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    It was on the NFL Network. When recapping the week, Mayock (and I believe Charles Davis also) listed Barden as one of the disappointments. With his production and size he was one of the players they were really wanting to get a look at. They hoped to see a lot more--he simply couldn't separate. Separation was a much bigger issue (for them) than indicated above. Nor was it limited to deep or sideline routes. They thought he was slow getting into and out of his cuts on other routes.

    For those that don't get the NFL Network, there were two shows for each day of practice. One lasted for an hour and a half. It showed players doing both individual and team drills. You actually got to see the players, what they looked like, and how they compared and competed with each other.

    The other show was for half an hour, and was more of a recap.
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    I think McKillop would be a very nice Pickup in the 4th, all he does is make plays.
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    Only way we should draft a WR is if we cut TO, and even then, no earlier than the 5th round.

    #1 Roy or Miles
    #2 Roy or Miles or Crayton
    #3 Crayton

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