Toomer in a Tiff with Talkshow host

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Paniolo22, Oct 5, 2004.

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    New York Post: WFAN's localized weekend wrap/Monday Night Football pregame show turned nasty last night when host Joe Benigno and regular, contracted contributor Amani Toomer, the Giants' wide receiver, went at each other. And how.

    When Benigno suggested that Toomer is not among the "top tier" NFL wide receivers, Toomer objected. When Benigno pressed his point, asking whether Toomer might be a victim of the Giants' offensive system, Toomer countered by telling Benigno, several times, that his problem is that, "You love football, you don't know football."

    Toomer added that Benigno is not among the top "tier" sportscasters on or off WFAN, as evidenced, Toomer concluded, by the fact that Benigno's regular FAN gig begins after midnight.

    After a commercial break, the show, from Tony Siragusa's restaurant in New Jersey, concluded with a palpable chill in and on the air.

    **Toomer has the potential to be really good. I seen him when he was in High school and the guy was awesome.
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    Benigno was right. Toomer is not a top 5 WR, or even a top 8 WR. Toomer's ego is slightly bigger than his game. Now I'm not saying Amani is not a good WR, just not elite. Toomer fits in with the Johnny Morton's and the Brandon Stoakley's of the NFL. Harsh perhaps? Not really. I mean hey, Toomer is the best the Giants got right now.
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    OMG are you serious...
  4. OldButDeadly

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    He is a bit better than those two! :D

  5. jcblanco22

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    I think he went a bit overboard in trying to make his point. I'm thinking that guys like Moulds, Horn and Rod Smith are more or less good parallels to Toomer in terms of ability/production.
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    Maybe the answer lies in the statistics; where is he in the standings? Where was he last year and the year before. If he's in the top five, then he's one of the top five; if not, he ain't. Just a thought. :rolleyes:

  7. ghettogandhi

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    Toomer has been in three different offenses in 5 years and with some instability and lack of production at qb has always managed to average 1000 yards in the tough nfc east where cornerbacks dominated with champ, troy vincent, bobby taylor and fred smoot .

    He is not elite but he is probably top ten-
    To suggest that he is not the best at his position is at best in poor taste and at worst mean spirited.

    I especially appreciate Toomers comeback when he challenged the sportscasters
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    Toomer in '03: 5 TD's, 63 catches for 1057 yards - 16.8 yds/catch = best in the league

    I wish people would do some actual research before making pathetic dismissive half-assed judgements like the above...too lazy, classless, and overwhelmed by irrational bigotry against a rival player I guess...
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    LOL, nice response. :)

    I agree, Toomer is an elite WR and certainly top 6 in the NFC. I love our Wrs, but his production outdoes them all the past few years.

    He is on my fantasy team this year and I have watched the Giants game with interest, he is simply not getting the balls thrown to him this year.

    New qb and offensive system has a lot to do with it.
  10. LaTunaNostra

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    LMAO. I concur with Fletch, and without having to do any research...Toomer is good, but not elite. And as Fletch says, he's neither top five nor top eight. He certainly can separate, but he benefted from Collins' powerful arm and Fassel's offense. I would put him above the Johnny Mortons, tho, and rank him with the Muhsin Muhammeds. High tier receiver, but not a top tier talent.
  11. DCowboysGal

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    That's a decidedly fairer assessment. You also have to take into consideration the fact that Toomer has been the Giants #1 receiver since '99 and as a result has usually drawn the opposing team's top CB or has invariably been double-teamed. He's 30 so his performance might start to dip sooner or later, but at 6'3", 208 lbs. and still with good speed he's a solid downfield threat/#1 receiver on a good team.
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    Toomer is no an elite Wr but he is a legit #1 WR. That means he's top 30 easily. I've seen Kerry play both before and after his good run with the Giants and part of that good run was the fact Toomer is the best WR he has ever thrown to.

    If a sportscaster had told Keyshawn he wasn't elite, the guy would be in the hospital right now butt up in the air with stitches around a cleat.

    Thats another classless move. Toomer is probably not a top tier Wr but it depends on your definition of top tier and even if he isn't for a sportscaster to mention that is just trash. The host likely won't have any Giants on his show for a long time.
  13. JBell523

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    Toomer is really good... helluva lot better than Morton and Stokley.. Hilliard is more in the class of those 2 WR's..

    And Dcowboysgal, Toomer's 16.8 YPC was not the best in the league last year FYI
  14. LaTunaNostra

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    Joey had the best ypc, didn't he? Somewhere up around 19?
  15. JBell523

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    Yeah that's what I remembered...
  16. Smith22

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    McCareins, Walker, Lelie and Galloway had a higher average.
  17. DCowboysGal

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    Sorry, how could I have forgotten Galloway. Anyways, he only had 37 catches, McCareins had 47, Lelie had 37, and Walker had 41 (while Toomer had 63). All were used as complementary deep-threat-specialist receivers while Toomer was the Giants go-to-guy. Anyways, I guess I'm somewhat defensive about Toomer because I actually met him a couple of years ago after a game and he was funny (but polite) to me. I got him to autograph my shorts and after he did, he said, "Perhaps I should sign the other bun because I find asymmetry aesthetically unappealing." lol...
  18. JBell523

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    "asymmetry aesthetically unappealing"..

    LOL I knew he was gay
  19. Uh-Oh

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    He's smarter than I would've been. Got any pics of those shorts. With you in them. :p

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    1. Torry Holt STL, 1696 yds, 12 td, 14.5 avg.
    2. Randy Moss MIN, 1632 yds, 17 td, 14.7 avg.
    3. Anquan Boldin ARI, 1377 yds, 8 td, 13.6 avg.
    4. Chad Johnson CIN, 1355 yds, 10 td, 15.1 avg.
    5. Derrick Mason TEN, 1303 yds, 8 td, 13.7 avg.
    6. M. Harrison IND, 1272 yds, 10 td, 13.5 avg.
    7. L. Coles WAS, 1204 yds, 6 tds, 14.7 avg.
    8. K. McCardell TAM, 1174 yds, 8 td, 14.0 avg.
    9. Hines Ward PIT, 1163 yds, 10 td, 12.2 avg.
    10. D. Jackson SEA, 1137 yds, 9 td, 16.7 avg.
    11. Steve Smith CAR, 1110 yds, 7 td, 12.6 avg.
    12. Santana Moss NYJ, 1105 yds, 10 td, 14.9 avg.
    13. Terrell Owens SF, 1102 yds, 9 td, 13.8 avg.
    14. Amani Toomer NYG, 1057 yds, 5 td, 16.8 avg.

    So, last year Toomer was in the top 15 for total yards in the NFL. He was a top 15 reciever. How good is he? That's a matter of opinion I guess.

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