Too Long To Wait for the Next Cowboys Game, Must Mock

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Nov 26, 2011.

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    1st round...Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska, 5'10", 205. He is very physical on the outside. Likes tackling. I find that highly important. Read somewhere that he asks his coaches to put him on the other team's big time WRs. I love that. I am convinced we have to fix this secondary.
    Depends on where the Boys are drafting. At #28, I love this pick but at #18 I don't like it (Can get DeCastro with #18 even if small trade up is required).
    I think Dennard is the 3rd best CB in the draft.

    2nd round...Markelle Martin, FS, Oklahoma State, 6'1", 198. Has a nose for the football and gets to it to break up passes. If he gets his hands on it is a threat to take it back. Has good closing speed. Solid tackler.
    Excellent value late in the 2nd.

    3rd round...Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia, 5'10", 185. Is a top Return man in addition to his CB skills. I want a dedicated return player. I also want to send a message to the secondary. The soft play is not going to fly.
    It would be ideal to have a returner that can contribute at a position but would not be the #1 or #2 at that position.

    4th round...Nick Foles, QB, Arizona, 6'5", 240. Has the potential to be a starter in the NFL. Is accurate. Very smart and possesses a big arm. Plays almost exclusively in a shotgun so will have to be an early project. Is well worth the risk.
    Seems like the perfect developmental QB. Boys will need a #3 QB in 2012 because McGee is either good enough to be #2 or never will be.

    5th round...Matt Reynolds, OT, BYU, 6'4", 305. Had him in my last mock and it felt right. Is a RT in the NFL. Good depth. Could push Doug Free if Smith and he ever change sides. Is versatile and can also play Guard.
    Can probably develop into a decent backup RT/OG but upside appears very limited. Older than average draft pick.

    6th round...Juron Criner, WR, Arizona, 6'4", 215. I do not understand at all why this kid is rated so low. He is a steal in the 6th round.
    I like this player better than your 5th rounder.

    Comp pick, 6th round...Rhett Ellison, TE, USC, 6'5", 250. I am convinced we are looking at TE depth again. This kid can play.
    Definitely expect to need 3rd TE.

    7th round...Joe Halahuni, FB, Oregon State, 6'2", 255. The illness of Fiammetta has me looking FB in the Draft again.
    If Fiammetta can't play, then the Boys need to get the best FB in the draft even if that requires a 4th round pick.
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    Markelle Martin "has a nose for the ball?"

    Funny, he's got just three interceptions in four years at OSU, and they all came in 2010.

    Folks have been expecting a lot of Martin because he looks the part and seemed to be on the rise after putting himself on the radar after last season, which I'm guessing is what a lot of folks are basing their opinion on him from. He's been a bit of a disappointment this season for OSU.

    Depending on how poor/well he tests out at the combine, I could see him going anywhere from 2nd to 4th round.

    If you want to look for proven talent at the safety position, I'd look for Mark Barron sometime during the second day of the Draft.
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    I like it Hos.

    Pretty solid. And yes, the secondary has to be addressed.
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    If I'm going for a cornerback in the 1st round, there's no way I want a short, squaty, stiff-hipped corner like Alfonzo Dennard taken there.

    You take a corner in the 1st round with the hopes that he can develop into one of your team's starting two corners. I don't see that future at all with Dennard. I don't think he'll time out well at the combine either.

    Last year the popular scuttle-butt was "Prince Amukumra may not even be the best corner on his team" inferring that Dennard may be better. Lol, it's not true, and I'm not saying that as if I was a big Amukumura fan. Prince is much more fluid and sound technique wise than Dennard. Dennard is stiff and not a fluid athlete. It doesn't mean he sucks or will be a bust, but I really see him as more of a nickel/dime corner. I think he projects favorably to Joselio Hanson of the Eagles.

    Hypothetically, all things being equal, if we go corner in the 1st round and assuming we have no shot a Morris Claiborne, I'm going with Dre' Kirkpatrick > Dennard anyday of the week.

    Kirkpatrick has a huge ceiling, physical attributes, and makeup to be a future starter. What I like most about Kirpatrick is the fact he's a willing tackler and consistently looks to contribute in the run game.
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    I would rather address the interior OL (center or guard) early. This is a qb league and if we don't protect Romo then we are done. Look at all the QB's that have gone down and their playoff hopes rest with a backup. Either that or we have a good backup who can come in and win games. I'll go with the interior OL first. There are a lot of good CB's coming out this year.
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    Yea, but Kirpatrick's potentially a top 10 pick. No way we have a shot at him.

    I'd rather bypass cb in the first round and address the line instead. Cliff Harris could probably be had in the 2nd cause he's a bit of a punk. Also xavier rhodes from fsu is tall/fast w/ a high ceiling. If you want to gamble, janoris jenkins could probably be had in the 3rd.
  7. realtick

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    Kirpatrick was projected to go high which doesnt mean much. Every year players vanish altogether from the 1st round from where they were "projected" by websites/gurus. I don't see Dre' as a Top 10 player; he's had a good but tremendous year. There is some rawness to his game that needs developing. Having said that, he has great athleticism for a player his size; think Sean Smith or Jimmy Smith (1st rounder - 2011 Draft) except the kid likes to hit.

    I like some of the names you mentioned too. One way or the other, no way on Dennard in the 1st.
  8. RS12

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    I am convinced the best way to do that is fix the front 7. Not that I wouldnt mind a few DBs.
  9. VACowboy

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    Kirkpatrick isn't exactly a fluid cover guy. :D

    He does remind me some of Charles Woodson, though, big, physical corner who plays like a linebacker.

    I can't say I dislike the players in this draft, but I think it's much more important that we fix this team up front. I don't think any personnel addition will improve the Cowboys more than a high quality center. I'm not sure what the deal is with Konz and his pulmonary embolism, but if he's healthy, he's my pick in round one. Otherwise, I'm aiming for Brewster with a trade down or something. The ideal scenario would be to draft a C high and sign a good, young guard in FA. I think we have one young starting quality guard on the roster: Smith, Grubbs, Konz, Arkin, Free. That sounds good to me.

    I'm telling you, Matt Daniels is gonna make some team look really smart. Nobody watches Duke football, including Duke fans, so he's a complete unknown to 99% of football fans. But he plays all over the field every single play. He led the Blue Devils with 126 tackles in 12 games, 2 INTs and 14 PBU. He's a lethal hitter, a certain tackler and fantastic in coverage. He seems very instinctual to me, the way he fills holes, is always around the ball and always has good position in coverage. No clue about his measureables, other than 6-1, 210, but he is a heck of a football player at the safety position.
  10. realtick

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    No problem. We'll just have to disagree then.

    I've watched Kilpatrick plenty this season and in 2010, and he's got great hips and fluidity for a player his size. It's not as if he's Pat Watkins (I know a safety, but just making a point about taller/angular players) out there. He needs refining on his press technique. What I love about him though is he loves playing and finding a way to get involved on a play.

    Again, I'm not advocating drafting him over more pressing needs or better talent, but if it's up to Dennard vs. Kilpatrick, gimmie Dre' all day, every day and twice on Sunday.

    I'll have to check your boy from Duke.
  11. VACowboy

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    Oh, without a doubt. I was mostly just poking ya, anyway. If Kirkpatrick is on the board when we're up, it's a no brainer. As I say, he looks like Charles Woodson to me. That's a GOOD thing.
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    I like it, but if we do get Alfonzo Dennard or some other CB with a first round grade, then I would rather get a C or G in the third round instead of Boykin.
  13. Hostile

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    How many passes knocked away?
  14. Hailmary

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    I think he'll be long gone by the time we pick.
  15. VACowboy

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    Yup. Prolly. But ya never know.
  16. casmith07

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    Or how many pass breakups by absolutely blowing up receivers.
  17. silverbear

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    I hadn't looked at him before this, but now that I have, there's a new player for my list... according to NFL Draft Scout, he has NFL level speed for the position (he has reportedly clocked in under 4.5 seconds)... I especially like the 27 passes broken up over the past 3 seasons, he's obviously not just an in the box safety...

    FWIW, NFLDS currently has him rated their 184th best prospect, which would grade out to a likely 7th rounder (once underclassmen declare)...

    Good call, man...
  18. cowboyjoe

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    decent picks, but i do believe the cb will be long gone by time we draft

    to many cbs too, in your draft or dbs, we have to many needs and we have to hit

    OG, Possibly C which I think will be our top number one pick, c from ohio st

    DE and big NT, DE because where is the heat besides ware & ratliff, sometimes hatcher, but jason always gets injured for 2 or 3 games, we need one dominant DE to really make this defense go and coleman i think is getting long in tooth

    OLB that can bring pressure, ware isnt getting younger

    reason for drop of your wr, injuries some and he doesnt explode at the snap, has to build up speed, and where is the big time production stats, granted he has some nice stats this year, but where is the 1,000 yards etc most explosive wrs have when drafted if you get my meaning

    cb and safety as you say and FB

    Possibly TE but from what i read the things jerry jones said about bennett, bennett is here to stay as a blocker

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