mike Jenkins (walk year and coming off injury)
    Peter Konz- C VS Costa, Nagy, and Kowalski

    Dallas could use all of those players, but perhaps, they could nab 2 if they draft a defensive player first and trade back into round one and draft Peter Konz. Tennessee could look at Konz, and Green Bay and Baltimore are threats to take him for sure, especially Baltimore. I think the drop-off from Konz to Blake/Jones is very significant, and I believe Callahan wants Konz to solidify the offensive line for a reason. Konz is the day one starter at center, and he solidifies the offensive line at center.

    All 4 of those guys are good players, but I do see Brockers as the highest risk among the 4 due to his raw inexperience.
  10. reddyuta

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    This seems fair but he did play nose guard and he would be a top 5 pick if had better stats and we would not have a shot at him at all.
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    Yeah and the Steelers are thanking Mayock as they sit back waiting for Poe at 24. Then, when he eventually rises to Pro Bowl level, we can all complain that we didn't draft him.
  12. Denim Chicken

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    By that rational Rams should have drafted RG3, no?
  13. Hoofbite

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    To some degree or another, this applies to practically the entire draft.

    I counter that with, if he had an okay combine he wouldn't even be in the discussion.
  14. newlander

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    this SUCKS.....IF true.............normally I'd say smokescreen, but with Jerrah and his boys at the helm: who knows?:cool:
  15. skinsscalper

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    Without any of the production. RED FLAG!!
  16. TheFinisher

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    I've never seen a prospect who catches more blocks than Poe, hand usage is Football 101 and something kids learn during pop warner. Coaches have probably been in this kid's ear his entire life telling him to use his hands and he still doesn't get it... that the definition of uncoachable IMO.

    He got away with that at Memphis because he was just so much bigger and stronger than everyone, but if he doesn't get that fixed he'll be eaten alive by NFL Lineman. You have no chance on the DL if you don't know how to use your hands.
  17. Aven8

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    I would be A ok with this move. I would much rather have him then a Kirkpatrick or Barron.

    It's funny how couch scouts look on youtube to see his production at a dumpy basketball school and watch a couple of plays and think he can't play! Who the hell had ever heard of Leon Lett?

    I've said this before but I am intrigued by Poe very much. You can't coach size and his athletisism. That's a big dude with some skills. The only problem I have is that I don't think he will be there at 14.

    Also remember this folks, our scout almost NEVER go with the guys that we think they are. They love going after diamonds in the rough per say.

    I see them intrigued by Poe much like they were with Tyron last year. Athlectic freaks!
  18. jobberone

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    We were all over Aikman and Mandarich wasn't ever considered as a trade back up into the first. Absolutely no interest at all.
  19. jobberone

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    Poe will be a player. He will need coaching just like any other rookie. He plays too high and that's ok for a NT that's 6-4. They'll coach that out of him early on. Do you think there will be another DL, CB or S that's worth #14? Do you think they are that interested in the crop of OLB at 14 that they can't get about the same risk/reward in the second? Unless they are after DeCastro at 14 or they have someone lined up to trade down with then it could be a short list at 14. Just thinking out loud.
  20. cowboyjoe

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    I think like this. Way back in early 80's, the cowboys were getting ready to take an OL they loved. The raiders picked right before them and chose this OL. The cowboys were stunned, especially Landry.

    You have to cover all scenarios. Say for instance trent richardson is still there, and 2 teams call up to trade up to get him. What are you being offered for him, or do you stay there at 14, take best player available. BPA!

    Or say when 9th pick is fixing to be selected and you have on your board only 15 players should be taken in 1st round.

    So, picks 9-13 all go off of your own board, what do you do then?

    You have to have covered all scenarios, so if you have to trade down, what grouping of players do you have in your next grouping of players and how many if you get trade offers to move down.

    Always, always take BPA, and cover all your bases.

    Be prepared!

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